Liam Payne and (y/n) have been together for years and he wants to celebrate by taking you on a surprise trip. Sadly Zayn spoils it when your on your way to the airport, when you get to the Paris airport you accidentally hit a man with your bag and make him get caught for drug dealing. He comes back later that day for his revenge


8. Viande Fraîche

Your POV:
I sat there on the cold floor while holding Elise when four men came in. Instantly all the girls started to cry and move to the back of the room
"All right bitches, time to see who will be going to the trailer this week! Get in lines now!"
The girl screamed as they got into lines by age, I watched Elise go to her line and made sure the men didn't hurt her.
"We want some viande fraîche, for you Americans that mean virgins!"
Shit, I was afraid he was going to say that. Liam and I promised each other that we would stay pure until marriage, but how would they know if we were virgins or not.
I was towards the back of the lines where they wouldn't see me, Elise was in the very front. One man grabbed a girl by her hair and attempted to dry hump her but the girl kicked and spitted on him.
"Take this whore to the green room! Make it where she won't  see 2 ft in front of her"
The man yelled as he wiped the spit from his face, seconds went by and the room filled with the girl's scream. I started to cry when the girls body was thrown in the hallway with her eyes bleeding. Another man grabbed Elise and stuck his hand down her pants, she started to cry as the man went farther down.
"Leave her alone!"
I yelled as I ran across the room pushing the man over and pulling Elise to the back of the room. The other two men grabbed my arms, pulling me away from Elise. I started to kick then the last man came up behind me grabbed my legs while pulling my hair.
"Well well well look what we have here, by the looks of it I say she is pure, lets get some "relaxer" in her and see if she behaves" 
They dragged me to a room and tied me to a chair, two men came up to me with needles. I opens my mouth to scream when a man came up behind me and shoved a sock in my mouth. The needles pierced my skin as the men shot heroin and rufies  into my veins, my eyelids began to feel heavy and then everything went black.

Liam's POV:
I drove back to the hotel that night and attempted to clean the hotel room but found myself crying into a pillow. I pasted out on the floor with (y/n) 's perfume sprayed on the pillows.
The next day I planned out what I was going to do to find where the house with the double blue doors was.
I drove to the same place where I saw Jenisis and waited to see if the man came back. Hours went by and then he finally showed up, I slid lower in my seat just so he wouldn't recognize me. I watched him for hours and then waited for him to leave with the girls in his horse trailer. I followed him until I finally saw the house with the double blue doors.

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