The Downfall is bringing the world to ruins while the Angels and Demons are at War. The Creator has designed a new race of beings to protect the humans from the Evil below as the Demons and Darkness try to take over the Heavens and the Light. Waking up as a new Supernatural is hard, not knowing who you are or why you were desgined, only to know you could die at any second. You were born for the rush of the fight and the blood lust. But how does Salem feel when he meets his human who is almost as stubborn as he Demons themselves? R&R


1. The Creator

The Creator


            The first thing I remember seeing was a bright white light. It was so peaceful and warm. Where was I? I could hear a strange sound. In and out, in and out. Breathing, my mind told me, you're breathing. I felt an odd feeling run all through me, and all of a sudden I felt movement. Now you're walking. My vision was suddenly clear, and I could see things beside the light. I missed the light. I wanted it back. Why did it leave? Where was I walking to? I had so many questions with no answers. I looked around to the few faces around me. Most male, a few select female. Each one different in its own way.

            I walked with the others down the long marble hallway, following along. I was conscious of the feeling in the air. The others were feeling just as I was. Frightened and confused. Where was the light? I wanted that light again. My thoughts drifted, weird word... thoughts. My thoughts. What did that word mean? Mine. That it belonged to only me. Right? Was I the only one who could hear all these thoughts running through my head? I hoped. I sounded a bit crazy.

            The hallway was filled with stain glass windows in which yellow light gleamed through. Sunlight. It was day time. So many new words for so little time I have been awake. Only minutes, it seems. Where were we all going? The floors were shining like they had been freshly cleaned and they smelled of roses. All of us seemed to freeze at once at the loud gasping. One of the females had begun to panic and throw herself around, throwing out her arms wildly. From the shadows stepped a guard. He stopped in front of her, grabbing her arm harshly. She gasped and swung her tiny fist at him. With one quick motion, the guard broke her wrist. She screamed out in pain before more guards rushed from the shadows to drag the female away. We all stared in terror.

            “Let this serve as a warning for all of you. Keep in line and do not cause trouble within the Heavenly Grounds,” one of the men grumbled to us before stepping back into the shadows.

            We were still for another moment before the group began to move as one again. I turned my attention ahead as I made my brain make the connection to bring my feet forward. I could see it now. The doors stood before us with open arms, big dark stone doors, or maybe more marble. On it was a design of clouds with a sun just between them. The doors opened themselves and the group shuffled into the room. I heard the voice before I actually saw her.

            “Welcome to the Naming, my Children,” the voice of the woman came from a large throne. Upon the throne sat the woman. She was a pale woman with long flowing white hair that traveled down and fell around her feet, along with her long white gown. Her eyes were dark, yet warm and loving. The Light personified.

            “Who are you?” A deep voice sounded in my ear then. It took me half a beat to realize the voice was my own. Had I actually dared to speak out? Now I had come to realize that I too, was a male. All the eyes in the room found me, even the beautiful white woman. She did not look displeased for my speaking. In fact, a small smile was playing just at the edge of her lips. “Where are we?”

            “I, young one, am your Goddess.” The woman stood then, she was so tall. It was almost creepy. “I have no name in which you may call me. What shall pass your lips when you speak of me shall be the Creator. Welcome to my Heavenly home, the Cloud Palace.”

            “Goddess,” I said bowing low to her. “Please, tell me why we are here.”

            Her moves were so fluid and graceful, I found myself staring in amazement. She strode to me quickly, touching my face gently. The spot where she touched me seemed to explode with warmth. This warmth was so over powering and wonderful, all I could do was close my eyes and sigh in content. I leaned into her touch. “You are here to receive your names. And you, Hatchling, are now to go by the name Salem. Welcome to our world, Salem.”

            “Madam, please,” I said, my voice raspy, “tell me my purpose. I live to please.”

