love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


6. going home

Louis pov. 


we sat a long time like that. just like this morning, enjoying each others company. until she looked at me and sighed. 

"what's the matter?" i asked while putting a string of her hair behind her ear and looking into her beautiful green eyes. 

"i have to go home. my sisters will be home soon." she said sad.

"i know. i wished we could just be here the whole day. i really hate that you're so responsible and the same time i really love that about you." i said making her blush.

"come on, i'll walk you home." i stood up and reached my hand to her. she looked around one last time, sighed, and then took my hand and stood up. 

"you don't have to walk me home. it's quite a walk."

"i want to." i said while i put my hand into her's and held it tight. "that way i can spent a little more of my day with you." 

"alright then, that way." she said blushing while she pointed to the road on my right. 


Katelyn pov


i really hated that i had to go home. i wanted to hang out with Louis all day but i had to take care of the girls. my brothers would be at work and expecting me to take care of them. i hoped that Mike had bring them to the bus. i don't want them to wait at the street alone. they could get hit by a car or something and i don't want to be a nurse for the upcoming weeks. of course i love to take care of them but i like my me-time to much to give that up. 

the whole walk home Louis held my hand. just the contact was nice. i looked up at his eyes. they were like big pools of beautiful blue water were i could swim in all day. he didn't wear sunglasses anymore and neither did i. they kinda broke when we fell of the swing. still he was holding my hand. even tough he knew that the paparazzi would recognize him immediately and that it would be all over the news in no time that he was holding hands with a new girl. it meant a lot to me that he didn't care about being seen with me.   

"is there something in my eye?" i stood still for a second and then i breathed out.

"what's wrong?" Louis asked. 

"you scared me." i said while my breathing slowed down to a normal tempo. 

"all i did was ask you something."

"i was up in thoughts and sorry for starring at you like a crazy person."

he chuckled. "a lot of people stare at me and i kinda like if you stare at me. that way i can stare back at you."

i tightened my grip on his hand and watched the road in front of me. i could see my house already.

i sighted when we arrived at the front door of my house. "this is it." i said and wished that my house was miles away.

"thank you so much for letting me sleep over and for everything else. i'll repay you sometime." i said while i let go of his hand and hugged him tight. i didn't want to let go.


Louis pov.


when we arrived she thanked me and before i could say anything she hugged me. i hugged her back and when she wanted to let go i hugged her even tighter. i could feel her smile on her face. 

when she pulled back the door opened and her annoying brother, Luke, stand in the opening. 

"look who's back." he said. 

she looked at me and i saw that she wasn't Kate anymore. i mean of course it was her, but she pulled her walls back up. then she kissed me on my lips. i kissed her back while feeling a little confused and awkward. 

"thanks again Louis" she said to me.

i saw her brother watching us. he didn't look very pleased at all. 

she looked at her brother to and said "yes, the slut is back." then she just walked pasted him and entered the house.

i just watched her back disappear. i couldn't say something. so i turned around and walked away. i heard the front door close but i was still a bit overwhelmed. the kiss was amazing and she had a lot of courage to do that. but i heard and felt the sadness in her voice and in the kiss. i was sad too. not only because i couldn't see her anymore but also because she needed to bring walls up for her family. she couldn't be herself and that made me sad the most. i sent her a text message because i knew that she was insecure about what she just did. but i liked it and she shouldn't feel guilty or insecure about it. so just to calm her down and make her feel okay i sent her: 

'lets do that again sometime but then without your brother xx Lou.' 


Katelyn pov.


i walked past Luke and went straight to my room. i knew he would come to me but i hoped that he would wait for a while because i had to clear my mint first . i just kissed Louis out of the blue, in front of my brother. the kiss felt really good though, but still. i probably embarrassed him or made him feel uncomfortable. i could hit myself right know. i was so stupid. i only knew him one day, and even tough he said that he liked me and we kissed and had fun, i didn't know where we stand. but i probably screwed it up by kissing him then. kissing someone supposed to be something special and now i used it to get back on my brother. maybe he thought that i only wanted Louis Tomlinson, the rich and famous guy. i probably made him upset. he- 

then i heard the sound of my saying that i had a new message. i unlocked my phone and saw that i had a text from Louis. 'lets do that again sometime but then without your brother xx Lou.'

i smiled. he knew me so well already. it was weird that i met him only yesterday. it seemed like i knew him for years. of course i didn't know much about his life but i knew him and that was enough.

i sent him a text back:

'thanx, i needed that and i would love to! see you tomorrow? xx Kate.'

i was still smiling like an idiot at my phone when my door opened and my brother walked in. 

"hey" Luke said surprisingly calm. 

"hey." i said back while i looked up from my phone to his face.

"so, you and that guy huh." 

he immediately irritated me. "kinda." i simply replied. i didn't want to talk about boys with him.

"i don't like it." he said while he folded his arms.

"you don't have to." i really didn't like where this conversation was going to. i didn't want to have a fight with him again. 

"of course i have to. i'm your brother."

"you don't have to spent time with him. i do. so i have to like him. you don't. i'm not a little girl and your not my dad, so i don't need your approval." i said it in small sentence as if i was talking to a little kid. 

"your still my little sister and as long as dad isn't here you need my approval." he said while i could see in his eyes that he was getting angry. but so was i. he had really pissed me off. again. 

"i decide who ever i wanna date or wanna hang out with. i decide that. not you. i." i pointed to myself when i said 'i'. maybe that would help. this was really non of his business.

"you can choose your friends but your not friends with this guy. so i have a vote too." i saw his hands ball to fists. 

"first, 'that guy' is called Louis. second, you don't have a vote. third, it's non of your business. why am i actually discussing this with you?! there is no discussion here." i said while Mike walked in. i didn't even know that he was home.

"what's going on?" he asked.

"nothing" Luke said angry while he turned around and walked out of my room. 

i just sighted. Mike gave me an apologizing smile and followed Luke to make sure he didn't broke something. he had really angry issues. 

i said down on my bed and looked at my phone. i got a text back from Louis: 

'yes! i'll pick you up at 6.30 pm.'

i smiled like an idiot to my phone again. i was tired and i didn't want to argue with my brothers so i decided to go to bed.



i'm sorry that it took me some time to wright this but i will update every 2 or 3 days from now on. just that you know. i have a test week so that's why it took me so long. but i rather take a day extra then have a shitty and rushed chapter. so i hope you guys enjoy it and pleasse comment!! and a really BIG thank you to CupcakeeCutiie78, EmPiHoran and Ariel_1D_UJ_JD_love. it means a lot to me that you guys favourit!! loves to all of you who read this book!! <3 


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