My Superstar

McKayla and her best friend Kaiya get to go to a Justin Bieber concert and McKayla becomes the OLLG and Justin feels like she is the one for him. They dont see each other until McKayla and Kaiya go shopping and run into him. McKayla starts to have feelings for him but doesnt know what to do.... Read to find out


1. The Concert:)

Kaiya: McKayla you need to wake up. We need to go shopping tonight for the concert.

McKayla: Ok I'm up.

Kaiya and me got changed and headed out. She was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and I was wearing booty jean shorts and a Beatles T-shirt.  Me and Kaiya went into a store and she got a Justin Bieber shirt and some booty shorts and a pair of high heels. I on the other hand got a pair of booty shorts that had sequins on them, a beanie, a pair of vans that were purple and a Black T-shirt that said single on it.

After about an hour of shopping we went back home and got ready for the concert.

Kaiya: Oh my gosh McKayla you look really good.

McKayla: Thanks so do you.

Me and Kaiya drove to the concert since it was going to be about an hour drive and we wanted to get there a little early. I fell asleep in the car and Kaiya woke me up when we got there. 

Kaiya: We are here. I'm so excited, I can;t wait to see Justin. I really hope he pick's me for the one less lonely girl.

McKayla: I wouldn't be surprised if he did pick you. 

I am not a big Justin Bieber fan. I mean I can't say I hate him because I have never met him and don't really know him. I am only going to the concert for my friend.

Kaiya: You ready to go in?

McKayla: Ready as I will ever be.

Kaiya: Okay lets go then.

We got inside and looked around. This place was huge. Me and Kaiya finally found our seats after roaming around for about 15 minutes. Our seats were in the front row.

Kaiya: Look I found our seats.

McKayla: Ok lets sit and wait for Justin to get out on stage.

After he sang a few songs it was time to sing One Less Lonely Girl. Someone came up behind me and put their hand on my back and told me that I was chosen to be the One Less Lonely Girl. So I went up on stage and Justin's back up dancers lead me to the chair. 

Justin: If you let me inside of your world there'll be one less lonely girl.

I just smiled at him. I didn't know what to do since I wasn't that big of a fan. After he sang that song he lead me off stage. he had to do a costume change anyway. Justin kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug. I didn't really care.

Justin: You know you are not like all the other fans.

McKayla: That is because I'm not that big of a fan. And I am not like all the other fans.

Justin: Hey you know your pretty cool for me just meeting you.

McKayla: Um..Thanks. I guess

Justin smiled and walked away. I started walking back and then I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Justin.

Justin: What is your name in case I run into you again. 

McKayla: My name is McKayla.

Justin: Well tahnks for being my OLLG McKayla and maybe I will catch you around.

Kaiya kept asking me what happened when I walked off stage.

Kaiya: What happened when he walked you off stage?

McKayla: Oh you know he just gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and he maybe said that I wasn't like all the other fans he has met. You know the usual.

Kaiya: He has never told any other girl that they are not like any other fan. That is not the usual.

McKayla: Well I still am not a really big fan of him. I mean I like him a little better now, at least better than I did before.

When we both got home we went to sleep.







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