The Breakup

When Liam's girlfriend decides the distance is too much to bare, he becomes depressed and sad in a short ammount of time. Niall notices that his friend is not okay and does a few tricks to make him feel better.

(this is a very short story)


1. niam

As they entered the hotel laughing and talking about their night, Liam received a text from a special girl. Holding off on the rest of them, he held back a bit to read the message.

"Hey Liam, umm meet me in my room in 10. xx"

So he did what he was told and headed towards her room. The door was open, he emerged inside and found a suitcase near where he was standing. Inside was a table with candles and dessert for two.

"Wow, Danielle, you did this on your own?" a tall figure from inside the bathroom came towards the front room.

"You like it? I mean, it's only dessert. I figured you had dinner with the boys already." she smiled sweetly at him.

He smiled back at her and wrapped her in a hug.
"Of course, I love it."

They made their way to the table and sat at opposite sides of the table.
"Listen, Liam, the reason I called you over is to tell you something important..." she trailed off. Her eyes failed to meet his.

"What is it Dani?" Liam's hand came in contact with her. He gave it a gentle squeeze.

Her smile was bittersweet, "I'm um..going..home."

Liam's face dropped a bit, "Well that's okay, after the tour we can meet up again. I honestly don't mind you staying here..." but Liam stopped when he saw the disappointment in her eyes. It was more than just leaving America.
"I don't think you understand. These past couple of weeks have been hectic and it's hard to keep up. I'm sorry but I think we should take a break for awhile."
Neither of them can believe what had just been said. Liam's world was crushed; each second ticked by like decades. Neither of them wanted it to come to this but it did.
"So I leave in a few minutes," her voice cracked on each word. Liam's eyes were full.
"I-I can't let you go," they hugged but it was honestly too late, the taxi was parked outside waiting.
"I just feel alone without you all the time..." she hugged him one last goodbye before taking off.

The rest of the night seemed like a blur for Liam.

As he entered back into the room he shared with Niall, he laid on the bed comfortably watching Food Network. On normal days Liam would tease him for always watching food shows but not tonight. His heart was heavy and he didn't feel like doing anything normal. Liam headed strait for the bathroom; the strong peppermint smell greeted him.

"You alright mate?" Niall called for him in the bathroom. No answer.
"Ello?" Niall pressed on and wanted to figure out what was wrong with Liam. Finding his dry naked body curled up in the jacuzzi, Niall's heart sank. He immediately knew something was terribly wrong with Liam. He would do anything to make him smile again.

"What's wrong bud?" he sank over at the side of the tub where his still body lay. A warm thick tear ran down Liam's plush rosy cheek. His eyes failing to meet Niall's as he spoke, "Danielle...she's going home."
Niall's face softened a bit, "Aw Li, you'll be able to go back and see her soon."
Liam sat up gently, "You don't understand, she's leaving. As in going home. As in it's over." he balled up his fists and placed them by his eyes. They stung so much but he didn't care.
All at once Niall's face and heart dropped below the earth. Nothings worse than seeing your best friend heavily in hurt theirs nothing much to do to comfort them.

Niall rubbed Liam's back in circular motions. "Everything is going to be okay Liam, I'm here for you." his thick Irish accent rolling off his tongue. Liam let out a silent whimper, "Not when your whole world walks right out on you." he meant to say it in a mean way, but no matter what Liam said, it either came out sweet or pleading.
Niall had no idea what to do to cheer up his best friend so he did what he was dying to do for ages, he kissed him.
Liam's plush pink lips had to stay in sync with Niall's. Hearts beating harder, time escapes their world. When Niall finally pulled away, a smile spread across liam's face. It causes Niall to give his little Irish laugh which made Liam warm inside.
"I can always count on you to make me happy.." Liam started.
"No problem Li, I'd do it all for you. Only you." they both laughed and pulled each own into a hug.
"Say how about we check out some Disney movies, see if we can have our own little night together?" Niall winked at Liam.
"I think that's be sweet." and Liam smiled.

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