love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


3. walking away

Katelyn pov.


i laid down on my bed. my head really hurted but if i laid down it was almost gone. i still couldn't believe that i had laid down in the arms of a boy who i just met. it felt very good thought, but still. i wasn't going to call him. i wanted to call him so badly but i didn't want someone to worry about me or my problems so instead of calling him i just laid there on my bed. 

"Kate!" i heard Luke scream my name. "dinner is ready!" 

i stood up slowly while my head was trying to kill me again and walked down stairs to the kitchen. Luke gave me an angry look and walked to the table with our food. he made a salad. i sad down thankful and took a bite. i swallowed it and pushed my plait away.

"what's wrong now princess?" Luke asked

"chewing hurts" i responded.

"i made you dinner so you're going to eat dinner."

"no i'm not. eating hurts."

"i said that you were going to eat so you're going to eat." he said angry.

"why are you so angry? what's you're problem?"

"my problem right now is you." he yelled. "i had to take off at work because you didn't paid attention. then as soon as we come home you go to your bedroom. not a 'thank you Luke' no nothing, and now i made you dinner but that's not good either. i thought that when you became eighteen you became responsible but still i am the one who has to take care of you!"

"nobody has to take care of me!" i yelled back. he didn't understand it and that made me angry too. "and i am responsible! i do so much for the girls while you are at your work, and now that i need the support from my brother you're turning into an ass."

"i'm the one who's paying all the bills here. because i work, you can live here! and in the mean time you are playing and making out with some guy you don't even know. that doesn't make you responsible. it makes you a slut!"

that hit me. it hit me hard. that was across the line. he had and could never hurted me with words but now he had, i didn't want to see him anymore. i couldn't see his face anymore. we're supposed to be nice to each other because that was all we had left. each other. i ran out of the kitchen, out of the house, i ran as far i as i could while my head was exploding and there were tears streaming over my cheeks. i stopped when i couldn't run anymore and laid down in the grass. i could only think of one thing to do. one thing that i promised myself i shouldn't do. call Louis. i know he would understand and that was the only thing i needed. someone who would listen to me. so i took my phone out of my pocket and called him. 


louis pov.  


when Kate left i just sat there starring at the bed what was now empty. i really hoped she would call me. i had to see her again. i didn't know the feeling i had. i had been in love before. but since Eleanor and i broke up a few months ago i hadn't feel anything for another girl. this didn't feel the same though. it felt totally different. i know from the few hours that i knew her that she had a lot more walls up and that she was also a lot more confident and responsible. i didn't see her drinking so much that she couldn't stand or just do something on impulse. 

after a few minutes the room made me feel sad and i went home. there was indeed a big dent in the car. i should get that fixed before paparazzi started asking questions about it, if it wasn't already on the news.

at home i turned on the news. as expected someone had seen me come out of the car. luckily that someone didn't follow me to the hospital but still.. it was annoying that everyone were going crazy about it. i looked at my twitter and got a lot of tweets from people. some of them were angry but a lot of them were questions if i could bump into them. 

i shook my head, turned everything off and went to the kitchen to make dinner. i made some pancakes for myself. when i was done i cleaned the kitchen. (i can't cook very good so it's a mess afterwards.) and then i ate my pancakes. when i was just about to eat the last one my phone started to ring. i looked who it was but it was a private number. 

"hello with Louis." i said.

"with Kate." she said. she sounded upset and she was breathing very quickly.

"are you okay?" she didn't sound like that at all.

"yes, just a little upset about my brother." then i heard that she was crying. something in me broke. this was getting weird.. but still. she wasn't supposed to cry. she should be happy and enjoying  life. nobody should make such a beautiful girl cry.

"where are you?" i asked.

"that doesn't matter. i just -" i interrupted her.

"where are you?" i asked again.

"Louis, you don't -"

"Katelyn." i said seriously "where are you?"

"at the park across the mall." she said.

"stay were you are. i'll be right there."

"and you said that i was suborn." i laughed about that and hung up.

i put the pancake in the fridge, grabbed my jacket and ran to my car. 


Katelyn pov. 


what did i just do? i called a guy who i just met and asked him to come here to help me. like i was just a little kid who needed help. but i needed help. my brother just called me a slut. tears jumped in my eyes when i thought about it again. why did he do that? i'm not a slut and i didn't make out with Louis. although i maybe wanted that. shut up! i said to my mind. i wasn't a slut. i didn't want attention like sluts always wanted. i didn't meant to hit his car. my brother just wanted to hurt me. and he succeeded. i was hurt. he knew that. he also knew that especially that word would hurt me.

my friend died last year because she had aids. she was easy and insecure but very beautiful and spontaneous. she slept with a lot of men but she didn't protect herself and got aids. that's why i hate that word. when i thought about her new tears started to role over my face. 

after a few minutes i heard someone scream my name. i recognized that voice immediately. Louis.

i pulled up my head and saw him running to me. i sad up as he closed his arms around me and put me on his lap.

"what happened?" he asked while he stroked my hair.

"my brother and i had a fight and then called me irresponsible and-" i couldn't say it. not out loud. 

"you can say everything to me, you know that right?" 

i hide my head in his shoulder and said "he called me a slut." 

i felt Louis freese for a second and then i started crying.

"you're not. you know that right? you're sweet, strong, confident and beautiful. he has no right to say that to you." 

"i know" i said while i stopped crying and give him a big hug. "thank you Louis."

he smiled at me and wiped with his thumb my tears away. then he stood up and reached his hand to me. 

"i don't want to go home yet. i rather stay here." i said while staring up at him with red puffy eyes.

"i didn't say we were going to you're home, now did i?" when i looked confused he said "and it isn't a choice." 

i smiled about his sillyness (if that's even a word) and took his hand. when i stood up my head hurted again and i shivered. i forgot to take my jacket with me. i saw that Louis taking his jacket off. 

"you don't-" but he already hang it around my shoulders. "thank you" i said while he put one arm around my waist and helped me walk to his car.




O.M.G!! i have two favourits already! you guys really made my day! so special thanks to babygirlpayne and Nialler's_Twin. i hoped you enjoyed this chapter. and please if you have ideas or comments please comment them! i like to know what you think about it!! xx i will posed a new chapter tomorrow! 





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