love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


5. Do you choose your head or your heart?

Katelyn pov. 


when i woke up i felt skin under my face and arms around me. the first thing i thought was 'what the hell!' but then my heart told me to just enjoy it and not to worry. i didn't want to listen to it because it was saying crazy things but it felt really good to just lay there. to just  watch Louis sleep. his face was so beautiful and funny. his mouth was half open but still he was looking so adorable. my head was screaming at me but i ignored it. it just felt so good being around Louis. he made me feel free and careless. i could be myself with him. i didn't have to take care or worry about anyone when i was around him. not even myself. he did that for me. he took the weight that was on my shoulders and just let me have fun. fun, that was something i didn't experienced in a long time. of course i made sure that my sisters had fun but there fun was different from mine. 

"good morning" Louis said while interrupting my thoughts. 

he smiled at me and i smiled back. "good morning" 

i wanted to go off of him but he didn't let me. instead he hugged me tighter. i laid my head down at his shoulder and we stayed laying like that for awhile. no talking, no questions, no troubles, no nothing. just me and him. until my stomach began to rumble. i smiled embarrassed. i totally ruined the moment but i could feel him smiling too.

"hungry?" he asked teasing.

i sighed. "yes."

"then let's make some food." he said while he let me go and stepped out of the bed. he looked really good without a shirt. 

"you look good" i said while turning red and quickly looking away. i couldn't believe i just said that! i really needed to get myself under control. i didn't want him to get the wrong idea. but what was the wrong idea? that i didn't liked him? cause i did. a lot. i felt comfortable around him and that said something because i never feel comfortable around someone except family. i didn't trust someone easily but i did trust Louis. what did that mean? i didn't know. my feelings were a mess and i didn't know if i should listen to them or to just be smart and walk away. 

"of course i do." he said bringing me back to reality. "i'm Louis Tomlinson from One Direction." he teased me and then we both started to laugh.

he put on a shirt and escorted me to the kitchen.

"what do you want to eat?" he asked me.

"i don't know, what do you got?" i said 

"uhm, i can make some pancakes or toast but i also have cereals."

"cereals are fine. i don't want to make more trouble."

"it's no trouble, really" he said.

"cereals are fine." i said determinately 

"cereals for the pretty girl in her beautiful dress" he said teasingly.

i looked down and saw that his shirt really looked like a dress on me. it was way to big and i wasn't that tall. you couldn't even see the shorts i was wearing underneath it. 

"you bought it." i said 

"yes, and you look stunning in it." he said while i smiled and felt a red blush on my cheeks. 

"here are your cereals ma'am" he said a few minutes later.

"thanks Louis. i really appreciate you helping me like this." i said while i looked into his beautiful blue eyes and gave him a hug. 

"i need to make you cereal more often." he said while hugging me back. 

i hit softly the back of his head with my hand. "you know what i mean."

"auw." he said on purpose overreacting.

"now i deserve another hug." he said while he put his arms around me. 

i put my arms around him and we just stayed standing like that for awhile. my stomach was making back flips but my head was yelling angry at me. 'step away! don't drag him in your problems.' i listened. even though i really liked it, i didn't want him to have to deal with all the trouble there was in my life. 

i let him go, said "i'm going to put some clothes on." and i walked to the bathroom. 

i closed the door behind me and sat down on the floor. i made a mess. i stayed over at his house and thrown some of my troubles at him. he probably just was sorry and that's why he was being so nice. what else could it be? he was a handsome, famous and funny boy who could have every girl that he wanted and i was a little girl with family problems. i wasn't pretty or funny. i was a mess. i maybe looked confident but that was just the outside. the inside, the real Katelyn, i kept hidden from everybody. i had to stay strong for my little sisters and just suck it up and go on. i didn't deserve someone like Louis in my life. i started crying. i hated myself for it but i couldn't stop it. i had to leave and stop being a pain in his ass. i tried to stop crying but my eyes just wouldn't dry. 

then i heart a knock on the door. "Kate? are you alright?"

"yes, i'm almost ready." i said in between my tears but my voice broke and he came in. 

"Kate!" he said while he sat down next to me and put his arms around me. my stomach did a back flip again what made me cry more. i tried to push away his arms but his grip only became stronger so i gave up and cried in his chest. 

"whats the problem?" he asked

"i'm not worth it." i whispered. 

"yes you are." he said while he rubbed my back. 

"no i'm not." i said while i looked up at him. "i'm not beautiful or funny. i have a lot of problems and i can't stop the fact that people worry about me. i don't want a pity treatment. i'm a pain in the ass. and you, you.. you're so perfect. you're famous, handsome, funny, caring and you can have every girl in the whole world. and-" 

then he kissed me. he kissed me on my lips. i was surprised but i kissed him back. my whole body started to shiver and i could feel the butterflies in my stomach.  

when he pulled back i asked "why did you do that?"

"because you are worth it and i don't want any girl in the world. i want you."

and at that very moment i decided that i listen to my heart and told my head to shut up. 


Louis pov.


she was looking beautiful as ever even though she was crying. she was talking crazy. i tried to shut her up but she just kept going so i kissed her. i never felt something like that before. her soft lips touched mine and every nerve in my body started to melt away. i felt complete. i never felt better then at that moment. when i pulled away she asked me "why did you do that?"

i looked at her and said "because you are worth it and i don't want any girl in the world. i want you." 

she stopped crying and just sat against me with her head on my chest while i put my arms around her. at that moment i knew that i loved her. she was special and so beautiful. i wanted this moment to last forever. 




i hoped you guys like this chapter because i took me 3 hours to write this.. it just needed to be perfect. i hope you think it was! please comment!! and special thanks to another 2 people who favorite my story! you guys make me so happy!!! so thanks to bribee11 and jessicaimlay1775. you guys make my day so much better!!! 







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