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3. Ines and Niall

Ines' POV 

I hummed absentmindedly as I walked up the sidewalk on my way to Starbucks. A guy bumped into me and I shrugged off, because people here don't usually stop and apologize. Suddenly, I hear a bunch of girls screaming their heads off and chasing the guy I bumped into. He was right behind me. They're gonna run me over. I just stood there waiting to be stampeded. Suddenly, I felt a warm hand wrap around my hand, causing me to run with whoever it was. 

They stopped over in an alleyway and pulled me close, as it was a close space. "T-thanks," I said, a little out of breathe due to the running.

"No problem," he said, with a slight Irish accent. The girls were still screaming and running by, and pulled me closer as the space seemed to get smaller as we talked. Our chests were pressed closely together and as I looked up at him, he moved a piece of chocolate brown hair form my face to behind my ear. I gazed into his piercing blue eyes as he stared into my muddy brown eyes. 

Finally, the screaming stopped and I blushed. "It sounds like their gone," I whispered. 

He let go of me blushing. "Sorry," he said, ducking his head down as it glowed a bright red. I giggled. "Do you, I dunno, maybe, wanna grab a coffee with me?" He asked. 

"Sure, right now?" I asked, motioning to the Starbucks I was headed to. He nodded and we walked to the coffee shop talking. 

"So, Niall," I said, after we got our coffees and had finished them. 

"Umm, Ines, do you think I could, maybe get your number?" He mumbled, looking down again.

"Sure, can I see your phone?" I said, holding my hand out for it. He handed it to me and I texted myself from it. I handed him his phone back after saving my number and saving his number under Niall on mine. 

"So, do you want-," he was interrupted by four other boys coming up.

"Niall, mate, where've you been? We couldn't find you," the one with the slightly buzzed head said, touching him on the back.

"Sorry, I was hanging out with my friend, Ines," he said, motioning to me. 

"Sorry, I'm Liam, this is Zayn, Harry, and Louis," he said, pointing to the other boys.

"I'm Ines," I said, suddenly shy.

"You guys go ahead. I'll catch up in a second," he said. They nodded and headed to the cinema section. 

"Sooo, do you want to hang out again later tonight? Like, go out to a restaurant and eat and then head out to a movie? As friends, if you wan-," he rambled until I stopped him.

"I'd love to. Here's my address. Text me the deets?" He nodded. "I'll see you later, Niall." I kissed him on the cheek before heading off to the grocery section. I turned around and winked and kissed two of my fingers before waving them at him and turning around to finish my shopping. 

Dedicated to Niallers Princess


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