love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


13. dad..

Katelyn pov.


when we came back at Harry's house my headache was gone. i was really done with headaches for a while. i had enough. 

"so, what do you want to do?" Louis asked me.

i shrugged my shoulders. i didn't know what to do.. i actually wanted to go home. it was a bit hectic with all the boys. i really liked them, they were really nice but like i said it was hectic. on the other side, i didn't want to go home because i wanted to spent more time with Louis. 

i felt two arms around my waist while Louis whispered in my ear "do you want to go home?" 

i sighed and placed my head back at his shoulder. "yes, but i also want to hang out with you."

"we can hang out at your house."

"do you want that? my sisters are home and maybe my brother.." 

"they are important to you so they are important to me."

"okay then." i said turning around and looking him in the eye. "don't you want to hang out with the boys? i don't want to stand between you guys." 

"your not." he whispered. i blushed a bit and looked to my feet, not believing him. i knew i was standing between them. i was making trouble in there relationship. he placed a finger under my chin and made me look into his eyes. "your not." i smiled at him. he knew me so well. i still didn't believe him though, but he at least tried to convince me so that had to mean something, right?

"he guys, i'm going to bring Kate home." Louis said.

they all said goodbye and that it was nice meeting me and so on. then i grabbed my bag and we walked outside.

when we arrived there was a black BMW parked in front of my house. it wasn't one of my brothers cars. they weren't standing there, so they weren't home yet. 

"uhm, Kate, your brothers are okay with me being with you at your house right?" Louis asked me. i looked confused for a moment still trying to figure out who's car was on my driveway. but then i answered. 

"of course they are. but the're not home now."

"not? then who's car is that? i thought you didn't have a car." 

"i don't that's the odd part."

he looked at me confused. i knew what he was thinking. who's car is it? it wasn't a thief obviously. then it hit me that my sisters were inside. i quickly stepped out of the car and walked to the front door. i rang the bell. Louis came standing next to me and grabbed my hand in his. my hart was racing while we waited. i thought i knew who's car it was but i really hoped i was wrong. please, let me be wrong!

then the door was being opened by a men. he was wearing a suit, like a businessman does, and he was around the age of fifty. 

"hey Katelyn, welcome back!" the men in the door said.

"hey dad." i said back trying to sound happy. Louis looked confused at me. i knew he could hear how fake my happiness was. "oh, uhm dad, this is Louis, my boyfriend." i said quickly trying to keep his attention of the word 'boyfriend' 

"your boyfriend?!" he said with raised eyebrows. "well, i'm Bob, Katelyn's dad." 

"nice to meet you sir. i'm Louis." Louis said while shaking my dads hand. 

"come in!" my dad said. he turned around and walked to the living room.

"not to be rude, but what is your dad doing home?" Louis whispered 

"i don't know! i didn't even know that he was coming home!" i whispered back. 

"should i leave?" 

"NO! i mean no, that's not necessary unless you want to, i would get that." i still whispered but looked down at my feet. i didn't want to be alone with my dad. it was a long time since we had seen each other and we couldn't really get along. but i didn't want Louis to feel like he needed to stay for me. 

"of course i want to. i always want to be with you." he said while raising my head. then he kissed my lips softly. it was just what i needed at this moment. i kissed him back softly while i put my hands on his chest. it felt like all my concerns and worry's were gone. and o my gosh, he had muscles. 

then i heard someone clearing there throat and bringing me back to earth. i broke the kiss and took a step back, awkwardly blushing. then i walked to my dad, who was waiting in the doorway. Louis followed me in silence but did grab my hand when i started to walk. we sat down on the couch. my dad took the big, comfortable chair Mike always sat in. my sisters were sitting on the other couch and watching Phineas and Ferb on the tv. this was the one episode with Meep. i already seen this one for three times or so, but i still loved it. i know, it's weird that i'm eighteen and still love watching cartoons but i don't give a damn. Louis put one arm around me. it felt really sweet and it wasn't to close for being with my dad and all.. i looked at him a couple times seeing that he was looking at me to. then i looked quickly at the tv again.

after two episodes i was done with the gaze from my father at Louis and me. so i stoop up with Louis hand in mine and dragged Louis to the hallway, up the stairs and to my bedroom without saying a word to my dad or Louis. 

"i'm sorry, but i couldn't bare the gaze of my dad anymore." i said while i sat down on my bed. 

"yeah i know. if looks could kill, my arm should be gone ten times by now." Louis said while he sat down on my bed beside me. 

"i know! he couldn't stop staring at it!" i laughed. "but it was kinda awkward in the hallway." i said more serious now.

"yes, i know. first your brother, then the guys and now your dad. we have a good timing when it comes to kissing." 

"yes" i chuckled. "but i really needed that then. my dad and i don't really go along, so it was nice to have you there comforting me." 

"and i'm a good kisser." he said cheeky. 

"i think so.. i don't really remember that well.." i said kinda cheeky too.

