love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


7. making it right

Katelyn pov.


i woke up from a knock on my door. it was my little sister, Amy. 

"Katelyn?" she said softly. 

"yes, honey." i said while i opened my eyes. 

"do you wanna play with me and Ann?" she asked while she walked to my bed.

"sure, i'll be down in 5 minutes. why don't you go set up the game with Ann?

"okay." she said and closet the door behind her when she walked away.

 i yawned and stretched my whole body before i put on a sweatpants, i only slept in a old shirt and my boxer, and walked down stairs to my sisters. they had prepared a game of memory. i smiled at them and sat down beside Ann and across Amy at the coffee table. i didn't see my brothers so i guess they were in there rooms. 

"you have to start." Amy said and i turned the first two cards in front of me. it was a orange and a melon. 

when we were half way trough the game Mike came down. 

"i'm gonna start cooking." he announced to all of us, then he looked at me and said only to me "we need to talk." 

i nodded at him. he was right. it was better to talk to him first before i would try to talk to Luke to make things better. "i'll help you cook after i won this game." 

"i'm gonna win!" Ann yelled.

"No i am!" Amy said.

i smiled at them. Ann had already six memory's and Amy had there five. i had three. i lost on purpose. the girls couldn't deal good with loosing so i just let them win. that way it was more fun afterwards. 

eventually Amy won. Ann got upset and went to her room while i tidy up the game with Amy. i would deal with there fight after dinner when i cleared up mine with Luke. 

i walked to the kitchen where Mike was cooking lasagna. i started cutting the paprika in little pieces. Mike didn't put strings on it and just came to the point immediately, like he used to.

"Mike acted like a dick." he said while he stirred the flesh so that it became cooked.

i just nodded knowing that he wasn't done talking. i had fights with Luke a lot and Mike always came in the middle of it, to make it alright again. Luke was just as stubborn as me and without Luke we would never apologize to each other and make it up. 

"he shouldn't have called you that. but you shouldn't ran away. Luke was to angry to run after you but when i came home and heard that you just ran away i was worried sick. especially because it was only a few hours after you're accident. are you okay by the way?" 

"yeah, i don't feel it anymore." i said while i finished cutting the paprika and went further with the tomato's 

"good. i want to hear about that more later. but first you're going to tell me what happened when i walked in your room today."

"didn't Luke tell you that?" i asked while i concentrated on my hands because id didn't want to go to the hospital again.

"yes, but i wanna hear your side of the story first." he said while he took the knife out of my hands and took over my job so that i could talk and not accidentally cut myself. 

i told him what happened in my room earlier today. i told him exactly what Luke said and what i responded. i didn't tell him what happened by the door when i came in. that was to embarrassing. i know i shouldn't have done that. i hoped that he wouldn't bring it up either. 

"so you didn't kiss Louis before you walked inside?"

i looked down at the floor while i felt my cheeks turn red. "i did do that yes, but it was wrong of me to do that in frond of Luke. i know that. i shouldn't have done it and i'm sorry if it made him feel uncomfortable." 

"he wasn't uncomfortable. he was angry. he doesn't want you to date a guy. he feels like it is unfair that you can have a boyfriend while he has to work and doesn't has a girlfriend." 

"that's so unfair. i can't help that. but the main point is that he can't decide for me who i'm going to date. and i don't have a boyfriend." 

"i know that he can't do that. it's your life. your decision. he just don't want you to get hurt. he's trying to protect you in his own idiotic way." he said then he thought about what i said and asked surprised "you don't have a boyfriend? what are you and Louis then?" 

i smiled. "Louis is not my boyfriend. i only met him yesterday! that would be weird. but i don't know were we stand. we did some fun stuff but... i don't know." i ended. i felt uncomfortable talking about this stuff with my brother.

"you did some fun stuff?" he asked questioning. 

"yes, we went to the park to go swinging and we watched a movie." after i said that i got what he meant and said quickly "no, not that! gross! where's your mind?! i would never do that with a guy i only know two days and Louis would never let me even if i wanted to. he respects me to much."

i could feel Mike slowly breathing out again. "sorry." he said relieved.

"it's okay. i shouldn't have said it that way." 

"but i'm glad you have that kind of fun with him. it has been a while since you have." 

"yeah.." was the only thing i could say.

"know, tell me how clumsy little you got that accident." he said while he broke the uncomfortable situation and rubbed his hand trough my hair. 

so i explained what happened and that it was my fold. that i didn't look and so on. but the sweet brother he was, he got it and didn't try to go away to kill Louis. 

"you know that your accident was all over the news last night, right?" he said after i was done talking.

"no! are you serious?! i probably looked like a stupid little girl." i yelled.

"relax it were only some pictures from when Louis helped you. that's what you get if you bump into a famous guy."

"okay, that's not so bad. i know, we had to wear sunglasses and hoods when we were in the park. but Louis didn't really seemed to care that much, thank god." 

"were are you thanking god for?" i heard Luke say from behind. 

"nothing" i said quickly. 

"good that you're here Luke. now, i heard both sides. you should both apologize to each other. but Luke, you have to understand that you can't control who Katelyn is dating and you can't abuse her with words. Katelyn, you can't run away without saying were you going and you shouldn't make out with a guy in front of someone." he said diplomatically

"that sounds fair. i promise that i won't run away again and that i won't make out in front of you anymore. i'm sorry for that." i said. 

"i promise to not act like an ass about you and who your dating and that i won't abuse you anymore. i'm really sorry for that, Kate. i know that it was low to remind you of Hope in that way. but you do have to know that i am only trying to protect you and that i really care about you." Luke said. 

"i know. it's alright and i care about you too even if i don't show it." i said while he gave me a hug.

"so now that everybody is happy again, let's go eat." Mike said. 



i'm sorry for the short chapter but i need to get trough this time. so sorry if it's a bit boring. it will be better! i promise. sorry also for that this is only crap about Katelyn but i had to wright it. i will have a lot more Louis in the next one! but i have almost 200 views!!! it's insane! i really love you guys for that! i know it sounds cliché but it really makes my day a lot better! loves 

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