            She dropped her hand and stepped away, smiling at me. “Your purpose.” She turned to the rest of the group who had been watching in utter silence. I was gasping for breathe as I brought my hand to the spot she had touched which now felt icy cold compared to the rest of my body. “All of your purposes... is to serve and obey. You will have a greater purpose later, but for now, you will just obey.” At her worlds, the crowd all bowed as one. I was standing there staring still, my eyes wide. The Light and her beauty was all I wanted. She smiled to me and gestured me closer. “Come to me, Salem.”

            My feet moved before I had even given them the order, bringing me right to her. “Goddess?” I asked bowing low.

            She smiled her genuine smile. “You... you will be part of the Order some day. But for now... you are to be my most promising Supernatural...”

            “What is a Supernatural?” I asked straightening out to look at her.

            “A Supernatural,” the White One told me, told all of us, “is the new race of beings made to protect and obey.”

            “Protect?” A feminine voice came. The Goddess looked to the girl, but not how she had gazed upon me. This time her eyes were harsh.

            “Come to me, young one.” The girl moved to stand beside me. She stared up at me in wonder. Her eyes were a gentle green, her hair which flowed in waves to her shoulders, was a warming chocolate brown. Chocolate. Chocolate was sweet. Like this tiny girl. She looked sweet. She smelled sweet, even. “You are Kora.” The White One said to the girl. Kora looked to our Goddess and nodded in determination. “And, Kora, we are protecting our humans. They need us now. We must protect them.”

            “Protect them from what?” Another voice asked. This time the male stepped forward on his own, coming to kneel before the Goddess.

            “Rhyder... We are protecting them from the Demons and their horrid ways.” She told him.

            “What have they done, Mistress. How may I serve?” He asked still bowing.

            “First, you may stand, Rhyder. What I require of you, of all of you, is for you to withstand training. You must be strong before I send you below.”

            “Is it really that bad?” I found myself asking.

            “Yes, it is. The Downfall has been treacherous to our Earth. It has left it in ruins. Our people are dying and being stalked by the Shadows that still remain. My Angels cannot protect the humans and fight all in one. That is why you are made. Why you have all been Created.”

            “Created...?” I whispered looking down at my hands. “I do not understand...”

            “You have a greater purpose, my child. With time, you will understand. I swear you that. Now, those who have been Named, my select three, go with the guards. I bid you merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.” She kissed each of our foreheads before gesturing to the waiting guards by the door. Kora, Rhyder and I all followed the Guards to the White room. We were left there alone. I stared down at my bare feet, trying not to meet the eyes of the other two. Rhyder was pacing fiercely. Kora sat by my side, her hands folded in her lap.

            “She is keeping something from us. We are all of a greater purpose, but at what cost?” Rhyder muttered.

            With a long sigh, I stood and jumped in his path. He nearly crashed right into me. “Be patient. She said we needed training. We will understand in time.”

            “You think she means us well? We are Vessels. Do you not see?”

            “Vessels?” Kora's voice drifted to us, she was so tiny and quiet. Her face paled slightly.

            “No, not Vessels. Warriors.” I said in a strong voice. “Do not doubt our Goddess.”

            “Look at you. Already so absorbed by the Light. It fogs your head.” He suddenly smacked my head, causing my to stumble. He was so much larger than me. I had to look up at him. I took him in for the first time. His hair was long and black, reaching down to his shoulders, which were large and broad. He was very muscular and Warrior-like indeed. His eyes were a rich amber.

            “It does not fog it!” I countered. “I found comfort in the Light. It was warm and in that Light I know I can trust. I know I am safe. Maybe it is you who is fogged. Maybe you are just corrupt!”

            Rhyder growled swinging around to face me, “Never speak so low of me, you insolent boy. I could crush you like a bug!”
            “Stop!” Kora shouted, jumping up to push on Rhyder's chest. “We cannot afford to fight. There is already a War going on. We don’t need to add to that!”

            “Shut up, woman!” Rhyder snapped at her.

            “Do not talk to Kora like that,” I snapped right back at him.

            Kora held up her hand to stop me. “Don't you ever talk down to me like that again, Rhyder, or I will have your head.” She growled at him.

