Saving Sean

Belle Taylor lives a normal life until the guy she has grown up with her whole entire life is accused of killing his girlfriend. Sean can trust no one but Belle. She doesn't understand why but all she knows is that time is ticking. She has to save Sean before it too late...


2. Honestly

I packed up Gus's things with mine so we didn't have a lot to carry. We lived in a small, two story house that was old but had this charm to it. There were secret hide always throughout the house that made it extra fun to play games. In my room, I had a laundry shoot/send me up a meal type thing. It was hard to explain but I never used the stairs. I could crawl in the shoot and lift myself down it. 

I tossed the bag in the shoot then got in the tiny box. I closed it up then felt the rope along my fingers and began to go down. I use to be scared doing this because I thought the rope would break and I would fall to my doom but that has never happened so far so there was no point of worrying about it. 

Once I got to the main floor, I jumped out of the shoot then walked into the dinning room where Gus sat doing his homework. He had light blonde hair that he got from my mother and these big brown eyes the color of... I couldn't even describe the color but they are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my life. Gus looked up at me giving one of his devilish smiles. 

"What's up Isabella-Bella?" He said smirking. 

I hated it when people called me Isabella or Isabelle. That wasn't my real name. My name was just plain old Belle. Nothing shortened, nothing super long. Just Belle. I rolled my eyes. 

"Augustus Ellson." I smiled. 
He smile went into a frown, "Belle Margo!" 

"Hold up, you two. Stop bringing out the big names." My dad laughed coming in the dinning room. He wore dress pants and a button up grey shirt with his badge on his hip. He ruffled Gus's long hair then winked at me. 

"Hey dad." I said plopping the bag on the chair. 

"Hey kiddo. I forgot to tell you. Sandy has the flu so you guys aren't going to the Smith's tonight. I asked that Sean and Spenser come here. No Seth. Not after the last time I left you too here alone." He said giving me his crazy eyes. 

"One little party and you aren't going to let me hear the end of it." I laughed. 

My dad rolled his eyes, "Little? That wasn't a little party. That was a wild party!" 

I laughed then looked over at Gus. I ruffled his hair then said, "Hey, Gus, can you give dad and me a second to talk?" 

Gus nodded without fighting with me. He ran out of the room, going up the stairs to probably play some game on his Xbox. It made me laugh. I looked at my dad. He looked very tired. He has been working long hard weekends lately. 

"What's up Belle. I can tell something is bugging you." He said.

My dad was like my best friend ever since my mom left. She had a problem and she chose it over her family. I haven't seen her since Gus was born. I could tell it hurt my dad whenever he looked at Gus. He was ten years old and didn't have a mom. I frowned just thinking about it.

"It's about Sean dad. Do you think he did it?" I asked. 

My dad shook his head, "If I believe he did it then would he be coming over here?" 

"I guess not but he's the number one suspect and you have told me a thousand times that its almost always the number one suspect." I said in almost a whisper. 

My dad nodded, chewing on the thought. "Belle. I honestly, out of my professional option, not because I have known the kid since the day he was born, I don't think Sean is capable of doing this. This motive is way beyond him." 

I nodded, "Do you have any other suspects?" 

My dad gave me a look, "You are just like your mother. You know I can't tell you these things." 

"I know dad but its me." I laughed. 

He slipped his glasses on then smiled at me, "You are something else Belle. Right now, we have nothing. We know that death was slow, poor girl but the guy is smart. That is why I don't believe Sean did it. If he would have done it, it would have be on impulse, this was planned. The guy is good." 

I nodded again. I honestly didn't know what to say to him. He was right though. Sumner's death would have been planned by the way the killer killed her. Slow. Painful. He was either stalking the poor girl or he was a psycho would loved to inflect pain on people. But why would they pin Sean for the killings? Dad was right. It would be on impulse if Sean did it but he was the one who saw Summer last. My mind began to fill with thoughts but I still didn't know what to believe. 

"Kiddo. Don't worry about it okay? Just act like things are normal. I have to go. I will be back Sunday night. Be good to your brother and no parties this time!" He gave me a stern look then stumbled out of his chair. He kissed my head then added, "Oh, and Belle. Be careful around town please. You fit the guys type. Be home by eight at night. I will see you Sunday." 

I watched my dad leave then sat back down in the chair. His type? How? Sure, Summer and I were the same age but everything else seemed off. She was tall, thin, blonde, and beautiful. I was a brunette with thick curly hair, grey eyes, thin but not super thin like Summer, I was shorter than her by a lot, and I was just your plain Jane type of girl. I shook my head. I have to stop thinking about this. I needed to do something else. Anything else...

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