love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


6. feelings

Katelyn pov.


we sat like that for a long time. it just felt so good to have him so close to me. it was relaxing and comforting to know that someone really cared about me. not because they saw it as there duty but because they wanted to do it. because they really cared about me and wanted me to be happy. really happy. a lot of people, well actually everybody i knew, thought that i was happy, but they didn't see me. not the real me. they saw what i wanted them to see. a strong, confident, mature and responsible girl. of course the responsible part wasn't a lie. i really cared about people and i wanted them to be happy, but the rest was a really big lie. it was an act. people just didn't cared about me enough to see that. i liked it that way. nobody worried about me. nobody asked if i was alright. they assumed i was. i liked that but i didn't at the same time. it showed me that they didn't care about me that much. when i was around Louis i behave different. i could be myself. i could have fun and act like every other teenager. i could say stupid things and ask for his help. i knew he didn't care that i wasn't strong and that some things really hurted. like being called a slut. i knew Luke was surprised that i ran away. normally i just acted like i didn't care and that he didn't hurt me but this time i just couldn't. this was to bad. i was already insecure about myself and the only ones who made me feel a little better about myself were Louis and Hope. but since Hope died last year that little real confidence i had, died with her. when he also insulted Louis, the one person who cared enough to make sure that i was okay, i just couldn't take it anymore. i had to get out of there. and now i was laying in his arms while he told me that i was the girl he wanted. he made me feel special. 

"thank you" i said.

"for what?" he asked.

"for caring." i said simply while i looked up in his beautiful blue eyes.

he smiled and gave me a quick kiss on my lips. "we can't sit here all day." he said still smiling at me.

"why not? it feels so good to just sit here with you." i said pouting. 

"i know.but you need to get dressed. not that you don't look lovely in that but i don't think you want to be seen in that in public." he said being cute as ever.

"that's true." i said sad. "then, go away." i joked while standing  up

"i do as you please ma'am" he said while standing up, making a ridiculous bow and leaving the door.

i laughed at him. when he closed the door i quickly changed into my own clothes. i folded his clothes and put it on his laundry basket. then i brushed my hair quickly with my fingers and got out. 

he was already standing there in a blue skinny jeans and a simple grey t-shirt with a black hoodie. he had his hood up and was wearing sunglasses. 

"why are you wearing all of that? they can't see you in your car." i said confused.

yes, but people can see me when i'm in the park." he said.

"the park?" i asked still confused. i thought he was bringing me home.

"yes unless you don't want to of course."

"i thought that you were bringing me home."

"no silly. i like hanging out with you and i thought that it would be fun to spent a little more time together. unless you want to go home." 

"nooo. the park sounds like fun." i said quickly. 

"here is a pair of sunglasses." he said while giving me a simple black one. 

"why do i need to wear them? people don't know me." 

"true, but if they recognize me, you can get a lot of hate and if they don't know who you are they can't do that." 

"i don't care about hate. i don't even know those people." 

he smiled. he saw right trough me. "i know you don't but still i don't want that."

i smiled at him and put on the sunglasses and put my hood over my head.

"and how do i look?" i said while turning a round. 

"beautiful as always" he answered while he put his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him. 

i blushed, turned around and took off his sunglasses. "you shouldn't cover your eyes. there to pretty."

now he was blushing. "if i want to have a nice day at the park with you i'm going to need them." he said while he tried to grab his sunglasses but i jumped away quickly. 

"catch me if you can." i screamed while running away. we ran around the house for a couple minutes but then he tackled me and i fell on the couch. he sat on top of me and put my small hands in his (who were a lot larger.)  he grabbed his sunglasses out my hand and put them on. 

he smiled at me and i smiled back. he gave me a quick kiss on my lips and said "now we can go."

he went of me and helped me get up. 

we walked too the park. it was nearby, only a few streets away. when we walked he suddenly took my hand into his. i looked at it, then at him and then i looked away while i was blushing. it felt so good to hold his hand. it felt like he protected me. it made me feel safe and happy. it was a little gesture but it meant so much to me. 


Louis pov.


i held her hand the whole time. i looked at her while we walked to the park but i couldn't see her face because she was wearing her hood and sunglasses. she was right.. the sunglasses were a bad idea. i couldn't see her eyes.  

as soon as she saw the swing she started to run to it. i liked that she was so comfortable around me. but i wanted to swing too. the problem, there was only one swing. so i held her hand tight into mine so that she was forced to stop. she pulled her hand out mine and started to run again, but i was quicker. i grabbed her by her waist and hold her tight against me. she tried to escape but she gave up quickly.

"Lou.. i wanna go swing." she moaned. 

"i wanna go swing too." i said back while i walked to the swing still holding her prisoner. 

then she tried to put her feet in the ground so that i couldn't move forward, but i was a lot stronger then her. i just picked her up and carried her like that. 

"Lou. Louis! put me down!" she yelled trough her laugh. 

i went to sit on the swing with her in my lap. she was still laughing at me. she put her hands on mine, while i tried to swing. i failed epicly. after i went back and forwards and back again we both fell off. i fell on top of her. i quickly rolled of her and looked worried at her. she burst out in laughing. 

"what so funny?" i asked.

"y-your fa-ace" she said while she was still laughing. 

"yeah, i know i always laugh about it too." i said sarcastically.

she had stopped laughing and hit my arm with her elbow. "you're the worst." she said smiling.

i smiled back and began to tickle her. 

"Lou, stop it!" she said while laughing uncontrolled.

"say that i'm the best." i said.

"no way." she said.

"say it!"

"alright, alright." she said.


"you're the best." she said and i stopped and pulled her close to me. she went to sit between my legs and rested her head on my chest.

"you really are the best Louis." she whispered 

when she said that i got goosebumps all over my body. it felt really good to hear her say that to me. without pressure from me. i loved her and to hear that she liked me made me feel so happy inside.

i gave her gently a kiss on her head and whispered "you too"



first, i'm so sorry that it took 3 days to update! but with Easter and stuff i was very busy. but here it is. i really hope you guys like it! please comment what you think about it! and my special thanks to another someone who favourited this book and made me sooooo happy. so thanks to LOUISismylife. 

and i got over the 100 views!!! :D sooooooooo happy!! thanks to everybody who read this! xoxo     


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