Road to Nowhere

Allie Peterson, 15 years old with brown eyes and bright red hair, wants a long and fun summer romance. School is out, nights are longer, skin is darker, and the fun begins. When she meets Sean Black, she thinks everything is perfect. But is it really? With the help of her best friends Scarlett Fitzgerald, Ashley Barker and Sydney Gorman, her life is put back into place after following a road. The road to nowhere.


1. The Four Girls and Their Group


Allie Peterson is a regular 15 year old teenager with brown eyes and bright red hair. She is very outgoing but shy with her life. Her father, Chris passed away in the Fall of 2011, and it is now 2013 so it is still hard to deal with for the Peterson's. She has a little sister named Olivia who is only four and a half. She was around 2 when Chris had his life taken, as Olivia doesn't remember too much.  Allie enjoys partying with her friends and participating in all activities around Fremington! She has secrets that she never told anyone; not even her three best friends! She only keeps them in her diary... Until she is forced to spit them out to Scarlett.


Scarlett Fitzgerald is a very outgoing 15 year old with sharp blue eyes and dirty blonde shoulder length hair. She loves to write and read and she does very good in school. Her favorite subject is Science but also Social Studies. She lives with her mom, dad, and her two younger brothers Charlie and Sam who are 5 and 2. Scarlett practicably lives at Allie's house as they have sleepovers almost every night, except for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! She doesn't have ANY secrets! She is crazy, fun, and everyone enjoys being with her. 


Ashley Barker is a calm 15 year old with hazel eyes and amazingly, beautiful long black hair! This young girl doesn't like to talk a lot to people she doesn't know. As far as the three other girls know, Ashley doesn't have any secrets. People love Ashley, but she only really likes her three other friends. She has had a crush on Josh Germon since grade three and has never given up on him. She just doesn't know that he likes her too! Ashley loves her Mom and Dad more than anything in the world. But her mom has just recently been diagnosed with pancreas cancer and she has been even more quiet since she found out two months ago.


Sydney Gorman is the craziest, spunkiest, and prettiest girl you will ever know of. Her bright blue eyes and long blonde hair with ringlets in them are just a couple of things to make her perfect! She loves everyone, and everyone loves her. She is always looking for adventure and fun activities to do with others. She never has kept anything from her best friends, and she plans on never doing that. She is around 5'4 foot, so she is the smallest girl in the group. But height doesn't matter, nothing matters in Fremington. She accepts everyone for who they are and that is why everyone loves her so much! Sydney enjoys partying with her friends and even with people she doesn't know to well. She lives with her mom on Nemory Street and her dad on Welgire Street around the corner.

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