You Gotta Try to Win

It is far in the future, and the world has collapsed. But can one girl's dream REALLY make a difference??? Copyright Kate Macleod :)


1. The Killing

My mother's head was hanging, as she crouched down at the blood red line. The steely grey eyes of the shooter turned away, as he gently pressed his heartless finger over the trigger. The room started to pulsate before me, as I could only struggle in the strong guards arms. I screamed, until rough hands smothered my mouth, returning the dreadful silence to the pure white cell we were in. His finger wrapped around tighter.  My heart beat faster, and white terror wrapped my body in it's icy hand.

And then.. in a split second, the hollow gun shot echoed around the room, as the bullet flew. I dared not look, but I screamed until my mouth was hoarse. Anger and terror flooded through my body, and I snatched my arm from the guards brawny arms. I punched, kicked and screeched, but nothing could save my distress. Eventually my body gave in, and there was only white light.

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