Liam Payne and (y/n) have been together for years and he wants to celebrate by taking you on a surprise trip. Sadly Zayn spoils it when your on your way to the airport, when you get to the Paris airport you accidentally hit a man with your bag and make him get caught for drug dealing. He comes back later that day for his revenge


4. Strange Men

Your POV:

He got down on one knee, reached for my hands and held them in his warm yet clammy hands. "(Y/N) , you mean the world to me and I want to spend every minute of everyday with you. I want all of you forever, you and me, everyday. Will you do me the extreme honor of marrying me?" I was in complete shock, he must really love me. I mean he took me to Paris and got this lovely hotel room. Shit how did I not notice him dropping hints like in the car and the airport. I could feel my cheeks getting warmer and tears coming to my eyes. "Liam...I-I can't believe this, yo-you really want this..." I said as I wiped the years from my eyes "Yes (Y/N), I have never felt like this with anyone else and I know it's only been a year and a half but please, knowing that your my wife would make my life even better then it is... So what do ya say?" "Oh Liam get off your knees and kiss me you big goof" I jumped into his arms and he carried me to the bed without his lips leaving mine once. I sat on the edge of the bed while he slipped the ring on my finger and then pulled him on the bed by the collar of his shirt. "Honey not right now" Liam said trying to hold back. "What why the fuck not?" "You teased me, now I tease you" a huge grinned spread across his face. "Awe your such a dick, but I love you" I laughed while sitting up on the bed while Liam fixed his pants. "I going to go get you something!" yelled Liam. "What?" "I'm going to go get you a present!" "Why?" "Because I love you and I want to be nice to my fiancé, I'll be right back ok?"  Then all of a sudden he dashed out the door faster then I could say goodbye.    An hour went by but it seemed like forever, I decided to watch some TV but that idea backfired considering I could understand what they were saying. I took a small nap on the couch, it lasted for about 5 minutes because I heard a loud *BANG* come from the living room part of the suite. I slowly peered out the bedroom doorway and saw 4 men dressed in black, I instantly went into panic mode. Slammed the door causing the men to start running trying to find where it came from. I pulled my phone out and called Liam the call went to voicemail. Shit shit I'm going to die, my phone rang and the ringtone went out the bedroom down the halls making it obvious where I was. "Hello Liam? Liam is that you?!" "Haha yes it's me, I just picked out your present and I'm buying it right now." "Liam I need you to come right now!" "Why what's the matter? Are you hurt?!"  "There are men in the hotel room and I don't know who they are." "Ok ok uh... Where are you right now?"  "I'm in the bedroom." "Ok keep the door locked and don't open for anyone, do you understand?" "Yes, yes" I started to cry when suddenly the door swung open. I dropped the phone and started screaming. "Liam, Liam help me! Liam!"    Liam's POV: I was out shopping for a gift for (Y/N) when my phone rang, I didn't hear it the first time because I had just walked into a store playing loud music. I felt a vibrate so I looked at my phone, awe it was a call from my lovely fiancé. She sounded very scared at first but I figured she was lonely, but as soon as she to me there were strange men in the house my heart stopped. All I could think about is what was going to happen, I told her to stay in the room and not to let anyone in. "...do you understand?" "Yes, yes" The call went dead silent and then it happened. 

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