love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


11. the next day

Harry's pov.

after Louis carried Kate inside we decided to give them some time alone. she really scared the hell out of me. knowing that she had an accident  only two days ago with a head wound. that knowing i thought that something was really wrong. i looked at Boo Bear when she was laying there and all i could see was the fear of losing her in his worried face. he really liked this girl. even tough she is a bit young. i honestly wouldn't say that she was eighteen. non of us did. and especially that she never drunk before. i felt kind of guilty about that. she was a guest at my house and we made her drunk. 

"Harry?" Liam said interrupting my thoughts. 

"yeah, sorry what were you saying?" i asked 

"we're going inside. are you coming too?" 

"sure. i have blankets inside the pool house." i said while we all walked over there.

when i opened the door i saw Louis and Kate lying on the floor. sleeping. Kate was laying under a blanket, still in her underwear. Louis was laying next to her only in his boxer. he was still wet. they looked so cute together and i didn't want to wake him up. so i grabbed a towel trying to be as quiet as possible just like the rest. i walked over to Louis and dried him off. then i put a blanket over him so that he wouldn't get it cold or got sick.

i walked over to the rest of the guys and Danielle and grabbed a towel to dry myself. they were all looking at me with that smile that said 'aaahhh' 

"shut up." i said. i just cared about Louis. not just as my best friends but i saw him as my big, crazy brother i never had. "do you guys want to sleep here? Louis and Kate already invited themselves." i asked.

everybody loved the idea so i walked over to the house and told my mom everybody slept over. she never had a problem with the guys sleeping over as long as we didn't bother her and cleaned up our mess. when i walked back into the pool house i saw that everybody was already laying on the floor with blankets. Naill and Zayn were even already slept. Liam and Danielle laid cuddled up next to each other. i decided to lay down next to Naill and fell asleep quickly. it had been a long day. 


Katelyn pov.


i woke up from the light that was shining into the room. i was lying on the floor so i guested that i was still at Harry's in the pool house. i had a huge headache. as if i had a accident again. i tried to shut the light out. it hurted even tough i had my eyes closed. so i pulled my blanket over my head. it was darker here but it was also hotter. someone was lying against me. i hoped it was Louis. i just pouched him away from me. it helped a bit against the heat but i heard a creaky morning voice mumble "hey, i was sleeping." it was Louis. "why did you do that?" he asked while he put his arms around me. 

"go away. you're to hot." i mumbled while i tried to pouch him away. 

"i know i'm hot. but so are you and i can't see you this way." he said and pulled the blanket away. 

"Lou, stop it! that hurts." i said while i sat up to grab my blanket again. but when i sat up my stomach turned around and i ran as quickly as i could to the bathroom. i knelt in front of the toilet and puked. i heard someone come in. 

"go away." i said while i was still puking. 

"no." Louis simply answered while he hold my hair so that i didn't get puke in it and rubbed my back, calming me down. after what seemed forever, i could stop puking and flushed the toilet. i turned around and sat with my back against the toilet. Louis handed me a glass of water and i thankfully took it and drunk it. 

"sorry." i said.

"it's not your fold. everybody pukes sometimes. but why didn't you tell me that you never drunk before?" he asked.

"i didn't want everybody to think that i was a little girl who never drunk before." i said honest.

"nobody thinks that." he said really sweet while he took me in his arms. "just tell me the next time if there is something. you shouldn't do something if you don't want to." 

i felt so good in his arms. i felt so safe. i never wanted to leave. i looked up to him, into his eyes. "i love you." i quickly hided my face in his chest after i said that. 

he put his finger under my chin and raised my head so that i had to look him in the eyes. "i love you too, just the way you are." then he kissed me. very gentle but passionate in the same time. when we broke the kiss i looked him in the eyes. his eyes said more than a thousand words ever could say. i felt a warm feeling spread in my body. he loved me. nobody ever said that to me, except my sister then. it felt amazing to hear him saying it to me. i let out a happy sight, pulled my arms around him and laid my face against his chest. his arms were still around me and his head was leaning on mine. 

a few minutes later someone came in. Louis looked up but still held me. 

"o, i'm sorry." i heard Liam say. "i needed to go to the toilet but i'll just go somewhere else." 

"don't be silly we'll leave" i say while i stand up. "ouch." i raised my hand to my forehead. my head was pounding again. it hurted. i was never standing up again.

"are you okay?" Liam and Louis asked. 

"yeah, i just have a huge headache and standing up is not really helping." i explained. 

