love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


2. at the hospital

Louis pov. 


i was waiting for one hour now and i hadn't heard anything. it was killing me. i just met her but i couldn't go. i hoped that she was going to be alright. that she would wake up. this was all my fault. i hit her. i should have looked better. i put my head in my hands. i could just walk away. my head was telling me to walk away. i did my part. i brought her to a hospital and made sure that she had all the help that was possible. but my heart told me to stay there. i couldn't just leave this girl here not knowing if she was going to be okay. 

that's when the door finally opened and the nurse came out. 

i stood up immediately and walked to her. "is she going to be okay?"

"it looks like it. she's awake so if you want to see her" she said while she opened the door for me. 

i walked in and there she was lying in bed with her eyes open staring at me. she had beautiful green eyes. she smiled at me. 

"you're still here. what are you a stalker or something?" she laughed. 

"i was just concerned about you. you didn't react and i know that that's always a very bad sign. thank god you're okay. after all if you wasn't, i was the one that caused that and i'm -" she interrupted me.

"it wasn't your fold and your stalking me." she said while she winked at me.

i was really starting to like this girl. she was sweet, funny and confident. confident enough to not care that i was a famous guy and to tread me like she would do with every other guy. i liked that.

"you're stubborn you know that?" i said teasing to her.

"sorry bad habit."she said "but i don't like it if someone innocent is taking the bullet for me. i can clean up my own mess." 

"i'm sure you can. but you don't always have to do everything yourself." i said understanding.


Katelyn pov.     


i stared at the ceiling in stead of Louis' face. i know he meant well by saying that but it made me sad. i started to cry. i don't know why. normally i didn't cry that fast especially not in front of someone. but i think my accident and now this was to much for me. 

"i-i'm s-sorry" i said between two tears. 

"he, it's okay." he said while he laid down next to me and put his arms around me. i hided my head in his shoulder and cried while he was calming me down with little sweet words. 

i didn't know what was happening to me. i started crying because of one comment. i used to hold it together. but instead i was crying in the arms of someone i barely knew. it felt good though. he comfort me and he was so sweet. i really liked him. "i'm sorry" i said to him.

"no need to apologize. it's okay. it isn't nothing what happened today. does it still hurt?" he asked.

"that wasn't why i was crying. you said that i didn't had to do everything myself but that's the thing. i do. my mom died two years ago and since then my dad is always gone for business. my brothers are sweet and they do a lot but i have two younger sisters and i have to take care of things they can't."

"and nobody is taking care of you." he finished.

"yes. i'm the oldest girl so i can't ask someone about girl stuff and boys. it's just me. i have to figure that kind of stuff out myself." i looked at him to see that he was looking at me. one tear felt out of my eye and on my cheek. i blushed while he wiped it away. 

"i'm sorry, i didn't want to bore you with all of my problems." i said while i looked away from his eyes. 

"you're not. you can tell me anything. how's you're head?"

"good. it doesn't hurt so much anymore. all though i'm not winning the beauty price of the year today."

"are you kidding me? you look beautiful. even with that bandage around you're head."

i smiled thankful to him as i laid my head against his shoulder, closed my eyes and just enjoyed this moment.


Louis pov.


Kate laid in my arms with her head in my shoulder. it felt good. i felt happy. i was glad she was okay (of course) but i was also glad that she laid in MY arms. i heard her breath slowly. i was still worried about her head. i knew she was stubborn so i didn't know if she was telling the truth about her head or that she lied so that i didn't have to be worried about her. 

just when i heard her sigh, i also heard someone screaming her name.

she pulled her head up to see who was there (i saw her shrink a little when she did that) she said "hey Luke. i'm okay, don't worry."

i slowly pulled my arms back and wanted to go off the bed when she stopped me. "don't leave."

"he's leaving." Luke said to her. "and you're coming with me."

she took a deep breath and said "first, no he's not he is staying. second, i don't know if i am allowed to go already. and third, i don't like you bossing me around like that and especially not if i have company."  

i was impressed. she really stood up for herself. she didn't need to hold anyone's hand. i really admired that.

i saw that Luke was losing his patients. 

"stop counting and let's go." he said.

"that's extremely rude." i said to him. "your sister just had an accident. can you at least ask if she's alright? can you at least care in stead of behaving like a total ass."

"i don't know who you are, but that's my little sister. i know what's best for her and if she wasn't feeling well she would be sleeping or at least she would lay down but she is sitting and i didn't hear her complain. so stop telling me what to do and go out of our way so that we can go home."

i raised my eyebrows. what a dick was her brother. so nice and caring that she was so rude was he. he didn't even see that i was helping her to sit op straight. 

"never mind Louis. it's okay. thanks for being here for me and i'm sorry about your car and all the trouble i caused you. you're a really sweet guy." she stood up and i saw her shrink. pain was all over her face but after a few seconds her face became blank again and she walked slowly up to her brother. 

i didn't want her to go away. i wanted her to stay here with me in my arms. i especially didn't want her to go away with her brother. 

"Kate wait!" i said. she turned around. "here's my phone number. if you ever need anything or anyone to talk to, call me." i gave her my number and she smiled at me. i liked it when she smiled at me. it made me want to smile too.

"thanks Louis. i'll keep that in mind." she said while i gave her a hug. her brother cleared his throat and she let me go with an apologizing smile on her face.   

then she walked away out of the room with her brother.



first i would like to thank Nialler's_Twin  sooooo much!!! <3 for favoriting this story. btw, my little brother hates you right now. i woke up and saw that i had a favorite and i jumped out of my bed from happiness!! you really made my day!! also thanks to the other 19 who read my book / movella. and the one that liked it. can't thank you enough!! so specially for you guys i made quickly a new chapter. i hope you liked it. please comment what you think about it or have any ideas about what has to happen next XOXO




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