Liam Payne and (y/n) have been together for years and he wants to celebrate by taking you on a surprise trip. Sadly Zayn spoils it when your on your way to the airport, when you get to the Paris airport you accidentally hit a man with your bag and make him get caught for drug dealing. He comes back later that day for his revenge


6. The Van

Well since he wasn't going to help me I knew what I had to do. I picked myself up and ran down to security, I told them what had happened and asked to see the surveillance footage from that time. I saw the men in the hallway as they broke down the hotel door.
"How the hell did no one see them!"
"We were dealing with a teenager trying to steal items from the gift shop."
"So you didn't have the brains to have someone stay here and hmm I don't know, DO THEIR FUCKING JOB!"
I tried not yelling at him but seriously how dumb could they be. I continued watching the video and saw the men's faces, they went through the back exit and drove off in a black van. I asked the guard to rewind the footage and pause it when it showed the men's face. I recognized one of their faces. It was the man from the airport.

Your POV:
I was bleeding everywhere, I had cuts on my arms and a huge gash in my head. I could barely breath with a sock shoved in my throat and a sack tied over my head. I started getting light headed, one of the men was carrying over his shoulder. I didn't fight back because I knew they would kill me or beat me to me quiet or stop moving. He flung me into a car and I hit the hard bottom. They tied my hands together and then pulled my arms above my head so It would be harder to untie my other knots. I could feel all the men's hot breath breathing on my neck, soon I felt hands running up my legs. I started kicking my legs and one of them cursed and held my legs down. I tried yelling but it was muffled by the sock, I felting hands grasping my bread. I kicked and screamed for my life, one of them ripped the sack off and pulled some of my hair out in the process. I saw all of the men from the hotel and more, I tried spitting the sock out but they duct taped it shut. One of the men got close to my face but my vision was still blurry.
"Remember me? From the airport! The man you hit with your bags!" 
He slapped me across my face and pulled out a small dagger.
"Maybe this will help you remember" 
He lifted  his arm up and rammed the knife into my leg. I let out a small shriek and shed a tear.
"You cost me one girl that was going to be you right now" he twisted the dagger and shoved it deeper. I clenched my teeth and  tightened my fists, where is Liam when I most need him. Another man with what looked like a leather jacket and red shirt whispered in my ear,
"I hope you like parties"
Right as he said that the van door flew open and two men pulled me out and threw me in a building.

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