love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


9. little sisters, friends and plans.

Kate pov. 


i woke up from my alarm on my phone. it was 7 a.m... i really didn't want to get up. i was still so tired. so i gave myself 5 minutes to just lay in bed but they passed way to quick. i sighed, and stood up. i grabbed my  sweatpants from the ground and put it on. i didn't sleep in pants. it was too hot. i just slept in my boxers and a old shirt. i yawned while i walked out of my room and walked to Ann and Amy's room. they shared a room because we only had five bedrooms and even tough my dad wasn't home it just didn't feel right to sleep there with all the happy memories from the time when dad was still happy and mom still alive. 

"girls, wake up! it's past 7 already. you have to go to school." i said while i opened the curtains, letting the sunlight fall in and the room light up. 

"go away!" "i wanna sleep!" i heard them mumble. 

"you have five minutes. if you're not up in five minutes i will drag you both out of your bed." i said and left the room.

i walked down stairs to the kitchen to check if the boys were already gone. they were. i made lunch for the girls, to take with them for school. then i made breakfast for all of us. 

my eye fell on the clock on the wall when i put the bread on the table. it was already 7.30! i ran upstairs to the girls room, to find them sleeping again. 

"WAKE UP!" i yelled. they mumbled something but didn't move. so i took there blankets. 

"that's cold! ugh.. you're so mean." Ann said but she stood up and walked to the bathroom. 

i just smiled sarcastically at her. "AMY! get your ass out of your bed! you have to go to school." i yelled at Amy while i grabbed her pillow too. 

"ouch, it's not fair! you don't have to go to school. so why do we have to?" she mumbled while she sat up and stretched her whole body.

"because, i already finished my school, and you two haven't. so, get ready!" i explained.  

"still it's not fair." she said while she also went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. 

"down in ten minutes!" i said while i went to my room to get my phone. i had a text from Louis. my heart skipped a beat. 

'good morning, beautiful! can't wait to see you tonight. remember to be ready at 6.30. xx Lou.'

i stood there hugging my phone with a stupid big smile on my face. i really needed to control myself. i looked like a crazy person. again. what should he think if he saw me this way.. he would think that i wasn't mentally okay. still i couldn't wipe my smile from my face. i sent him fast a text back:

'good morning to you too! i'm so excited about tonight! my day is kinda boring without you.. so can't wait to see you. xx Kate.'

"what are you doing?" Ann said from behind me. 

"nothing. let's go to the kitchen to eat." i tried to change the subject, but she didn't buy it. 

"oeoeh... did you get a text from your boyfriend?" she said very girly. 

"no." i said but i felt my cheeks getting red. 

"yes, you did. oh, Kate i love you so much. please kiss me!!" she said really girly now while she was making kissing sounds. 

"shut up and go down stairs." i said laughing while i pushed her down stairs to the kitchen. "now. eat. and hurry up. you only have ten minutes before the bus leaves. otherwise you have to walk." Amy was already eating in the kitchen. 

after five minutes we quickly put on our shoes and jackets and walked to the bus stop. 


Louis pov.


i was sitting on the ground at Harry's house. Naill, Zayn, Liam and Harry of course, were all here. we were trying to find a new song. we had to get a good song for a charity event. so there we were, all in Harry's pool house sitting on pillows on the floor trying to find the perfect song. it wasn't easy. it needed to be close to us and it needed to be close to our fans and we all had to like it. so you get, not a very easy task. that's why Simon said we had to do it ourselves because he was getting crazy with us. i never really got how difficult it was to find a good song we all liked but we were busy with this for three days now and we still hadn't find a good song. 

"what about 'whistle from flo rida' it's happy and funny." Naill said. 

"i can't whistle" Liam said. 

"neither can i" Zayn agreed.

"that's a no." he said and searched further on his phone. 

then my phone made a sound, meaning that i got a message. it was laying next to me, so i picked it up and unlocked it. i got a text from Kate:

'good morning to you too! i'm so excited about tonight! my day is kinda boring without you.. so can't wait to see you. xx Kate.'

i felt a smile appear on my face, even tough i tried to stop smiling i just couldn't. so i just sat there smiling at my phone. after some long seconds i realized that i wasn't alone and put fast my phone down hoping nobody saw my face. but as i looked up i saw all of the guys looking at me. i quickly made a poker face. "what?" i asked.

"were you so happy about?" asked Harry.

"nothing." i said. 

