My Superstar

McKayla and her best friend Kaiya get to go to a Justin Bieber concert and McKayla becomes the OLLG and Justin feels like she is the one for him. They dont see each other until McKayla and Kaiya go shopping and run into him. McKayla starts to have feelings for him but doesnt know what to do.... Read to find out


2. Shopping

I woke up and heard a noise downstairs. So I walked down there and Kaiya was watching tv talking to her boyfriend about the concert last night and how I was the OLLG.

Kaiya: *Phone conversation* Yes she got up on stage and she was the OLLG and she said that when she walked off stage Justin gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then she said that he said the she wasn't like every other fan and she was different but in a good way.

Her boyfriend Ryan was shocked that he said that to me. Ryan told Kaiya that he had to go because he was shopping with his friends. Ryan would't tell Kaiya what for but I think it was because he is shopping for her for their one month anniversary.

Kaiya: Oh hey McKayla I didn't know you were up.

McKayla: Oh I just woke up, I just came down to get something to eat and to watch some tv.

My parents weren't in town. They were on a trip to China fr a romantic get away so they werent going to be home for a month. I thought it was awesome because I could have my friends over anytime and they wouldn't know. So Kaiya has been staying with me.

Kaiya: So are you still shocked from last nigh?

McKayla: Not really, I mean the part about being the OLLG yes I am kind of shocked about that, but I knew that he always gave his fans a hug and a kiss.

Kaiya: Yeah I know but he also said you weren't like the other fans.

McKayla: Yeah I know, but-

Kaiya: But nothing if Justin said that then he meant it. He just doesn't say that to anyone.

McKayla: Well anyway I am going to go get a shower and then we can go shopping.

Kaiya: Okay.

I got in the shower and then I got dressed. Afterwards me and Kaiya went shopping again. We weren't really planning on buying major stuff. We just went to browse. Just a girls day out. No boys to bother us. But I guess I spoke to soon.

Justin: Oh my gosh I am so sorry.

McKayla: That's ok.

I looked up and it was Justin. Of course Kaiya screamed but I covered her mouth so no girls would spot him because I really didn't want to get trampled.

McKayla: Oh it's only you.

Justin: So much for a hello.

McKayla: Hey

Justin: Hey McKayla, you look very pretty today.

McKayla: Umm...Thanks...I guess??

Justin was noticed so he took my hand and I took Kaiya's and we ran into a store and Justin was all the way in the back and he put his arm around me and Kaiya was roaming the store. As soon as the girls passed the store I took Justin's arm off of me.

McKayla: You really had to drag us along with you?

Justin: Umm..Yeah I did because I didn't want you to get trampled. I didn't want this delicate girl to get hurt.

McKayla: Well there is no need to worry about me, I will be fine.

No I wouldn't why would I even say that I mean I probably would get hurt. I thought to myself am I really falling in love with Justin?

Justin: Well I have to go before anybody else sees me. Can I get your number so I can text you?

McKayla: Yeah sure it is 222-545-555

Justin: Thanks beautiful

I started blushing. I thought why am I blushing I don't like Justin, or do I?




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