love on the first sight

i was just cycling when he hit me. he came rushing out of the car to help me. "O. My. Gosh. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" "yeah sure" i said. i wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. the guy from the car reached his hand to me and i took it. i thanked him and then looked up to his face. it was Louis Tomlinson.


13. abused

Katelyn pov. 


my dad walked up to my bed. i began to get scared. the way he walked.. it gave me shivers all over my body, and not good shivers. also he just called me a whore. what was going on with everybody language? i knew that i had to look strong. not showing my fear of him. so i sat up and asked, "what's your problem?" i know it was kinda rude to say that to my dad but he was really scaring the crap out of me. 

"my problem is how you behave around Louis. no, actually my problem is that you are with Louis." he said now standing at the end of my bed.

"i'm eighteen. i can take care of myself and i'm not asking anyone permission to date a guy." i said trying to keep my voice normal.

"you should do that though. i'm still your father. i make that kind of decisions." he said angry but trying to control it. i really didn't recognize him right now. we never really got along but he changed and not in a good way.  

"you don't!" i yelled while getting out of my bed angry. i tried to control it but now i snapped. i hated how everybody tried to control my life. "it's MY life. not your's. MINE. i have to live it." 

"i do. i want to be included." he said angry under his breath.

"well, maybe if you were more home you would!" i said while raising my hands to put more anger in my words. 

he grabbed my wrist hard and pulled me close to him. "i'm no home because i have to work so that you guys can live here." he said with his face very close to me. 

"stop lying! you aren't home because you can't en don't want to take care of us!" i really snapped. i knew i was way out of line but i didn't care anymore. 

his grip on my wrist tightened. it was really starting to hurt but i didn't make a sound. i wasn't going to give him the satisfaction to enjoy my hurting.   

"you think your so perfect. you think you can handle everything. but i got news for you, you don't. if it wasn't for me and your brothers you hadn't have a home. you're doing nothing. you're not bringing anything useful into this world. you're just a waste of space. you're not even pretty." he said with anger in his eyes. my eyes were felt with tears because i knew he spoke the truth. i wasn't strong. i felt down on my knees because of his grip. it was really hurting me now and i couldn't find the strength to fight him anymore. 

"you're pathetic." he said while bend over me and threw my arm away, releasing me from his grip. then he walked away and closed the door behind him loudly. 

i let my tears fall freely. i knew he was right. i knew it. i let myself fall on the ground and just cried. i wasn't worth it. why did i have to live and she not? it wasn't fair. i knew what i wanted to do. what i had to do. just to feel closer to her. 

'no. you stopped. it's not worth it.' i heard a small voice in my head say. no. i was right. i wasn't going to go there again. he wasn't worth it. i was stronger then this. i stood up and whipped my tears away. i wasn't going to be like this. i wasn't going to act like a little girl. i wasn't going to cry myself to sleep and fear him. 

i grabbed the first clothes i saw, a hoodie and sweatpants, and put it on. i grabbed my phone and keys and walked downstairs as quiet as i could. i sneaked out of the house, shutting the door quietly behind me. i texted Mike so that he didn't worry when he came home and maybe could talk to dad before he called the police or something. not that i cared. but i did cared about Mike and i made a promise to him, so i was going to keep it.

i'm not home. don't worry i'll be alright. i think i'll just crash at Louis' or something. xx Katelyn.

then i started to walk to Louis' house. i knew that it would be a long walk but it felt good to just think about nothing. i put my hood up and just walked. not thinking about anything. my wrist was hurted tough. that i couldn't forget. my wrist was one big blue spot. it didn't look so good.. 

before i knew it i was at Louis' house. it was around 11 pm. now so it was a bit late. but then again it was Saturday night.. all the lights were out in the house. maybe he went out. i sat down on the doorstep, deciding what to do. should i wait for him to come home? or just walk away. but to where? i couldn't go home.. and i had nowhere else to go. i put my head in my hands. i really messed up. what was i doing? i was trowing my problems at Louis. i promised myself that i wouldn't do that. i decided to walk away and sleep on a bench or something just when a car pulled up into the driveway. 


