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4. Ashley and Niall

Ashley's POV 

I hit the ball and watched it fly a little before taking off at a sprint around the diamond. If only Niall could see how fast I'm running, he'd think I'm running for the last grape jelly donut in the entire world. 

Finally, it was the last quarter of the game, and I was batting again. The pitcher was shooting us dirty looks because it was a tie and she thought that we were gonna lose. She threw a fast ball at me and I hit it harder than I ever had. I was determined to win this game. It flew out of the park xD. I ran at my normal pace all around the field and when I got back to home I was bombarded with cheers and hugs. 

I heard my mobile ringing. I answered it. 

"Hello?" I asked, breathless.

"Hey babe. What're you doing?" Niall's sweet Irish accent filled my ears.

"Nothing. Hanging out with my friends," I grinned.

"Liar," he accused.

"Excuse me?" I giggled and then felt two large arms wrap around my waist and spinning me. I turned around and saw Niall. 

"Oh my god, babeee!" I squealed and hung up on my phone.

We kissed and caught up, which there wasn't much of since we talked every day. 

Dedicated to Niallerlover2013

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