love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


11. Simon Cowell

Katelyn pov.


Naill, and a minute later Louis, woke me up to ask if i wanted to come with them to go visit Simon Cowell!! O.MY.GOSH!! i was directly nervous. also i still had a headache. it was less then before i fell asleep but i was still tired. thank god i wasn't nauseous anymore. i agreed though, as long as i could sit next to Louis. Naill looked very happy and i know Louis was too. when they said that the song they picked was 'One Way Or Another' my mouth literally fell open. i inspired the biggest boy band in the world with my stupid ringtone. 

when Naill ran away to tell the guys that i was coming i looked at Louis. "my clothes are still in the car." 

"let's get them together. some fresh air helps with a hangover." Louis said.

"i'm only wearing my underwear." i said blushing. 

"right.. i'll get it." he said laughing. with a minute he was back with my bag. 

"thanks." i said while i got up. i couldn't get my balance directly. Louis saw me wobble and grabbed my upper arms.

"are you alright?"  he asked while i saw a flash of worry in his eyes. he did a good job trying to hide it but i knew him better. it was cute though that he tried to hide it, keeping in mind that i don't like people worrying about me. 

"yeah, just a little tired with a headache, but it will be alright. don't worry." i said while i saw guilt in his eyes. "stop thinking that!."

"thinking what?" he asked.

"thinking it's your fold that i have a hangover. feeling guilty. all that crap. i took that drink, i drunk it. i did it so it's my own fold." i explained. 

"can i change your mind by arguing with you about this?" he asked chuckling. 

"nope." i said smiling while i gave him a quick kiss on his lips. "now, if you would excuse me, i'm going to put on some clothes." then i walked into the bathroom, making sure i locked it before i changed my clothes. i didn't feel like taking a shower. i didn't feel that good and i didn't want to pass out in the bathroom. after i put on some clothes (blue skinny jeans, green top and my grey vest.) i walked into the kitchen where all the guys were sitting. 

"good morning." i said while i sat down in the chair next to Zayn, in front of Louis.

"good morning" they said back. 

"here is some breakfast for you." Louis said. "now, you eat that up and stay here. then we go to the 'main room' to change. so don't come in." 

i chuckled and took a bite of the toast that was on the plate. the guys got my silent gesture, stood up and walked away. Louis turned around in the doorway and looked at me. "i'm fine" i said while i made a 'shoo' gesture with my hand. he smiled and walked away but i could see in his eyes that he rather not let me alone. me being alone in the bathroom must be tense for him. i didn't even notice. i could be a little sweeter to him. all he wanted was to make sure i was okay. he was so sweet. i didn't no how i could ever deserve him but i was glad he was here and he was mine. 

when i finished my toast Naill, Liam and Louis came in. 

"are you going to eat that?" Naill asked looking at my plaid where an orange and another piece of toast lay on. 

"knock yourself out." i said while i shove the plaid towards him.

"thanks." he said and took a bite of the toast. i laughed. the half of the toast was gone. 

"what?" he asked.

"you eat like you haven't eat in days. how can you even be hungry? you just ate." 

he just shrugged his shoulders and ate the rest of the toast.

"Naill is always hungry. you get used to it." Liam said. 

"are you excited?" Louis asked me.

"scared to death." i said honest.

"no need to be. he's just a person like you and i" Louis said.

"no you have people like me, normal, all day street people, then you have people like you, famous, good looking, 'pass out girls just by waving at them' people, and then you have people like Simon Cowell who are mid age, rich and can do whatever the hell they want to do people." 

he shook his head. "first of all, you know that you're not a normal person. second, we are normal people too. we are just good singers. that doesn't make us more then every other person in this world. in the third place, Simon is really down to earth. i know for sure that he's not going to bite you or something. and at last, i can't help that i'm just this handsome." 

i laughed at him and the boys who are looking strange at us. probably they weren't used to me and Louis way of always discussing things. then i hit Louis with my hand softly on his upper arm for that stupid comment.

"Harry! Kate hit me!" Louis jelled to Harry who just walked in with Zayn.

