My Superstar

McKayla and her best friend Kaiya get to go to a Justin Bieber concert and McKayla becomes the OLLG and Justin feels like she is the one for him. They dont see each other until McKayla and Kaiya go shopping and run into him. McKayla starts to have feelings for him but doesnt know what to do.... Read to find out


3. The text

I woke up by the sound of my phone vibrating. Of course it was Justin texting me.

Justin: Good morning beautiful.


I didn't know why he said beautiful we weren't even dating.

McKayla: Good morning??? 

Justin: What's with the ???

McKayla: You called me beautiful and we aren't dating.

Justin: Well I just think that every girl should wake up to a text like that.

I didn't reply back because I didn't know how to respond to that. Justin kept texting me and texting me.

Justin: Hey you there? Are you going to text me back? Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry if I said something I was not supposed to.

Justin finally gave up texting me and he called me so I answered it.

Justin: Why wouldn't you text me back?

McKayla: I didn't know how to respond to your text.

Justin: Is that it really?

McKayla: Yeah, I didn't know how to reply so I just stopped texting you all together.

Justin: Well don't do that again, it freaked me out. I thought I did something to hurt you, or said something that i Iwas not supposed to say and it offended you.

McKayla: Well it just really shocked me when you called me beautiful and then said that every girl should wake up to a text like that. I mean how many girls have you said that to?

Justin: I have only ever said that to you.

McKayla: You are lying.

Justin: No I'm not honest...

McKayla: Ok so what if you are telling the truth. Then what?

Justin: Well I was hopping that we could hang out today. I really want to get to know you better.

McKayla: Sounds like a plan.

What was I thinking I didn't want to hang out with him, but after I said that he asked me where we could hang out.

McKayla: The beach or maybe we can go to dinner or something.

Justin: Ok I guess we can go to the beach.

McKayla: sounds like a plan. See ya then.

Justin: Bye beautiful. See ya.

We hung up the phone and I ran downstairs and told Kaiya that me and Justin were going to hang out today. She was so excited for me.

Kaiya: OMG where are you guys going?

McKayla: We are going to the beach. 

Kaiya: I think he just wants to see you in your bikini.

McKayla: Maybe. Hey do you want me to ask him if you and Ryan can come with us?

Kaiya: Sure, if you want me to.

So I called up Justin and asked him if Kaiya and her boyfriend Ryan could come to the beach with us. He said that was fine.

McKayla: Justin said that they could come with us.

Kaiya called up Ryan and asked him if he wanted to go to the beach with me and Justin. He said yes of course.






Thanks for reading my fan fiction. I really appreciate it. :) 



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