love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


14. lowest point

Louis pov. 


i woke up a bit late. i saw the sun already shining bright trough the curtains. i watched Kate who was still sleeping in my arms. i stroke some hair from her face and put it behind her ear. she was crying. 

"Love?" i whispered. "it's okay." but the only reaction i got was that she began crying harder. her whole body was shaking. this wasn't good. i pulled her closer to me, maybe she would relax because of my warmth. but instead of that she relaxed she began screaming. she pushed my arms away and tried to get away from me. 

"Kate. it's okay. it's me." i said calm. 

"no.." she said and tried to get away and fell out of my bed. i jumped out of bed and sat down in front of her. 

"auw. Louis?" she asked while looking me in the eyes. 

"yes. it's okay. i'm here. are you alright?" i asked but she just sat up and moved further away from me. 

"no, no.." she mumbled. 

"it's alright. i'm not going to hurt you." i said trying to stay calm but she was scaring me. i extended my hand to her, to touch her knee to try to comfort her.

"NO! GO AWAY!" she yelled to me before i even touched her. 

i really didn't know what to do. Liam's panic attacks were different. not like this. she was so upset and messed up. it hurts me to see her like this.

then the doorbell rang. i totally forgot that i invited Liam over for breakfast last night. this was a very good coincidence.

"use your key!" i yelled to the door. Kate reacted by moving more backwards. she was now sitting against the bed with her knees pulled up, her arms around them and her head on her knees still crying and sobbing hard. and i couldn't do anything. it was killing me that i couldn't help her. 

then i heard a knock on the bedroom door. i stood up and opened the door. 

"woah, what's going on?" he said. i probably didn't look so good right now.. 

"i think Kate is having a panic attack or something. she's so upset, she won't stop crying and when i tried to touch her she yelled at me and moved away. i think she had a nightmare before because when i woke up she was crying and shaking in her sleep." i said very fast. 

Liam nodded and i opened the door more so that he could walk in. i saw the shock on his face when he saw Kate. 

"Katelyn?" he said while he walked inside. "it's Liam." he approached her slowly, kneeling in front of her. "what is it that made you so upset?" 

she looked up. "m-m-m-y" was all she could say. her sobbing became hyperventilation. 

"sss... relax. just breath." Liam said, breathing in and out slowly so she could follow his pace. she was already looking a bit better. 

"now can you tell me what made you so upset?" he asked again a few minutes later when her breathing was normal again and she wasn't crying so hard anymore. 

she took a deep breath and threw everything out; what happened with her dad, how she sneaked out of the house, her nightmare and how her dad had forbidden her to be with me. i was shocked about that. it did explain why she wouldn't look at me and was scared when i tried to touch her. she didn't want to get trouble with her dad. 

when she was done talking she was in tears again. "he.." i said sussing her while i put my arms around her. that kinda made it worse but i wasn't letting her go, even though Liam was saying i had to back up. "you're dad can't keep me away from you. i love you remember that." 

she stopped trying to move away from me and looked me in the eyes. "thank you, Lou. i love you." 


Katelyn pov. 


i was so thankful that i had friends like Louis and Liam. without them it wouldn't go so good with me right now. i was a bit embarrassed though. i took a deep breath, wiped my tears away and stood up. "thanks guys. i don't know what i should have done without you guys. but now, let's do something fun. i'm done thinking about all the bad things in my life."

"uhm, Kate.." Louis said.

"what?" i asked

"your only wearing your underwear. i don't mind but.." Louis said with a smile on his face. 

i looked down and i was indeed only in my boxers and a t-shirt. awkward! i looked at Liam who was trying to hide his smile, but wasn't really doing a good job. i grabbed my sweatpants and hoodie from the ground and put it on quickly. "now, what are we going to do?" 

"well, Louis and i should go out for breakfast." Liam said. 

"sounds good." 

"let's get some more and bring the guys breakfast." Louis said excited.

"they probably aren't awake yet." Liam said checking how late it was at his phone. 

"i know that. let's wake them up!" Louis said already heading outside. Liam shook his head and followed him. 

we went by Starbucks and ordered six coffees to go. when we arrived at Harry's house Louis went straight to the pool house. he opened the door quietly and then started to yell very loudly "wake up!!! wake up, wake up!" while he grabbed everybody's pillows and blankets. i saw Harry and Naill rubbing there eyes and waking up, a bit annoyed but it seemed like they thought it was funny. Zayn on the other hand, grabbed another pillow and put it over his head. Louis didn't agree with Zayn sleeping though.. he walked over to Zayn, put the pillow away and screamed "GET UP!" Zayn grumbled something but got up. i handed all the guys a coffee and sat down. 

"thanks for the coffee guys" Harry said while sipping on it. 

"no probs Haz." Louis said. 

"what are you guys even doing here? i thought you and Liam went out for breakfast this morning?" Naill said to Louis.

