love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


3. sleep over

Katelyn pov.


the whole time in the car we were both silent. it wasn't an awkward silence and i didn't feel the need to fill it up with talking. i just watched Louis drive. he looked at me a couple times and then i just smiled and watched the road until he watched the road again. so i didn't noticed that he stopped the car until he was starring at me. 

"shall we go inside or do you just want to sit here the rest of the day?" he asked

i smiled and stepped slowly out of the car. i still had a headache. Louis stepped out himself and then took my hand in his while we walked to the door. he opened it and i stepped inside. he walked through the hallway and walked through the door on the left. i followed him and came in to the living room. it was a nice house. not very big like you should expect but in there was everything you needed. a couch, a tv, a table and some accessories. i walked to the couch and sat down. 

"so what do you want to do?" he asked me.

"i don't no. but do you have an aspirin? my head is still killing me." 

"of course" he said and walked away to get it for me.

"here." he handed me two aspirins and a glass of water. 

"thanks" i said while taking them.

"so, did you decide what you want to do?"

"we could watch a movie?"

"a movie it is." he said while he put in Grease. 

he sad down next to me and i laid against him with my head on his shoulder while he put one arm around me. i didn't saw a lot of the movie because i was staring at Louis. he was so sweet. he helped me when i needed him and well, he wasn't ugly. 


Louis pov.


i watched Kate while she fell asleep in my arms halfway through the movie. she was so beautiful while she slept. then her phone began to ring. i didn't want to wake her up so i got her phone out of her pocket and looked at the caller-ID. it said Home so i answered it. 

"Kates phone, with Louis." i said.

"hello it's Mike, her brother. can i talk to Kate?" 

"she's sleeping." 

"can you wake her up and tell her to come home, please?" he asked

"she doesn't want to go home that's why she's with me instead of with you."

"i don't know what happened but i just like my sister to come home, instead of being somewhere with a stranger i don't know and according to Luke she doesn't either. no offense."

"no'n taken." i said polite before i got a little angry. "but i'm taking better care of your sister all day, then Luke was doing in the few hours she was with him." 

i heard him sighed. "what did Luke do?" 

i explain everything to him. the car accident, what happened in the hospital and what Kate said Luke said to her.

"that was low to cal her that. but you sound like a good guy and it sounds like you took good care of my little sister today so if it's okay with you of course, she can stay with you."

i smiled. at least one of her brothers was nice and understanding. "it's okay. i'll watch her."

"thank you. but no funny business. don't touch her and if you do anything that hurt her i will hurt you." he warned me. i was starting to like this guy. even though he just threatened me. or actually that was exactly why i liked him. he really looked out for her and looked at it from both sides. he kept in mind what she wanted. 

"don't worry. i will keep her safe and keep my hands to myself. but just so you can be sure, my name is Louis Tomlinson from the band One Direction so if i would do anything you can read it on the news immediately and report me or hunt me down or something like that." i said laughing. 

i heard him laugh too "you sound like a nice guy Louis. it's good that my sister found you. not the way as.. but still. just keep it up that way." he said and hang up. i locked Kate's phone and laid it down next to me. i looked at Kate who was still sleeping with her head against my shoulder. her face had a peaceful expression and she was looking so beautiful. i wanted to protect her. i felt the need to protect her. what was going on with me? i just met her. 

i shook my head to end my discussion with myself and tried to pick her up carefully. i failed. she groaned soft and opened her eyes before i could stand up. 

"Louis?" she asked while her voice was still rough. 

"yes." i answered  

"o! i'm so sorry. i didn't want to bother you and then i fall asleep." she sat straight and rubbed her eyes. 

"you don't bother me and you're cute when you sleep." she blushed and looked away. 

"i should be going home." she said and smiled at me but i could hear the sadness in her voice. 

"no you aren't" i said to her.

she raised her eyebrows "i'm not?"

"no. you're sleeping here."

"i can't. my brothers are probably already worried where i am and i have no clothes and-" 

"it wasn't a question." i said smiling while i interrupted her.

i could see the battle in her head on her face. a few seconds later she smiled at me and then yawned. "okay." 


