love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


16. the accident

katelyn pov. 

i was cycling back to my house when it happened. he came out of nowhere. i passed a street going straight forward when i bumped against a car and fell on the ground.

"O. My. Gosh! are you okay? i'm so sorry!"

i lay on my back but beside that i was breathing very fast nothing seemed to hurt.

"i-i-i am a-alright." i stuttered.

he reached his hand out to me and i took it gratefully. as soon as i stood my head felt like it was about to burst out. the sun hurted hard in my head. i closed my eyes immediately and didn't feel my legs anymore. two arms cached me before i could fall again.

"calm down." he said. "let's sit okay?" i nodded.

he still had his arms around me. that made me a little uncomfortable. i didn't know him. when i sat down on the road i felt his fingers at my head.

"does you're head hurts?" he asked.

"it feels like it is about to burst out. i never had such an headache."

"i get that since you're bleeding out of you're head."

in a impulse i tried to stand up.

"what are you doing?" he said while holding me back at the ground with his hands on my shoulders.

"i'm going home."

"i don't think so. you can't open you're eyes because the sun hurts and you're heavily  bleeding. i'm taking you to the hospital."

"that's not necessary - " i began but he interrupted me.

" i bumped in to you so i'm taking you to the hospital. o, and my name is Louis by the way."

i wasn't happy about the fact that a stranger was taking me somewhere without i could see where we were going but his concern about me touched me so i let him pick me up and carry me in his car. i didn't thought that standing up was a good idea and he obviously agreed with me.

"thank you and my name is Katelyn but everyone calls me Kate."

"i'm sorry again Kate."

i smiled "it's also my fold. i didn't look either."

"you're not blaming yourself for this. i should have watched if someone was coming."

"we should both have looked better." i said compromising. 

"alright then. press this against your head. it will feel better. and i don't get blood all over my car." he said laughing.

i took the blanket (i think and really hope that it wasn't his shirt.) and pressed it against my head like he told me. it felt good. the pressure took off a little bit.

"thank you Louis"

"no problem" he said while he started the car and i could feel him holding an eye on me. i tried slowly to open my eyes and i was shocked when i did. it didn't hurt much because it was dark in the car. were was i? it wasn't dark at all when i bumped in at Louis car. how long was i in the car? before my mind went totally crazy Louis said "it's darkening glass so that people can't look in the car."

"why would you need darkening glass?" i asked but then i looked at Louis. it was Louis from the band One Direction! my friend was totally crazy about them. i loved there songs but i don't have that much time left to go crazy over a couple of guys.

he smiled at me. it was an uncomfortable smile. like he apologized. 

"okay, i get it. it is nice to have some privacy sometimes in stead of having people stare at you all day"

"yes it is. i love my fans but i'm also human. it's nice to not have to look what i do or what i'm wearing just in case there is paparazzi."

i smiled understanding at him. i had two little sisters and two big brothers so it was crowded in our house. it was nice to  escape from everybody sometimes and just lay on my bed in peace. i closed my eyes again and laid my head back. even tough he was famous and rich, he came across as a regular guy. 


louis pov. 

i watched her while i was driving to the hospital. i thought that her head wound was bleeding slower but i didn't liked it. she was looking pale. she collapsed earlier and i didn't want her to pass out. i know from story's that if that happend it wouldn't be good. i didn't want that. i didn't want that for anyone but especially not her. i liked her. she wore a skinny jeans and a hoodie. just simple. she also seemed to understand that privacy was something special and that it relaxed me. a lot of people didn't understand that.

when i arrived at the hospital she had been quiet for a while but she seemed fine.(as fine as possible) i stepped out of the car and opened her side so that i could help her step out.

"Kate? where here." she didn't react. 

"Katelyn?" i asked worried while i put my hands on her shoulders and shook her lightly.

when she didn't respond i took off her seat belt and carried her as fast as i could inside the hospital, making sure that her head staid still. when i came inside i shouted "Doctor? i need a doctor! somebody help her."

a women came rushing to me with a stretcher. i laid Kate down and explained quickly to the nurse what happened. i ran with the nurse and Kate, who was lying there with a very peel face and not looking good at all.

i wanted to stay with her. in my head i understood that that was stupid. i only knew her for like an half an hour. but i felt like i should be there for her. i wanted to be there for her. 

but as we ran to a room my acces was denied.

"i have to stay with her." i said to the nurse.

"i'm sorry mister but the doctor is here to help her. he can't have strainers watching him and you don't want to see that, believe me. if you would like to wait here. if there's any news i personally am going to tell you."

i nodded and took place in one of the chairs.

"do you have some further information about her?" the nurse asked me.

"just that her name is Katelyn." i said before the nurse nodded, turned around and closed the door behind her. 



hey guys! i don't know if anyone will read this but if you do, i'm sorry for the grammar and spelling faults. i'm from the Netherlands so English isn't my first language. this is also my first movella so please no hate! i will update again tomorrow. if you have tips, comments or ideas please leave a comment! also i would like to know what you think about the beginning of the story. even tough you don't like it please comment why or what you don't like so that i can do something about it and grow in writing. thank you!! loves to the one who is reading this or read this. and ofcourse to One Direction!! <3

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