You Gotta Try to Win

It is far in the future, and the world has collapsed. But can one girl's dream REALLY make a difference??? Copyright Kate Macleod :)


3. Redham

My head hit on the wooden bench, as I waited in the almost empty, unlit train. We had been riding for about half an hour. Gran said it would take around an hour to get to the orphanage. Looking out the small window beside me, I could see the same sort of small, cold dank and dark houses that filled up my old village.

"Ticket?" A man in uniform and small black beady eyes snapped. I hurriedly scrambled to get it out my pocket. He snatched it, and smirked a little. "An orphan are you? Well, make sure to get off at the right station, we wouldn't want people of your kind running about in a respectable town, would we? Otherwise, there'd be trouble..." He glared at me, with cold, unforgiving eyes. My cheeks reddened, and I nodded silently. When he turned, I let my head drop into my hands. I was used to rough behaviour from, well anyone who thought they were a higher class than me- which meant quite a lot of people- and anyone who worked for the government. This ticketman oviously did.

Gritting my teeth, I forced my tears back. I didn't really care about what he said to me. It was the word "orphan" that struck me. It was as if "orphans" were a different species. A type of dirt. Yet no-one understood the pain of my parent's deaths. And that, that word, orphan, brought all the pain rushing back.

The rest of the journey was pretty quiet. Nobody came, and nobody went. I spent my time wondering about Redham. People said it was a terrible place, with nothing but row after row of factories. No child would travel there willingly, and adults only would if they were desperate for a job. Once you were in Redham, you never got out. So why would you build an orphanage there???

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