love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


10. the guys.

Katelyn pov. 


i planned a nice, relaxing day but it turned out to be non of that. since Louis called me, i was in a rush. i texted Mike that i was going to Louis and sleep there. i cleaned the house, took a shower, picked up the girls and the most important thing, i had to decide what to wear. i was meeting the boys. o, my gosh.. i was really nervous about that. it made my relation with Louis, whatever that was, more serious. i felt like it was a big thing. like meeting his parents. these guys were his family and i really wanted them to like me. but what if they didn't like me? after all i'm not pretty or super skinny or even funny. i sighted. i couldn't think that way. i knew what happened then and  i wouldn't go there again. so clothes. i really had no idea what i had to wear. i decided to go simple, just me. so i put on my green skinny jeans with a simple black t-shirt and a grey vest. but what did i have to wear when i went to bed? i couldn't just sleep in my boxers. 'stop thinking about it and just pick something' i said to myself. i grabbed a old t-shirt and a soccer shorts. i grabbed all my clothes and put it in a bag. then i walked to the bathroom to brush my hair. i didn't wear any make-up. it was annoying to wear it. i couldn't rub my eyes anymore. i put my hairbrush, my toothbrush and toothpaste also in my bag. then i walked down stairs to the kitchen and began cooking. i said to the girls that they had to set the table for dinner. when we were all ready Mike and Luke came home and we all ate dinner. the boys were very quiet. they probably didn't like that i slept over at Louis' but i was very thankful that they didn't nag and let me go. just when i took the last bite of my dessert, chocolate pudding, the bell rang and i stood up. i opened the door and saw a smiling Louis. 

"hey, you" he said and gave me a hug.

"hey, you" i said back. 

"one second." i said to him and walked back to the kitchen. 

"i'm gonna go. you can call me if you need me. see you tomorrow." i said to all of them and grabbed my bag. they all said bye, even though i saw Luke looking a bit angry at me. i wasn't going to feel bad about the fact that i was going to have a fun night. 

"all ready to go." i said to Louis when i closed the door after me. 

"good." he said while he took my bag and putted it in the trunk of his car. he opened the passengers door for me and i thanked him while i blushed. i really had to stop doing that. it was really embarrassing and i couldn't do that in front of the guys. Louis stepped in the car and began to drive. 

"so, how are you?" he asked 

"good, nervous but good." i said.

he chuckled. "you don't have to be nervous. the boys are all excited to meet you." 

i took a deep breath to calm down my nerves. "i'm excited to meet the boys too. but still what if they don't like me? i'm not special or anything. i'm just a ordinary girl and you're not a ordinary boy. i'm not model skinny or super pretty or anything." i looked out of the window when i talked and i saw that we were stopping. "what are you doing?" 

"look at me" he said and i looked into his beautiful blue eyes. "you're beautiful, funny, cute and so special. never forget that." then he kissed me. it wasn't a very good kiss because we were in a car, but it meant so much that i got a warm feeling and goose bumps all over my body. i really liked him. when he pulled away he smiled and so did i. "never. ever. forget it." he said and i blushed while he started to drive again. 

"so, did you guys found a good song?" i asked a few minutes later when my blush was gone.

he sighted. "no. we had a lot of great songs but then one of us didn't like it or it just didn't fit with us."

"oh, it's not always as easy as it looks. but the perfect song is still out there. you just need to find it." i said optimistic. 

"i know but it can stop playing hide and seek." he joked.

i chuckled and watched the road. we were driving up someones driveway. the house was big but it didn't look very expensive. "were are we?" i asked

"at Harry's house. we always go here if we write songs or just want to hang out together. he has a pool house were we can do whatever we want without bothering someone." 

"so, Harry still lives with his parents?" 

"only with his mom and sister. his mom and dad got divorced when he was eight." 

"okay. now let's go before i chicken out." i said while i stepped out of the car.

he chuckled and grabbed my hand as soon as he stepped out of the car. we walked around to the pool house. he had a swimming pool in his backyard! my mouth fell open when i saw it. 

"you can't catch a fly that way. trust me i tried." he joked when he saw my expression. i quickly closed my mouth and we walked inside the pool house. i saw four boys laying and sitting on the floor with pillows all over the place. they all were busy on there phones or laptops. 

Louis cleared his throat loudly.

"hey" i said shy when they all stared at me. "i'm Katelyn but you can call me Kate."

they all stood up and shook my hand. 

they all introduced themselves even tough i already knew who they were. (duhh.. who doesn't?)  still i could feel they were all curious and excited about me. i felt like they really wanted to know me. i already felt a little more comfortable. then my phone went off. it was singing 'one way or another.' i could die from embarrassment. i forgot to change it. i quickly answered it with an apologizing smile for the boys. "you reached Kate" i said.

"Kate? i can't sleep." Amy said with her sweet little voice. 

"i'm not close to home sweetie. why don't you think about something fun and close your eyes." 

"i already tried that. can't you just come home?" 

"no sweetie, i can't. i'm sorry." my heart broke. i almost wanted to go home. almost. i reached my finger to sign to the boys that i needed a minute and walked outside. i didn't want them to see me like this. weak and vulnerable. 

"then can you sing a goodnight song for me?" 

"of course." i said and started to sing 'twinkle, twinkle, little star'

when i finished i heard her yawn and she said. "thank you, Katelyn. sleep well." 

"you too. i love you." i said and hang up. then i walked inside again. the boys were all singing. i sat down and just listened  they were singing 'one way or another'! i sounded really good.  i sat down next to Louis and stared at him. i could see a spark in his eyes while he was singing with the boys. he really enjoyed it. when they were done i said "that sounded amazing!" 

they all smiled. "of course we sound amazing. we're One Direction!" Louis yelled and made everyone laugh. then a girl came in. 

