You Gotta Try to Win

It is far in the future, and the world has collapsed. But can one girl's dream REALLY make a difference??? Copyright Kate Macleod :)


2. The old for the new

"Eve? Are you ready??"

I sucked my stomach in, and clattered down the stairs, savouring each footstep as it would be my last.

"Yes gran".

She squeezed me in her loose, wrinkly arms. I squeezed back as hard as I dared.

"I'm.. I'm so sorry..." Tears formed in the corner of her eyes, I reached out amd touched her hand, as she collapsed back into her threadbare sofa. "I would look after you, but..." She choked, and I felt pain for her shoot into my heart.

"I know, I know. You're ill, and to weak to be with a strong child like me," she nodded slowly, with her hand over her heart. I kneeled to her level, "and anyway, the overlooker would take me away as soon as he realised you weren't my mother, and you would be punished as well. It's for the best this way..." I whispered to her, then stood up, and took my bag.

"Natasha," she said, as I was walking to the door, " Stay strong, my little angel." I froze for a second. The words surrounded me like wisps of smoke. I raised my head a little.

"I will." I replied, and slowly, slowly, went out the door to seek my new life as an orphan.

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