The Downfall is bringing the world to ruins while the Angels and Demons are at War. The Creator has designed a new race of beings to protect the humans from the Evil below as the Demons and Darkness try to take over the Heavens and the Light. Waking up as a new Supernatural is hard, not knowing who you are or why you were desgined, only to know you could die at any second. You were born for the rush of the fight and the blood lust. But how does Salem feel when he meets his human who is almost as stubborn as he Demons themselves? R&R


2. The Supernaturals

I sat among all the other soon to be Warrior's of the Goddess, glancing around silently. There were so few them. There seemed to be so much more when I first had been walking. I didn’t recognize any of these faces. I couldn’t even find Kora or Rhyder, not that I wanted to find Rhyder, but it would be nice to see Kora. Sweet, like chocolate. Razeal placed a hand on my shoulder and I jumped, looking up to him. I really hoped he would explain some of this to me.

            “Come, Salem. I want you to meet someone,” Razeal led me away from the large eating hall and back toward a long hallway under a set of large stairs. The hallway was full of doorways and I wondered how he knew which door to use. How he knew where each one went. He pulled me to a halt at the3 last door on the right. He pushed the oak door out of his way to reveal a large blue training room, resembling the White Room, which was filled wall to wall with weapons I had never seen before. One wall was dedicated just to swords. There was a figure that stood inside the Blue Room, long blonde hair cascading to her waist. She was definitely the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. But what really made her beautiful was her wings. They were large and almost all gold with just a few white left in her collection of feathers. “Artemis, I have brought one of my trainees.”

            The girl turned around and her bright orange eyes landed on my face. “Wonderful!” Her voice was like wind chimes in a silent gust of wind. She strode across the room closing the distance between us, taking my hands in hers. “It's so wonderful to meet you. Razeal has told me you are very promising. He even said he was going to make sure you were Chosen one day. That's a lot coming from him.” She said giving him a coy smile. Razeal just rolled his eyes.

            “Chosen?” I asked in confusion. “I still don’t understand.”

            “Oh, sorry. I forgot you were just Created.” Artemis said. Her speech wasn’t as polite or well-mannered as Razeal's or my own.

            “How did you become an Angel?” I blurted out, blushing when she caught me gawking at her magnificent wings again.

            “Well, I died.” She giggled. “As we all do.” Then she stopped to examine me. “Well, almost all of us.”

            It took me a moment to realize what she meant. “I cannot die?”

            She looked down smiling before looking back to me. “The Creator designed you in such a way that you can’t be destroyed easily. But you can still be destroyed.”

            “So, I can die...?” I blinked in confusion, which only made her giggle.

            “Silly, creature. You do not die. Only something with a soul can die.” My heart gave an unhappy squeeze and I looked away. Of course, I had a soul! Didn’t I...? She was silent for a second. “I'm sorry, I-I... I didn’t mean... I wasn’t thinking. That was rude of me.”

            I turned on my heel then, ignoring her as I marched from the room and down the hall. I heard Razeal's heaving foot falls behind me. “Forgive her, she isn’t the most considerate.” He sighed.

            “Why were her wings golden?” I asked, trying to change the subject of my soul and its absence.

            “For every good deed done on Earth, we gain golden feathers.” He explained. “I do not have many. I do not make trips to Earth often. I am the Weapons Master here at the Palace. I train all of our Guards.”

            I smirked sideways at him. “Does that mean I should be grateful?”

            “Well, you are learning from the best,” he said, his tone joking, though I knew it was probably true.

            “Where are we going now?” I wondered glancing to him quickly.

            He met my eyes and smiled. “To learn the Laws with the others.”


            “You'll see,” he said throwing open the doors to the eating hall. My eyes widened as I took in my surroundings. The scene had changed from the clumps of tables to rows of chairs. The room was the same, the big golden drapes and cream colored walls, the big cloud like ceiling with large hanging chandeliers. The lights were dimmed now and I saw the other trainees sitting in different spots all around the large room. So many chairs for so little of us. None of them dared to sit together; they just eyed each other uneasily, glancing away if their eyes met by mistake. Kora sat in the very front row, eyes to the floor, knawing on her lip nervously. Razeal stepped toward the middle to get Rhyder's attention. Rhyder came to join us curiously. “I want you three to be together always. Get to know each other. Learn your strengths and weaknesses. It'll make for a stronger team.” Razeal said as he led us toward Kora. Once we reached the front, Razeal broke off from us to go to the other female Angel who waited by the stairs.