"what is so funny?" she asked.

"that we're 'One Direction'" Liam said while he imitated Louis' voice.

"really? when did you find out?" the girl said sarcastically.

"a minute ago." Louis said. "i totally forgot to introduce you guys. i'm sorry. Kate this is Danielle, Liam's girlfriend. Danielle this is Kate." he introduced us. i shook her hand. then she walked over to Liam and sat next to him. 

"hey." she said and gave him a quick kiss on his lips. 

"hey." he said back while the Naill was fake trowing up. i laughed. 

"who was calling you?" Louis asked me quietly, not sure if i wanted to share it with everybody.

"Amy. she couldn't sleep. normally i bring them to bed." i explained. 

"she's sleeping now?"

"i think so. i sung her a lullaby and then she sounded sleepy." 

"i love that your taking such good care of your sisters." he said while he planted a kiss on my cheek, who turned red, and took my hand. i smiled at him.

"it's what i do." i said playful.  

'does anyone else want some food?" Naill asked while he got up.

"i would like a drink." Harry said. 

"vas happenin?" Zayn asked.

"of course!" Harry answered.

"make that two. or no wait three. Kate has to try it!" Louis yelled to Zayn who was in the mini kitchen.

"vas happenin?" i asked.

"yeah, it's a drink Zayn makes, and it taste so good. you really don't no vas happenin." he explained laughing. 

i never had alcohol. i just didn't like what happened to someone. but i didn't want to ruin it so i said "okay. i'm curious."

a few minutes later Zayn came in with three glasses in his hands. "here." he said offering me my drink. it was brown colored and it didn't bubble. i took a sip. it tasted really good but it burned down my throat. so i quickly had some more. it tasted great anyway. after i drunk a half glass i felt less nervous.  

"this taste great Zayn. thank you." i said to Zayn.

"no problem." he said back.

"let's go for a swim." Harry suggested.

"i didn't bring any swimwear." i said.

"neither did i." Danielle said. 

"you wear underwear right? so what's the problem. the guys didn't bring any." Harry said with a superior smile on his face. i didn't saw any reason we couldn't go swimming. so i drank quickly my drink up and took my vest and t-shirt off. they all stared at me. 

"what are you staring at? let's go swimming!" i said excited. i hadn't thought about this, i just did it. i felt like i was in a rush i never wanted to get out off. it felt really good and i felt free. 

i took off my skinny jeans and ran to the pool. i jumped in and watched the boys and Danielle run to the pool as well. they all jumped in on the side except for Louis. he took a sprint, jumped and landed right in front of me. making the water splashing up on me. 

"Louis!" i screamed.

"yes?" he said with a stupid smile on his face. i splashed water at him. he just splashed back. i wasn't winning this so i jumped on his back trying to push him under water. i failed. he was a lot stronger then me so i was just sitting on his back. until he let himself fall backwards into the water. i went under and got up as fast as i could. i didn't get air when i went under so i started gasping for air while i couched some water out. i began to see a little bit blurry but i didn't care. i never felt this happy and free so i wasn't going to ruin this. 

"are you okay?" Louis asked worried while he rubbed my back. this was such a perfect situation to get back at him. i couched one more time, turned around quickly and pushed him under water. he was surprised so he didn't had time to react or defend himself. i laughed. his face before he went down was just so hilarious.

when he came up he stared at me with an playful smile. "now it's on." he said. i laughed at him and swam away quickly. or at least i tried. he grabbed me around my waist and held me tight. i tried to escape out of his grip but he was to strong. he walked slowly to the side of the pool and threw me on the grass. it was really cold up there out of the water. it was already dark. i didn't noticed it getting dark. i wanted to get up and go back into the warm pool but my body was to heavy and i felt suddenly very tired. i must have been the rush that stopped working. anyway, i just stayed laying there, rolled my head to the right side, closed my eyes and fell into a big black pool of rest. 


Louis pov.


i picked Kate up and layed her down on the grass outside the pool. i knew it was cold outside because the pool was heated. "Funny Kate." i said to her when she didn't got up. then she rolled her head to the side and closed her eyes. holy fuck, what happened?!

"Kate!" i yelled when i climbed out of the pool. the boys and Danielle turned around. they were in a corner talking with each other and giving us space to enjoy or little game. Liam directly climbed out of the pool and knelt down on the other side of her. he quickly felt her pols. i just sat next to her, not knowing what to do. the rest quickly surrounded us too. then Liam started to laugh.

"what?" i asked, not seeing what could be funny right know. 

"she's sleeping. she probably passed out." he said. 

i took a deep breath and looked at Kate's beautiful face. she looked very calm.

"how old is she e actually? Danielle asked me.

"eighteen." i said. 

"she probably never drunk before." Liam said.

Zayn laughed. "poor girl. her first drink is a 'vas happenin'. it's not that odd that she passed out then." 

i looked confused at him. i had one too but i didn't feel drunk or even tipsy. 

"it's kinda a strong drink if you never drunk before." he explained. 

"well it explains why she was so easy about going into the pool and was so comfortable and free. she was really nervous in the car about meeting you guys." i said. "i'm going to bring her inside to warm her up." i picked her up bridal style and walked inside the pool house to the bathroom. there i grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her to dry her off. when i picked her up again she mumbled something but i couldn't hear what she said. it was so cute that she talked in her sleep. i walked to the 'main room' where we had been sitting all day and laid her down at the floor covering her body with a blanket. i laid down next to her and watched her sleep. she was so beautiful. 



special thanx to another favorite I_LOVE_1D_12345. i will try to update as soon as possible but i'm going to Keulen in Germany tomorrow with school. (yeey!) and i have to work Saturday so i'll do the best that i can! love you guys so much for reading this! XOXO



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