How Will We Get There?

Young Madeline(Maddy) was left alone with her 2 sisters and 2 brothers.Terrorists are invading her Hometown,and her family was taken away,but the kids werent because they were in hiding. Its the year of 1936,and it was fall,and very cold.Maddy is only 10,and she cant manage 4 little naughty kids,how will she do it? How will she run away from Massachusettes and flee to California?How will she get there?


2. Time To Escape

"LIAM! be quiet!" I said in a whisper-shout.I pulled him closer to me so we can all huddle and not get lost.I kept William the closest to me,because since he wanders off most of the time,he could get caught by the terrorists,and could get killed.Thats what happened,or is going to happen to mama and papa, I thought."Stop! Your squishing me you guys! I dont wanna be touched!" said Rebecca stuggling to get out."Look,Rebecca,I dont appreciate you acting up like this,and you KNOW mama and papa arent here so Im in charge,and I have to handle all of you on my own. Could you please behave for me? Please?"I said sweetly."NO!"she said loudly.I felt like slapping her in the face,but I knew not to do that or else she will scream louder and FOR SURE we will get caught.I decided not to reply to her loud outburst before I say something that will cause her to talk or yell again."hey,wheres Hannah,Maddy?" said William looking at me curiously."Wha-Hannah!Hannah,where are you?!"I panicked.I knew I didnt want to be caught,and I didnt want Hannah to get hurt or killed either."Hannah! There you are! Dont you ever do that again!"I said as I found her about a foot away.I felt relaxed now.The terrorists moved on to another part of the town,so that'll give us some time to escape."Maddy,could we play at the park?" said Liam tugging at my dress.Boy,How I wish I could be a little kid now.Liam and the others are little,careless,and fearless,so they dont know what is going on right now,so they dont have to fear anything.But since I KNOW whats going on....Im worried."oh little Liam,Im sorry,but I dont think we'll EVER be able to go to the park."I said quietly."Why not?I like the park!"he said sadly."because terro-,erm,I mean....mean monsters with guns are there and could eat us all up!"I said.I didnt want the kids to be as worried as I I kept my mouth shut.

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