Saving Sean

Belle Taylor lives a normal life until the guy she has grown up with her whole entire life is accused of killing his girlfriend. Sean can trust no one but Belle. She doesn't understand why but all she knows is that time is ticking. She has to save Sean before it too late...


3. Help me

Gus ended up going to his friends house for the night, leaving me at home alone with Sean. Spencer didn't show up, like he was going to. Spencer and I hated each other and I'm sure he would be so happy to hear Sean murder me or something. 

Sean arrived wearing a Navy shirt with the same kind of pants Seth wore when we went to Flow's. He didn't smile at me or say a word. He walked into the house, took a look around then sat in the living room where the tv was. I sat next to him as I put a movie in. We watched it without saying a word to each other. 

Sean and I weren't close like Seth and I were. He didn't like me very much because... Well. I don't know why he didn't like me. It was just a thing growing up. We were really close then I got into cheerleading and track while he got into rugby and girls. After his first girlfriend, we just stopped talking. Seth took his place then that was it. 

Mid-way through the movie, Sean got up and paused it. He gave me a hard look then said, "I didn't do it." 

"I know," I whispered. 

He shook his head, "I know you do but others don't. My whole life is turned upside down because Summer and I got into a fight. I lost my temper Belle. Now everyone thinks I killed her! I didn't touch her!" 

I didn't know what to say. I just looked at him. His blue eyes just stared back, sending shivers down my back. 

"I need your help. Someone is setting me up." He whispered.

What was I suppose to do? What was I suppose to say? All I could do was nod.

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