Louis pov.


i was driving home from Harry's early. the boys all went out but i wasn't feeling like going out, so i decided to go home. when i pulled up to my driveway i saw Kate standing up. tears on her face. she was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. she looked messed up but still beautiful. i quickly parked the car, stepped out and pulled her into a hug. 

"hey, are you alright? why didn't you call me? i could pick you up." i said concerned while i put her on arm length from me and whipped the tears from her face. i smiled at her. "are you alright?" i asked again.

she took a deep breath and said "yeah, i was actually just leaving." she sounded alright but i knew her better then that. she looked lonely and hopeless. 

"you're not leaving. it's late. you can sleep here. i'll bring you home tomorrow." i saw a flash of fear in her eyes when i said that i would bring her home. 

"i don't want to bring my troubles to you." she said. 

here we go again.. "you're not. come on, let's go inside, it's cold." 

i saw her breath in deeply again and surrender. she turned around and entered my house after i unlocked the door. "do you want to do something?" i asked.

"no, i actually just want to go take a nap. it was kinda hectic day today." she said while she pulled at her sleeves.

"you know you can tell me anything, right?" i said while i looked her into her eyes. she wasn't looking back. 

"i know." she said. 

"then tell me what's wrong. i can help you." 

she finally answered my look "i'm alright." but i could see in her eyes she wasn't. 

"okay, then let's go to bed." i said while i grabbed her hand. i could hear her stop breathing for a second. i pulled her hand closer to me and saw a piece of blue skin. i pulled her sleeve up and revealed a very big blue spot. as if someone grabbed her wrist very hard. "o my god. Kate. what happened?" i said while i looked up into her eyes. i knew there were tears in mine. who would hurt such a sweet and caring girl. 

"nothing." she said while she pulled her hand back and pulled her sleeve back down. 

"that's not nothing." i said. i could see in her eyes that she was hurt, so i pulled her into another hug. then she broke. literly. it was good that i had my arms around her, otherwise she would have fallen to the ground. "woaw, it's okay. let's just sit down at the couch okay?" 

"what happened?" i asked again when we were sitting on the couch. she was crying into my chest while i rubbed her back.

"m-my dad. h-h-he.." she started but she was crying and sobbing so hard that she couldn't bring out a understandable word. "s-s-s.." that was all i could make out of her talking before she started to hyperventilate. i pulled her back and looked her into the eyes. 

"calm down. breath slowly in and out." i said breathing in and out slowly so that she could follow my pace. i learned this from Liam's panic attacks, but i wasn't really good at it. i rather made a stupid joke so that people felt better but that wasn't very useful now.. where was Liam when you needed him..

"good. just keep breathing slowly." i said while her breathing went slower. she was still crying though. she laid her head on my chest again and started talking. 

"me and my dad had a argument and then he grabbed my wrist tight with his hand. then i sneaked out of the house and walked to here." she said. "can i tell you the rest tomorrow?" she asked with a tears on her cheeks while she yawned. 

"sure, let's go to bed." i said while i stood up with her in my arms. i heard her laugh. it sounded so good. 

"i can still walk, you know?" she said a bit more cheerful now.

"i know. i just like to have you close to me." i said while i walked into the bedroom and placed her on the bed. she pulled her hoodie off and put the blanket over herself. i walked over to the other side of the bed and pulled off my shirt and jeans. i laid down under the blankets next to her and pulled my arms around her. 

"sleep tight love." i whispered into her ear but she was already asleep. 


Katelyn pov. 


he was standing there, looking angry at me. he walked towards me while i tried to walk backwards but i was standing towards a wall. i couldn't go anywhere. 

"you thought you could escape me?" he asked while he stood in front of me. 

i just shook my head, to scared to say anything. i knew he could hurt me by just saying something, because he was telling the painful truth.

"good because you can't. i will always have my way, just that you know it you stupid, fat whore." he said with his face just inches from mine. tears were streaming down my face while i watched in fear him raising his fist. 



first of all i wanna say that i'm so, so sorry for not updating so long! i had to work unexpected Saturday and i was shopping in Amsterdam today! but enough about me. do you guys like my story so far? because i knew the past chapters were a bit boring so i hope this one is a bit better.

also special thanks to Softball101 and caitlyntomlinson12. i also love you guys for commenting. please keep it up! but i have a school break so i'm going to do my best to update more! love you guys! xx  


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