"ah, poor Boo Bear, you probably deserved it though.." Harry said with a lot of sarcastic compassion in his voice. 

"i didn't do anything!" Louis said innocent. 

"you never do" Harry said while he walked over to Louis and messed up his hair with his hand

we all just laughed at him. 

"now that we're all ready, let's go! it's an hour drive and i don't want to be stuck in traffic." Liam said while Louis was fixing his hair.

"shouldn't we call Simon first, before we go away, to let him know we're coming?" Zayn said while everybody got up, except me. 

"already done that, made" Liam said. 

"then let's go!" Louis said while he took my hand, shook me up and pushed me to the mini van. 

"LOU!" i screamed trying to stop him but he just opened the door, pushed me in, went inside himself and quickly closed the door. 

"you're such a child!" i laughed while i pushed him away from me playing upset  and wrapping my arms over each other. 

he smiled, grabbed my head under his arm and rubbed my head with his fist. 

"LOU!!!" i screamed while i tried to get my head back. luckily the other boys came into the van and he let go off my head. we where together sitting on the backseats in the van. Liam was driving with Harry in the passengers side and the rest of the boys were sitting in the middle row seats. 

i laid my head in his lap and closed my eyes. "you're the most crazy and fun person i ever met." i said while he played with my hair and i fell in sleep again.


Louis pov. 


i was sitting in the back of the van. Kate was asleep lying with her head in my lap. i played with her hair while i thought how happy i was that she and the boys got along. i just hoped that Simon wouldn't mind that i brought her with me. i know i shouldn't have. this is work stuff. that's not something you bring your girlfriend in, but i really wanted to spent the day with her. after all i hadn't spent the night with her as i planned. what i did know was, that she trusted me. still she was young. well, i am too but she's three years younger than me! what meant that i had to take things slow . of course i respected that. this was all new for her but i was glad that she opened up to me, trusted me and was comfortable around me.

"please, let's all be a bit serious today. this is a big thing and i don't want such a chaos as last time." Liam said getting me out of my thoughts. he was looking at me in the mirror. 

"what did i do?" i said trying to look innocent. 

"you know what you did. i just want a good and quiet meeting, without shouting and all of those stupid games." 

i chuckled. i knew.. o believe me, i knew.. the last time we had a meeting with Simon i kinda disturbed it. every time Simon watched me i screamed or made a silly face. Naill couldn't stop laughing. and then when Simon got up i ran away screaming. i hide myself. it took the boys half a hour to find me. i was hiding in my closet. "quickly come in." i said to Naill when he found me. after another 15 minutes Harry opened the closet and i also made him stay inside with us. when Liam opened the closet after in total one hour, i jumped out and ran to Simon's office. i hided behind him. when Liam came in he was angry and tried to hit me. he couldn't of course, i can run and dive like nobody else but he was pretty pissed off. eventually we cancelled the meeting. i had a great time and so did Naill and Harry and i think Zayn too, but Liam is a bit more serious about work. he didn't like my prank. 

i was still chuckling at the memory. "i told you that i would be more serious at meetings.." i said to Liam who was still looking serious.

"i know, but you're serious and the meaning of serious are two very different things." Liam said while he tried to hold back a smile. i knew Liam liked my pranks but i got that i pushed it a bit to much last time. 

"i will be super serious today." i said while i saluted at him. he made a face palm. 

"i can't wait to see that.." he said sarcastically. all the guys laughed. we talked a bit and soon we reached Simon's office. the building is very modern and big. 

"Kate, we're here." i said while i shook her shoulders a bit. 

"Lou.." she mumbled in her sleep. all the boys were making 'ahhh' noises and i could feel i was blushing.

"Kate, you gotta get up." i said hoping she would wake up. normally i loved that she talked and mumbled in her sleep. it was adorable, but with all the guys around me, it was a bit embarrassing. 

"what?" she said while she got up and rubbed her eyes. then she moaned softly. 

"what's the matter?" i asked quickly looking if i hurt her.

"headache." she answered simply while she rubbed her forehead with her hand. 

"Let's go.." i heard Liam saying impatiently. we all got out of the car and entered the building. when we were at Simon's office Liam knocked on the door. 

