My Superstar

McKayla and her best friend Kaiya get to go to a Justin Bieber concert and McKayla becomes the OLLG and Justin feels like she is the one for him. They dont see each other until McKayla and Kaiya go shopping and run into him. McKayla starts to have feelings for him but doesnt know what to do.... Read to find out


7. Texas(:

Justin: Hey wake up babe we are in Texas.

McKayla: No I don't want to get up. I want to lay here.

Justin: Well we have to get back on a bus to go to the hotel room do you want me to carry you to the bus.

I shook my head yes and he picked me up bridal style and he carried me to the bus. When we got there I started helping pack up. When we were done we all headed onto the bus.

Scooter: Justin, you McKayla, Kaiya and Ryan will have the big bus since there is four of you and then in the smaller bus it will just be me and your mom.

Justin: So we get the big bus even when Kaiya and Ryan leave?

Scooter: Yes you will.

Justin: Yes!!

I just smiled at him and we walked onto the bus. I walked over to Justin and he knew that I was tired, so he picked me up and carried me to the back of the bus to go to bed. I couldn't fall asleep and Justin was out in the main part of the bus talking to Ryan when he came in the back of the bus where I was he saw that I was not asleep.

Justin: He babe you need to go to sleep because tomorrow is going to be a big day for me and you both.

McKayla: Yeah I know, but I can't fall asleep because you are not in here with me and because I am just a little nervous.

Justin: There is no need to be nervous because I am right here I won't let anything happen to you. Just try to fall asleep and I will be in here in a minute. I just have to go get me something to drink.

McKayla: Ok, but please hurry back.

When Justin went out there I started hearing fighting. I went out to the main part of the bus and Kaiya and Ryan were out there screaming at each other.

McKayla: Ok what is going on here?

Kaiya: He is accusing me of not spending enough time with him and he is saying that I never pay any attention to him when he is around.

Ryan: That is because it is true.

McKayla: Ok so tell me what all happened.

Kaiya: Ok, so I was sitting here on my phone on twitter minding my own buissness and then Ryan said that I never pay any attention to him and then went off on me.

McKayla: Ryan is this what happened?

Ryan: Ok, so I was trying to talk to her and she was sitting there on her phone not even listening to me and then I told her that she never pays attention to me and when I try to talk to her she just ignores me.

McKayla: Kaiya did you know that he was talking to you while you were on your phone?

Kaiya: I was listening to him. I was just kind of interested in the text message that everybody was forwarding me, so I started smiling.

Ryan said something under his breath, but I couldn't make it out because I was to tired. To be honest  I didn't even know why I was helping them they always fight and every time I try to help them it just does not work. 

Kaiya: What did you just say?

Obviously Kaiya heard him loud and clear.

Ryan: I said maybe we should just break up. I mean all we ever do is fight and when we are not doing that you are ignoring me so we never really get to talk to each other.

I thought it was a good idea I mean they always fight and maybe it would be best if they took a break for a while.

Kaiya: Maybe we should. That would be one less thing I have to worry about.

Ryan: Ok fine.

Justin heard all this and he was just standing there with his mouth wide open, so I walked over to him and closed his mouth.

McKayla: Close your mouth your going to catch bugs.

Justin smiled at me. I didn't look back at him I was concentrated on Kaiya and Ryan making sure they weren't going to physically hurt one another.

Justin: You know what?

McKayla: What?

Justin: You could make a good lawyer.

McKayla: No I would not.

Right after I said that Ryan left the bus and called his mom and asked her if he could stay with his aunt. I guess he had relatives here. I looked over at Kaiya and she was in tears.

McKayla: Hey Kaiya it is going to be alright. You don't need a man to be happy. We can just have fun together.

Justin made a little cough sound and looked at me.

McKayla: Oh yeah and Justin.

Kaiya smiled and looked at me.

Kaiya: It's just that me and Ryan have been dating for about a year now and he is just now telling me that I have not been listening to him or that I have not been giving him enough attention.

McKayla: I know, but look at the bright side, me and you can hang out more often now.

Kaiya smiled at me again.

Kaiya: Yeah I guess, but what about Justin I mean you still have him and he will want to hang out with you and then what will I do? Tag along with you guys? I don't think so because what if you guys start to like make out or something. I don't want to watch you guys do that. That would just be awkward.

McKayla: We can think about this more tomorrow ok, but right now we all need to get some rest.

Kaiya agreed with me and she fell asleep on the couch and me and Justin went back to the bedroom and cuddled. He started singing the words to never let you go and with that I fell asleep. I started having a night mare and I woke up screaming.

Justin: What's wrong babe?

I started crying I couldn't talk it was so scary. I had a dream that Justin had left me and for some other girl and then the next day he was found killed in his own house.

Justin: Babe you have to tell me what's wrong. I can't help you unless you tell me what's wrong.

McKayla: Just promise me that you will never ever leave me.

Justin looked at me weirdly

Justin: Yes, yes of course I promise. 

Justin wiped my tears and told me to lay down and go to sleep. Justin wrapped his arms around me and I put my head in his chest. He started humming the song fall and I fell asleep.




A/N: Thanks for reading my fan fiction. Sorry I was not able to update. I was in a car accident and my mom is badly injured. When I am not seeing her in the hospital I am sleeping and resting myself since I was in the wreck as well. But I just wanted to let you know that I am still going to update but I just haven't had the time to. But thanks for reading:)



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