"let me help you refreshing your memory." he said while he moved his head slowly to mine and kissed my lips gently. i kissed him back. i went to lay down, making sure not to break the kiss. he was on top of me but he was carrying all his weight himself. our lips began to move faster and the kiss got more passionate. he moved his hands up and down the sides of my body while my hands were going trough his hair. he turned us around. he was now laying on the bed with me on top of him. i wanted this. i wanted him. but i never did something like that and this was not the time to do it. my dad just came home and was sitting downstairs and my brothers could come home any minute from where ever they went. so i slowed down the kiss and after a minute i broke it laying down next to him catching my breath a little. 

"you're really a good kisser." i said while i looked at the ceiling. 

"you too." he said while he put his arms around me. i snuggled in his chest. "i love you." 

"i love you to." he said. 

"thank you for staying. it really means a lot to me." i said while looking up into his eyes.

he smiled at me. "always. even tough i don't know if i made the situation better. your dad seemed kinda tense." 

"he's always tense. but it's just that i never had a boyfriend or anything like that so to see me with you must be hard for him. he must have realised that i'm not a little girl anymore." i said barring my head in his chest again. 

"you never had a boyfriend?" he asked surprised.

"nope." i answered.

"never even dated a guy?" 


"never kissed or anything."


"okay, i'm surprised. a beautiful girl like you, it's not possible. you must have had a lot of attention from guys." 

"only you see me that way." i said kinda sad. i tried to exercise more or go on a diet but nothing helped. i was not model skinny or even skinny. i tried but it didn't worked out for me. also i had pimples in my puberty years. not that attractive. 

"everybody sees you that way. your beautiful, never forget that." he said while he put a kiss in my hair. 

we laid there for a half hour or so. until i heard the front door open and close. my brothers were home. i freed myself sadly out of Louis arms and stood up. "let's go say hello to my brothers before they think we're doing stuff i'm not supposed to do."

Louis chuckled and followed me downstairs. we said hello to my brothers.

"i'm going home. i need to eat too, and i haven't been on twitter all day so it must be going insane. do you have twitter?" 

i nodded. i understood that he had to keep in touch with his fans. "yes of course! my name is KatyTomlinson." 

he looked at me with a weird face. it was a sort of mix between confusion, unbelieve and surprise. i laughed at his face. 

"s-sorry, my-my name is @KatelynBaker." i laughed. he laughed with me. 

"well then, i'll call you soon." he said when we were done laughing. 

"do that." i said trying to make my voice sound happy but i couldn't cover my feelings up for him. he kissed me in the doorway and turned around, walking to his car. i waved at him and watched him drive away. i closet the door and stood against it. i took a deep breath and put on a smile. then i walked into the living room.

"Louis is gone, so when are we eating? i'm starving." i said to nobody in gender. 


dinner was quiet and uncomfortable. Luke asked dad why he was home and why he hadn't called, but apart from that it was uncomfortable silence. 

when we had dessert dad said, "why don't you boys go out tonight? i'll watch the girls and make sure they don't burn down the house." 

i was kinda scared. i didn't want to be alone with my dad. i don't know why, but i'm just uncomfortable around him. so i didn't like the idea of being alone with him the whole night. my sisters go to bed early. i didn't say anything though. i didn't want to make trouble. i had to suck it up. he was my dad. i knew him. there was nothing to be afraid or uncomfortable of. i was just being stupid. 

"we'd love to! it has been a while since we went out. we won't make it to late." Mike said. 

after dinner i watched some tv with the girls and brought them to bed. the guys left at 9 pm. and i went upstairs right after they left. i brushed my teeth, pulled out my jeans off, changed my shirt and did my bra off. then i laid down in my bed. i decided to text Louis to wish him goodnight, since i wasn't tired at all. i just didn't want to be alone with my dad downstairs.

i was busy doing that when my door opened and my dad came in. 

"hey Katelyn." 

"hey dad." i said still focusing on my phone.

"who are you texting?" he asked.

"Louis." i answered.

"what a surprise. i was surprised though when i found out you had a boyfriend. i was sad that i needed to hear it from the news." 

"i hadn't thought about calling you. i'm sorry. but since you're not home and all.." i said trying to be polite. 

"i just wished you told me when you decided to become a whore. the way you two kiss and touch and all.." he said kinda angry and threatening.    

"i'm not a whore. i'm just happy with Louis." 

"i saw pictures of you guys. even this morning. you were laying over his shoulder. normal people don't do that. good and decent people don't do that. i thought i learned you different, but clearly you need a lesson in how to behave yourself properly." he said while he was walking to my bed with a weird, drunk smile on his face. 



i'm so, so, so sorry that it took me so long to update! and i'm sorry for the crappy chapter before this one.. i was kinda out of ideas.. i hope you guys like this one.. i know the beginning is kinda boring but i hope that the end is better. the next chapter will be online a lot sooner since i have that one all figured out. the problem was that i didn't know how to get there.. but anyways, enough about my writing problems. i want to specially thanks to SassaMasta_of_Doncasta & Lauren_naillhoran22 & RileymarieStyles & Gabrielle T. S.  

i love you guys so much for reading my story! i almost have 300 views!!

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