"yes?" i heard Simon say as we came in. 

"boys!" he said welcoming us. "who's your friend?" he noticed Kate standing half behind me, she tried to hide herself.., i still had her hand in mine and pulled her next to me.

"hey, i'm Katelyn, but you can call me Kate." she said trying to fight against her nerves.

"nice to meet you Kate, i'm Simon. not to be rude, but is there any reason you're here?" he said.

"well, she kinda introduced us to the song we chose, and i wanted to spent my day with her." i said blushing a bit.

"that's quite a job you did Katelyn. i tried but these guys are impossible." he said smiling at us. "let's hear it." 

"it was an accident actually.. it's my ringtone.." Kate explained. 

"we chose 'One Way Or Another.' but we did made a few changes, to make it a bit more modern and us." 

"you boys made me curious. let's hear it!" Simon said excited.

we sang the song for him. i could see Kate looking a bit uncomfortable. i smiled at her to try to make her feel a bit better but she still looked like she would take the first opportunity she got to get out of here. i knew she only agreed for me, and was here for me. i think that if i wasn't here she would have ran out of here minutes ago. 

when the song ended Simon stood up. we all looked at him tensely. we could like and approve it but if he didn't like it we could start all over again.

"well boys.."  he stopped to make a dramatic tension. "i think that you can thank Katelyn, this is a great song. i'm sure your fans will love it!" 

after he said that all of our faces relaxed and i saw all the boys smile. "group hug!" i yelled and we all hugged each other. Kate took a step back but i pulled her in the hug to. 

when we let go of each other Simon said. "would you guys mind to record the song quickly? not professional or anything, but you guys made some good changes and i don't want to forget them. then i can talk with some producers and discus your vision. 

"sure." we all said. we followed Simon to the recording studio and all set up our headphones. Kate sat down in a chair and looked at her hands, playing with her fingers. still looking uncomfortable. i was still glad she came though. when we sang all i could look at was her. with her beautiful hair hanging loose, her beautiful green eyes and her simple clothes. 

"good boys. you'll hear from me when we're going to record it." Simon said as we finished the song. 

"FREEDOM!!" i screamed, grabbed Kate, trowing her over my shoulder and ran outside. i could feel her laugh. i ran to the car before i put her down. i was quit exhausted now, but i saw her laugh at me, totally comfortable. it was worth it, and i didn't came over to serious. everybody happy, i thought. 

"you're crazy." she said to me still laughing.

"good, adorable, sweet, crazy right?" i said 

"hmm.." she said playing that she was thinking. "i'm not sure.." 

"maybe this will help." i said, kissing her lips softly. her lips were getting more willing. that was the moment i waited for. i pulled back. "are you sure yet?"

"yes, you are good, adorable, sweet, crazy." she said. 

"i know." i mumbled joking while i kissed her again, more passionate then the last time. i layed my hands on her waist, pulling her closer to me when she started rubbing her fingers trough my hair. before i could do things she wasn't ready for, even tough i wanted to do it so badly, i pulled back. also thinking that this isn't a good place to do something like this and that the guys could walk outside, and see us, any minute. 

"why did you pull back? that felt amazing." she said still standing very close to me.

"believe me, i know. but this is not the place, the boys are coming, and i don't want to do anything your not ready for." i said being honest with her. i didn't want to hurt her.

she pulled her arms around my neck and placed her head against my shoulder. "you're amazing." she whispered

"i just want you to be happy. i don't want you to do anything your not comfortable with." 

"how in the world do i deserve you?" 

"just being you." i whisper back at her



sorry that it took me so long to update! i try to be quicker next time. also sorry for the short chapter but i just have a lot ideas but i can't fit them all in this story so it's kinda difficult writhing because i'm not sure yet where it's going.. 

and i want to thank all of you guys!! i'm over the 250 views!!! :O  i'm so happy! special thanks to Jasmine_Maree_ and Pinkdome for favorite this story and becoming my first fans!!! love you guys soo much!! pleasse comment what you think about it or if you have any tips or suggestions. i would like to hear what you guys think! XOXO  

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