"then you go to the room and lay down, i'll find some aspirins for you and Liam you go do your pee-pee." Louis said.    

i smiled at his comment and went to my improvised bed. i just laid down when Louis came in with a glass of water and two aspirins. "here you go, love." he said while he handed me the glass and pills. 

"thank you." i said while taking the aspirins. the down side of aspirins is that i get very sleepy from them. when the glass was empty i set it next to me and closed my eyes. the room was already dark what was very nice for my headache. i guess Louis closed the curtains. i felt two arms around me. i smiled and turned around so that i could lay my head against his chest. within minutes i was fast asleep. 


Louis pov. 


Kate had a hangover. i felt guilty because i made her drink. well i didn't make her drink, but.. well you get it. she of course didn't say anything. i just never thought about it. i thought that she already had her first drink. your first drink is the one that is the most strong. my first time was a simple beer but even i got drunk from that. i had a fun night yesterday, tough. well, until Kate passed out. that scared the hell out of me. when she ran away this morning, i ran quickly after her. i knew what she was going to do. so i held her hair and rubbed her back. when she was done and she was sitting down against the toilet in my arms she said 'i love you'. when she said that i got goose bumps all over my body and got a warm feeling. she loves me. she loves me. i still can't process that. even touch it has been an hour ago that she said it. i know i joke a lot about that i'm 'Louis Tomlinson from One Direction', but it's not always fun to be me. i never have privacy, everybody knows every little thing about me and worse of all, i can't go outside without the whole world knowing. so for Kate that can't be easy. it will only be a few days before everybody knows that she's my girlfriend. so to hear her say that she loves me is kinda a big thing. it always is but still.. she not only needs to love me, but also respect who i am and the consequences that go with that for me, and now also for her. 

"do you want some breakfast Boo Bear or are you going to drool at Kate for the rest of the day?" Harry asked sarcastically. 

i looked at Kate. she was fast asleep and wouldn't notice me. so i pulled slowly my arms back and stood up, making sure i didn't wake her up. "you said breakfast?" 

"yup. all ready in the kitchen." we walked into the kitchen and i saw all the boys sitting and eating. i sat down next to Naill.

"where's Danielle?" i asked Liam. i hadn't seen her in the 'main room' and she wasn't here either.

"already gone. she left earlier this morning because she had a audition." he answered. 

"that's to bad." i said 

"what's up with Kate?" Harry asked.

"hangover." i simply answered. 

"so it really was her first drink huh?" Naill asked.

"yes. i just upsets me that she didn't say it to me." i say while i grab a piece of toast and take a bite.

"she probably didn't want to look weak." Zayn said. 

"i know, but she can tell me anything. i respect her. i want her to feel like she can trust me completely." 

"she already does. otherwise she hadn't drink that drink. she knows that you would be there to take care of her if things went wrong." Liam said. 

"thanks guys." i said while i smiled. i felt better. Liam was right. she does trust me. it felt good to know.

"not to be insensitive, but how are we going to tell Simon that we found a song."  Liam said

"we should go to him. this is a to big thing to tell him over the phone. we just found are new song all by ourselves." Harry said. 

"i agree. let's go today. otherwise we have to wait until Monday to tell him. he is in the office on Saturdays right?" Zayn said. 

"uhm, guys.. i cant. i have to take care of Kate. it's kinda my fold that she's hangover so i want to stay with her today." i said.

"why don't you bring her? if it wasn't for her we would still be searching to the perfect song." Harry said. 

"do you think that's a good idea? i mean it is our boss." 

"of course! and since when is uncle Si our boss? i'll go ask her!" Naill said and jumped out of his chair to the 'main room' where Kate was sleeping. 

i shake my head. he's is so careless and free. he just never worries. then it hits me that Kate is still sleeping her headache off. i quickly stand up and walk to the main room. 

"uncle Si?" i hear her say with a creaky voice. 

"he means Simon Cowell. we're going to him so that we can let him hear our new song." i explained while i knelt next to Naill. then she was up. 

"you want me to go with you guys to see the Simon Cowell?!" she said trying to keep the nerves out of her voice. i could hear them though and smile reassuring to her.

"it will be alright. this way i can spend my day with you, and you brought us to the idea for the song anyway." 

"huh? which song are we talking about?" 

"One Way Or Another! your ringtone!" Naill said.

her mouth fell open. "you guys like the song? but it's so old!"

"well, we have to make some changes, but Simon is really good at that stuff. so are you coming?" i asked

"yeah sure, why not? but i'm sitting next to you in the car." she said to me. 

"deal." i say smiling while Naill runs to the kitchen to tell everybody. 



sorry that it took a bit long.. i had a busy couple of days. but i hope you guys like it. XOXO 

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