Katelyn pov. 


what was wrong with me! i just agreed to sleep over at his house! i knew him only for a few hours now and i just said yes. well.. not just. when he said that i was sleeping over, i felt warmth inside of me. then my head yelled at me. 'you don't even know him! what about you're brothers!' then i looked at Louis and told my head to Shut Up. i smiled at him and said "okay". then i yawned. those aspirins really worked but made me tired too. but my head didn't hurt anymore and that's what matters. 

"tired?" Louis asked.

"yeah, it was a stressful day." i answered.

he nodded and walked to a room. i followed him and saw a bed. apparently it was his bedroom. his bedroom was very basic. the walls were grey except for one that was blue and there stood a double bed. 

"there is the bathroom" he pointed to the door at the left. "grab what you need. you can take a shirt or sweatpants from me if you need any to sleep in. they lay in my closet there." he pointed at the closet at my right. 

"thank you Louis." i said and gave him a hug. he hugged me back and walked out of the room when i let him go. 

i walked into the bathroom and watched myself in the mirror. i was a mess. first i took off the bandage and watch the back of my head. i couldn't see it very clear but when i touched it i felt a crust. i didn't hurt though, but i didn't know if it just didn't hurt anymore or that it was the aspirins doing his job. 

i undressed myself and took a quick shower. i used his shower gel. it smelled nice. after that i turned off the shower and dried myself off. i wracked myself in the towel and walked to his closet. i found a old t-shirt and some shorts. i just finished dressing when i heard a knock on the door. 

"come in." i said and Louis walked in with his hand covering his eyes. "are you dressed?"

"no i asked you to come in because i was walking around naked." i said sarcastically. 

he laughed and he lowered his hand. "you look beautiful." 

i felt my cheeks getting red and said "thanks."

"you look even better in that then i do." he said smiling.

i didn't know how to react so i just smiled at him. 

"do you want to go to bed or do something else?" he asked me.

"if you don't mind i would like to go to bed. i'm tired." i answered. 

"i'm just going to grab some stuff then and then i'm out of you're way."

i looked at him confused. if he was going to get out of my way, then he offered me his bed. so he doesn't have a guest room. "then were are you going to sleep?" i asked him

"i'll sleep on the couch." he answered 

"i can sleep on the couch. this is your bed so you should sleep in it. i don't want to cause you trouble."

"i bumped into you, you got hurt and you're my guest so your not sleeping on the couch."

i shook my head. "i'm not discussing that again. but fine if you won't let me sleep on the couch, i won't let you either. you can just sleep in your bed."

"i'm not letting you sleep on the floor." he said confused.

i rolled my eyes at him. "no, we can just sleep together." 

when i said that i blushed. i just invited a boy to sleep together in one bed. but i trusted him.

"are you sure?" he asked.

"yes of course. i trust you. i don't think you would hurt me." i said to him. 

he smiled at me. "okay then. i'm just going to change in the bathroom. just stay your beautiful you." 

i blushed and went into bed while he got changed. 


louis pov. 


when i was in the bathroom i had to sit down. did she really just suggested to sleep together? my whole body was shaking. what was going on with me. was i falling in love? no, that couldn't be it. i had been in love before but never experienced  something like this before. i  quickly changed my skinny jeans for sweatpants and took my shirt off. i brushed my theeth and jumped into the bed. 

"Louis!" Kate shouted. "what the hell?!" 

"hey." i said laughing

"hello"  she said laughing back at me. 

"do you want to watch some tv?" i asked.

"yeah sure." she answered and i put on the tv. 

"what do you want to watch?" 

"i don't care. you pick something."

i flipped trough the channels and put on the movie grown ups.

i saw Kate's eyes slowly closing. i watched her sleep but after a half hour i felt tired too so i turned off the tv. Kate reacted. she turned around and laid against me. then she mumbled "Lou". i took her in my arms and my stomach made a back flip. i looked at her once more before i closet my eyes. 'i'm in love with her.' was the last thing i thought before i fell asleep. 




sorry guys that i didn't upload this yesterday as i promised. it was just difficult to write this last scene because it had to be good. so it took a lot more time.. i hope you like it! please comment what you think of it! and special thanks to my friend Rebecca who just couldn't wait for me to upload this. so this is kind of for you. hope you like it! 









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