            Rhyder and I sat on either side of Kora, watching as Razeal and the brunette mounted the stairs. I turned to Kora. “Razeal wants us to stick together and get to know each other; our strengths and weaknesses.” She nodded up at me, looking like a scared child. We all turned as Razeal and the female reached the center of a small stage I hadn’t noticed before.

            “In future reference, we hold our meetings in the Dining Hall. So, if they call for a meeting, this is where you will come.” The brunette said. “I am Teresa, and this is Razeal. If anyone ever needs help, feel free to ask.” She stepped back to let Razeal step forward to speak.

            “Young Creations,” Razeal's voice boomed across the room, strong and powerful, grasping each of our attentions. “You have been Created for one reason and one only. Some have seen this but some are more hesitant. Now it is time for a history lesson.” His eyes came to me and then flickered away. “One hundred years ago, the great Portal Door was broke through and the Demons flooded into the human world. At first, the Angels handled the Demons well. But now, with the help if the other creatures, the Shadows and Downworlders, it has become too much to handle. Angels were meant to protect humans, but with Demons trying to take over the Heavens, we have no time to protect the humans.

            “This is your job. Supernaturals are different. They are beings who aren’t meant to feel. You aren’t allowed to be your own person. You are just meant to serve and protect. The blood that runs through your veins is that of an Angel. An Angel's blood to keep you strong. Do not misuse it. Do not be foolish. You must always follow the Law. The Law is all. The Law is who you are,” Razeal stopped pacing to look at the crowd. “Never break the Law. It is sacred and there will be dire consequences.

            “The Law,” he started slowly, “or should I say Laws... must never be disobeyed. First, you will protect your human at all costs. Even if it costs you your life. You shall stand between whatever is coming at you and that human. Do whatever you can to keep that person alive. All the humans left on Earth are the amount we have here. Fifteen of them. And you need to lead them all in the same direction to the same spot so they can ban together. They need to repopulate eventually and they are all we have left, fifteen Supernaturals and fifteen humans. The numbers are down. The Downworlders could take them down easily if they are on their own.

            “Two, never let the humans see you. This is the one we stress the most. Humans aren’t supposed to know of the Otherworld and all the creatures within it. Hide in the shadows, stay out of sight. If need be that you must be seen for the human to survive, so be it. Then that is the only excuse. But if they see you, you will erase their minds with these.” Razeal lifted a small silver instrument from his pocket that looked much like a pen. When he pressed the button on the bottom, it flashed. Nothing happened. “It doesn’t work on Supernaturals, but it does with humans. Each of you will be supplied only one of these. Do not lose it.” He placed it back in his pocket before moving on. “If you happen to lose it, do all in your path to avoid their questions. Never tell them of your mission. They can never know what is happening. Keep them in the dark.”

            A loud scream from a male in the audience turned all our heads. He was squirming around in his chair, his arms limp at his sides, his eyes glowing white. His mouth was opened as he screamed. Tears ran down his cheeks, falling like a small river onto his shirt to leave stains. No, not tears. Blood. He was crying blood. All of a sudden, he grabbed at his head screaming even louder. He jerked and twitched, falling forward out of his chair and onto the floor where he convulsed, whimpering and calling out for help. I jumped off my feet when the room stayed still and jumped over the chairs toward him. I knelt down beside him looking down, trying to figure out a way to help this pained soul. His eyes had stopped glowing and were growing dark and shadowed. His face was getting an ashy grey color, chipping like it was made of some kind of art paper. Seconds later it was cracking and breaking away. He was grabbing fistfuls of his silvery white hair as he screamed in agony. I held my breath as I grabbed his hand, forcing it away from his face. His hand came back full of his own hair. With a loud cracking noise, the man crumbled to dust in my hands. I stared down at the ashy substance in my palm. I backed up slightly, not sure what to do.

            “And another thing,” Razeal added. “If you fail and your human dies, so do you. You will face that.” He said pointing to the mess I was sitting beside. “It's a very painful death, as you can see. So, do not fail me... do not fail us. And most importantly, do not fail yourselves.”

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