Road to Nowhere

Allie Peterson, 15 years old with brown eyes and bright red hair, wants a long and fun summer romance. School is out, nights are longer, skin is darker, and the fun begins. When she meets Sean Black, she thinks everything is perfect. But is it really? With the help of her best friends Scarlett Fitzgerald, Ashley Barker and Sydney Gorman, her life is put back into place after following a road. The road to nowhere.


2. And The Bell Rings...

   It's June 23rd, the last day of school. Around 7:48 in the morning, Allie Peterson bolts out the door just in time to meet up with her best friends, Scarlett Fitzgerald, Ashley Barker and Sydney Gorman, to walk impatiently to Bentley High. All four girls live on Nemory Street, a block away from the high school; Allie with a three story brick house, a porch out front and a huge in-ground pool out back, Scarlett with a blue and brick split-entry house with a garden following the doorsteps, Ashley with a white bungalow and a trampoline out back, and Sydney with a white double story house with black shutters and a grey, steep, and stoned driveway. These four girls aren't the most popular, but friendship is all that matters in Bentley High. Most high-schools have a group of popular girls and mean students, but this one isn't like that; everyone is friends with everyone! In this small community called Fremington, there is never a dull moment with the teenagers. The girls couldn't wait to get to school. On the last day, the couple of hours that they are there usually filled with activities and dances that no one wants to miss! So, yes, they couldn't wait to get to school. Who would blame them?


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