Louis looked at me, then back to Naill. "something came up so we decided to wake you guys up." 

"pleasant idea." Zayn said with his head in his hands. 

"drunk a bit to much last night?" i asked Zayn

"don't get me started." he said. 

we just sat there for a while and talked. later Zayn went back to bed and me and the rest of the guys watched some movies. the guys made plans to go out again this night. that's when Louis asked to speak to me in private. so i walked after him outside.

"do you want to come with? because i actually don't want you to go home. you can stay with me for a few days." Louis said being really sweet and caring. 

"thank you Lou, i would love to." i hugged him. "i really didn't want to go home." i whispered. 

"i know." he whispered in my ear. "i don't want you to get hurt anymore." he pulled me back and smiled at me. 

"one problem though, i have to tell my brother that i'm not coming home." 

he looked at me weirdly. "if you tell him he will understand." 

"i don't want to tell him. it's embarrassing." i said looking down at my feet. 

he lifted my head up with his finger. "i'll take care of it." then he kissed me sweetly on my lips. 

"i'm so glad i found you." i said. he smiled and walked inside with me. 

"is it okay if Kate is coming with us tonight? she's staying over at my place for a while." Louis asked the guys.

Liam gave me a caring look. "of course. it will be fun." 

"thank you guys." i said. feeling welcome and happy that i met these crazy but funny and caring people.


------ skipping a few hours-------


i was with Louis at Louis' house.  we were supposed to get ready to go out tonight but when we came home, i realized that i had no clothes to wear except for what i was wearing right now. (sweatpants and a hoodie)  

"uhm, Louis.." i said.

"yes love." he answered.

"i don't have any other clothes here then this." i pointed at my clothes i was wearing. "and i can't go out looking like this." 

"yes, you have." he said smiling while he walked outside. 

"Lou?" i yelled back at him confused. 

"yes?" he said while he came in again with a bag. wait, that's one of my bags..

"i called your brother and he brought some of your clothes and things you need." he said. i walked to him and gave him a big hug. what should i do without him. 

"what did you say to him?" i said  kinda scared that he told my brother what happened. 

"relax. i didn't said anything about what happened. i just said that your dad makes you nervous. he got that and he was okay with you staying here so he dropped some of your stuff off here." 

"thank you Lou, again." i gave him a quick kiss before i took my bag from him and went upstairs to change. he walked behind me. i threw my bag on the bed and started to trow things out of it. i decided to wear a dark blue skinny jeans with a tight, bright purple top with a print on it. i changed in the bathroom while Louis changed in his room. then i did my hair and put on some mascara. i never wore it, only at a special occasion like now. this was actually my first time going out with boys. i always went out with Hope, but after she died i had no one to go out with and i wasn't feeling like going out alone or with one of my brothers so it has been a long time.. 

Louis was done very quickly now wearing a blue skinny jeans and a black striped t-shirt. he looked so good in that. i just wanted to stare at him forever. 

"you look beautiful." he said when i met him in the living room.

i blushed. "so do you." 

"aah, it's so cute that you're blushing." he said softly while he stroke my cheeks with his hand. all i could do was smile and blush harder.. 

"are you ready?" he then asked me. 

"yes, all ready to go." i said. we walked to the car and drove to the club. we would meet the boys inside. we parked the car and entered the club. it was very crowded in here. nobody would notice that the boys of One Direction were here. 

"do you see the lads?" Louis yelled in my ear, his voice barely audible because of the loud music.

"no, i'll look left if you check right. meet here in 10?" i yelled back. he gave me a thumbs up. so i went to the left to search for the boys. i looked around me but couldn't find them. then i thought i saw Zayn walking into the boys toilets. i couldn't see it very clear because there were a lot people, but i went over there anyway. i waited by the door of the boys toilets for Zayn to get out. i wasn't going in there. 

after a minute or so a guy, around twenty, big, strong, just woke up hair style, came standing in front of me. "what is such a hot lady doing here all alone?" he laid his hand on my upper arm. i slapped it off.

"don't touch me! i'm waiting on a friend." i yelled 

"you know you want me to touch you." he said while he put his hands on my waist and leaning forwards.

"go away!" i yelled but he wasn't going away and i couldn't move away. he hold me tight and my back was against the wall. then he kissed me. i didn't kiss him back though but i could feel my tears come. no, i wasn't going to cry. i was done with that. i was a strong woman. i tried to kick him in his nuts but he saw my leg moving and stopped me. 

"i want you too baby." he said in my ear while he was rubbing his hand up and down my thigh. this wasn't good. i don't want this. 

"come on baby, let's find some place more quiet where we can do that." he said while he dragged me into the boys toilet and into a toilet booth. this wasn't good. 



first of all, i'm SO, SO, SOOO SORRY for not updating! it's just that i have such a writers block.. i hope you guys like this one. i tried really hard to not make it boring so i hope i succeeded! please let me know! 

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