Saving Sean

Belle Taylor lives a normal life until the guy she has grown up with her whole entire life is accused of killing his girlfriend. Sean can trust no one but Belle. She doesn't understand why but all she knows is that time is ticking. She has to save Sean before it too late...


1. The Back Story

I lived in a small town. You know, the kind where there is one grocery store, a bakery, a very small school, and a small hang out for kids like me, Flow's. It was a diner that served the best bacon cheese burgers in the world and fries, you could never forget the savory fries covered in salt. My mouth began to water just even thinking about it. Anyway. We were the kind of town that lived in a quiet, everyday life where nothing happened. Nothing ever until they found Summer Miller in the park creek, dead. 


I didn't know here as well as some of the other kids. She was very popular. The kind of girl who was on the cheerleading squad, homecoming queen and dating the caption of the Rugby team, my best friends brother, Sean Smith. That's the thing though. I grew up with Sean my whole life. He was two weeks older than me and we were both Sophomores. Sure he has always had a temper, who wouldn't when they had seven other siblings and he was the second oldest. Now. They were saying he was a killer.  


One of Summer's fiends, Autumn, said that Sean and Summer had a big fight the night before to the point when Sean punched a window in her house. Autumn said that Summer was so scared when he left. Then she got a text from him asking to meet up so they could talk. When she never showed back up to Autumn's house, she just amused they made up but now, she believes along with everyone else in this town that Sean killed her. Did I believe it? I don't know what to believe. 


"Belle?" Seth said snapping me out of my thoughts. 


Seth was Sean's brother. They were a year apart making Seth a freshmen. It was half way through this year when everything happened. Seth and I were sitting in Flow's sharing a thing of fries while waiting on our burgers. He wore an Army shirt and khaki shorts. His hair was shaved into a Mohawk for Rugby season just like Sean's. Sean and Seth looked so much alike, it was a surprise they weren't twins. 

"What's up Seth?" I asked dipping a fry in ketchup. 


"Nothing," he shrugged then did the same. "Belle. Are you okay? You seem distracted." 


I shook my head, "I'm just thinking about Sean. How is he?" 


Seth shrugged again then took a sip of his Coke. His face twisted. He hated Coke. He preferred Pepsi but that's pretty much all Flow's had besides milk shakes and water. He should have gotten something else if he didn't like it. I took a sip of my milkshake then ate another fry waiting for him to answer. 


"He's not doing well. The cops are all over him for Summer's murder. I honestly don't think he could of down this." 


I nodded, "Me either." 


We didn't talk for awhile until our food came. My mouth watered. It looked so amazing. More fries and a double bacon cheese burger. Yum. I putt ketchup all over the burger then brought it to my lips. Seth picked out his burger then started to dig in. We laughed at each other and started talking about school. It never slipped from my mind though. Sean. I wanted to know how he was really doing. I guess I would find out later. 


It was Friday night, which meant my dad would be out of town. He was the detective of this town and the one next to ours which was a little bigger. On weekends, he spent most of his time there leaving my brother, Gus, and I to stay with The Smith's. They had a total of eight children: Spencer, Sean, Seth, Sam, Shane, Sawyer, Sally, and Sandy. Sally and Sandy were the only girls they had and they were twins. My brother was in love with Sally, it was so cute when we went over there but Sandy loved Gus so it was very complicated for the little kids. It made me smile. 
But I couldn't bring myself to smile at the thought. I was worried about Sean. I really was. I couldn't wait to get to the house for once to see him. I needed to talk to him. I couldn't explain it. Seething didn't settle right with me...

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