"please, Lou i can see that you're lying. who is texting you?" Harry said. 

i knew he could see right trough me. we all had that with each other. we know each other inside out. you get that if you're eight months on tour together. it's really nice because we can literally talk about everything, but sometimes you just want to keep somethings for yourself and you can't anymore. like now.. 

"Kate." i said while i surrendered. 

"Kate? you mean that girl you bumped in and then took home with you?" asked Naill.

"yes, that girl." 

"ooh what did she text?" Naill asked. 

"that she was excited about seeing me tonight." i felt a red blush appear on my cheeks.

"is she hot?" Zayn asked.

"of course. but more importantly she's responsible, caring, sweet and funny. even tough she would never admit it. she hides herself. she has a lot of walls up so that people think she is strong and confident and they stop worrying." i explained.

the boys gave each other a look. "what?" i asked.

"you really like this girl huh?" Liam asked.

"yeah" i said with a smile on my face while i pulled my legs up and rested my arms on my knees. 

"then when do we get to meet her?" Naill asked. 

"why don't you bring her here tonight? Liam can invite Danielle and then we can just drink, have some fun and maybe the girls have some good idea's about songs because i think were kinda stuck.." Harry said.

he said it before i could say a thing. "i would love to, but are you sure-" 

"yes, of course! just bring her. if she means a lot to you we want to meet her." Liam interrupted me. 

i smiled at them. "just get that she needs some time to get to know you guys before the real Katelyn comes out. like i said, she's shy and i think she just pulls her walls up. even tough i'm around." i told them carefully. 

"we will try to make her as comfortable as possible." Naill said.

"it will be fine." Harry said while he put his hand on my shoulder to comfort me. 

"thanks Haz, i just want her to like you guys and you guys to like her. you all mean so much for me." i said. 

"we want that too, so pick up the phone and call her. Liam you call Danielle." Zayn said.

"okay." Liam said while he got his phone out of his pocket and called Danielle. 

i stood up with my phone in my hand and called Kate. i didn't want to be interrupted by the guys while i called her. i didn't know where we were standing and i felt like this was a big step. so when i was outside i took a deep breath and called Kate. 

"hey Louis!" she said. she probably saw my number. 

"hey Kate. i wanted to ask if you wanted to go to meet the guys tonight." i said carefully and hopeful.

"the guys?" she asked confused.

"yeah, Harry, Zayn, Naill and Liam. o, and Danielle, Liam's girlfriend is also coming." 

"you mean you want me to meet One Direction?" i could hear that she was nervous.

i chuckled. "yeah." 

"but what if they don't like me?"

"don't worry. the're going to like you. what's not to like." i knew she was blushing.

she took a deep breath, probably to keep the nerves out of her voice. "okay, sounds like fun. how late am i going to be home? my brothers need to know.. we aren't all are own bosses with our own house." i heard the nerves. it was kinda cute.

"i don't know" i said while i scratched the back of my head. "it can become kinda late.." 

"what now if i say that i sleep over at your place? that way we don't have to go home early and if we're home at a decent hour then i can just go home." she said excited and nervous.

when she said that i got goose bumps all over my body. she wanted to sleep over. this day was getting better and better. 

"it doesn't have to if you don't like me sleeping over. i can just go home. it was a stupid idea." she said. i realized i hadn't say anything and she thought that i didn't like her plan. 

"no, no." i said quickly "of course you can stay with me. it's a good idea. i like it." i stuttered. i gave myself a face palm. smooth Louis.. 

"okay. i'm looking forward to it. are you still picking me up at 6.30?"

"yes, the guys and i still have some work to do." 

"what kind of work?" she asked interested. 

"we have to cover a song for a charity fond but that isn't so easy as it looks like when five people and all our fans have to like it." i explained.

"yeah, that's not very easy.. well good luck with it." 

"thanks. i'll see you tonight." i said.

"yeah, i can't wait. see you tonight!" she said excited and i hang up the phone. she was coming over tonight to meet the boys and she slept over at my place. this day just couldn't get any better. 

i walked inside and said that Kate was coming tonight. Danielle was also coming. it would become a fun night with all my friends. the only thing we had to do know, was finding the perfect song.. 



so i hope you guys like it. i putted some more Louis pov. in it as i promised. and again i can specially thank someone! i'm so happy that all of you guys read my story and favorited  so a special thanks to my tenth (!!! :O) favourit, please comment!! loves Diantha xx


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