            “Big words for such a tiny girl,” he growled back.

            “ENOUGH!” A voice boomed causing us all to jump. Our eyes all went to the large male that stood flanked by two more males. Each of the men had large white wings. The first male's wings had small gold feathers set into the white. An Angel. “You argue like children! There is a war out there and this is what you do?” He shook his head.

            “Forgive me, I have been foolish,” Rhyder said stepping away from Kora and I. Kora stayed right beside me.

            “Your names,” the Angel demanded.



            “Salem,” I said looking down to the floor as his eyes found me.

            “Call me Razeal. Stop all your bickering. You are never going to become sufficient Supernaturals like this.” Razeal told us. Razeal, followed by the two other Angels, walked closer into the room. We all backed away to go back to the bench that was centered in the middle of the white room. “So, this is my team...” He shook his head. “Wonderful. The Goddess loves to challenge me.”

            “We wish you luck, Razeal.” One of the other Angels said. Razeal, who was blonde haired and blue eyed, looked to the brown haired Angel.

            “Thank you, Erebus. And you as well. So long, Erebus. Raphael.” The other blonde Angel, which I guessed to be Raphael, nodded to Razeal before Erebus and Raphael parted.

            “Team? I cant work with them...” Rhyder said. “There must be some mistake-”

            “There is no mistake!” Razeal's voice was filled with such power that I found myself flinching away. Rhyder quieted instantly. “You can and will work with them or death it shall be for you. Yes, we work on the side of Light, but the Goddess has no time for young ones of your kind.” He spat.

            “Yes, sir...” Rhyder said bowing his head.

            “As for you two,” Razeal said turning his attention to Kora and I. “Watch your words and do not disobey your leader. I am not afraid of locking a woman away in the cellar.” He said shooting his cold gaze to Kora. How could an Angel be so cruel?

            I felt myself get pulled into a far away place in my mind. I was still there physically, following my orders and obeying, but my mind was gone. Our training began. I could feel the blows of our practice and the pull of the sword once it was in my hand. It felt like an extension of my arm, like it was natural. But then again, that was what we were created for. This was what I was meant to do. I felt myself float lightly back to my body. Razeal was placing a sword in Rhyder's large hands.

            “Neither of you hold back. Go at it as much as possible. Kill each other for all I care,” he waved a dismissive hand as he went to sit on the bench with Kora. She was leaning away from him, as far as the bench would allow without her falling.

            “You don’t have to tell me twice,” Rhyder said raising the sword. I raised my sword easily, taking a fighting stance. My eyes never left Rhyder's.

            “And... FIGHT!” Razeal yelled.

            Rhyder took off running, yelling a loud battle cry. I stood my ground watching him run. I felt like time had slowed down and he was running at me in slow motion. Like I had all the time in the world. When he was close enough, I pushed off the ground and flipped over Rhyder's head, tumbling out and landing back on my feet. I swung around with the sword, smiling when I heard Rhyder call out in pain. I turned to examine the damage I had done. He was gaping down at the bleeding gash that ran across his side, the blood rising up to puddle on his white shirt. He glared up at me growling. He charged me again, looking more like a mad bull. I sighed to myself before spinning out and kicking his feet out from under him, pinning him to the ground as I put the tip of my sword to his throat. A loud clapping sent my heart to my throat and I jumped, falling backward off of Rhyder, dropping my sword with a loud clang. Razeal was standing, clapping as he smiled over at me.

            “Maybe this team has some hope after all,” he said with his voice full of praise. I smiled back at him before looking back to Rhyder. He was staring at me in terror. I met Kora's gaze. She was smiling, clapping as well. “Lesson one. The bigger they are,” he glanced down to Rhyder, “the harder they fall.” I stood up and smiled, brushing off my pants as I made my way to Razeal. “Oh, and by the way,” he started. I felt something like the force of a giant bear throw itself at me and knock me to the floor. I wrestled around with Rhyder, trying to get out of his strong hold. “Never turn your back on your enemy...”


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