Liam Payne and (y/n) have been together for years and he wants to celebrate by taking you on a surprise trip. Sadly Zayn spoils it when your on your way to the airport, when you get to the Paris airport you accidentally hit a man with your bag and make him get caught for drug dealing. He comes back later that day for his revenge


2. Almost There

Your POV:
I was so excited about going to Paris that I literally almost jumped out of the car when we were pulling in, if it wasn't for Liam I would of most likely fallen face flat on the asphalt.
"There it is, and just think in a couple hours we will be in Paris, the city of love, just you and me, together, in Paris"
"Liam are you wanting to have sex on this trip..." I stared him in the eyes until his cherry red face looked down.
"Cause if you do, I can definitely make that happen" I said as I ran my hand down his shirt stopping at his jeans, teasing him.
"Babe don't do this to me right before we go on a 2 hour flight, that other people are going to be on! Just wait until we get the the hotel" he grabbed me by the hand after putting the bags on the dolly, he pulled me close and wrapped his arm around my waist.
*Flight 104 to Paris departs in 5 mins*
"Oh sh*t! We need to hurry!" Liam yelled as he pulled me behind him and had me hop on his back and ran towards the gate.
"You made it just in time Mr. and Mrs. Payne" 
"Oh he's not my hus..." I started to say until Liam cut me off, "Thank you, are our 1st class seats ready?"
"Why yes, Sophia will show you to your seats now" she pointed to Sophia and continued helping other passengers.

Liam's POV:
I'm so glad we got the gate in time, the next flight to Paris tomorrow,  but it would have been worth the wait. During the flight (Y/N) fell asleep with her faces squished against the window, I tried taking a picture just because she looked so sweet and innocent. The flight seemed to go by so fast. We hit a few patches of rough air but thankfully (Y/N) was in a deep sleep. 
"Hun wake up were here" I gently shook her arm, kissed her forehead and she slowly woke up. She wrapped her arms around me and we walked off the plane.

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