Liam Payne and (y/n) have been together for years and he wants to celebrate by taking you on a surprise trip. Sadly Zayn spoils it when your on your way to the airport, when you get to the Paris airport you accidentally hit a man with your bag and make him get caught for drug dealing. He comes back later that day for his revenge


1. Surprise

Your POV:
"Honey are you ready for our flight yet? We really need to go soon of you don't want to be late" Liam cried from the front door. I was already having us run 10 minutes late but Liam didn't want to make me worried "I'm coming, sorry I needed to take a quick shower so I didn't smell bad once we got to the airport, will you please tell me where we're going?" I almost tripped and fell running down the stairs in my red bottom heels. I caught myself several times with the railing before almost face planting on the stairs.
"Hun it's only an hour and a half flight, you will have time to change when we get there"
"Oh so it's only a little over an hour flight eh? Hmm is it Rome?"
"Um sweetie that's in Italy and its about a 4 hour flight away"
I know he was right but he was being very stubborn.
"Ok fine, I won't ask anymore questions, wait is it-" I was cut off by his warm soft lips crashing into mine, his lips were like butter!
"Hun I don't want to tell you cause I want it to be a surprise, ok?" He flashed a smile at me before kissing me and taking my bags to the car. I skipped outside to the car and started to lift some of the bags into the trunk until Liam came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me while resting his chin on my shoulder. 
"Honey I don't want you to lift one finger during this special trip at all ok?" He picked me up bridal style and plopped me in the passenger seat, gave me a quick kiss and returned to behind the car. 
Liam's POV:
I was driving down i5 when my phone went off, I had set my phone on (Y/N) 's lap when she had taken a cat nap and was playing Star Wars Angry Birds. 
"Babe can you tell me what that text says, I don't want to get pulled over"
"Sure thing babe, it's from Zayn (reads texts aloud) Hey man tell me when you guys get to Paris. So we can meet up... Liam... We're going to Paris!?"
"Damn you Zayn, yes yes we are I really wanted it to be a surprise but looks like that's ruined now" I could tell that she was excited on the outside but I'm not so sure if she was on the inside, I mean after taking her almost everywhere except Paris I didn't know what to do. I could see the airport coming up on the next exit, I was so nervous that we were going to miss our flight that I grabbed the bags told (Y/N) to hop on my back and just ran all the way to the gate. We made it in time, I feel bad for messing up (Y/N) 's hair but I honestly think she looks beautiful all the time. *To be continued*

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