My Superstar

McKayla and her best friend Kaiya get to go to a Justin Bieber concert and McKayla becomes the OLLG and Justin feels like she is the one for him. They dont see each other until McKayla and Kaiya go shopping and run into him. McKayla starts to have feelings for him but doesnt know what to do.... Read to find out


9. Practice

I woke up and Justin was sound asleep. I didn't want to bother him so I got up and started making him breakfast. I made him bacon and eggs. While I was cooking I felt arms wrap around me and I jumped a little.

Justin: Did I scare you?

McKayla: Yeah a little.

Justin laughed a little.

McKayla: So you think that's funny?

Justin: No

McKayla: Sure...

I finished breakfast and Justin got plates out for us.

Justin: That smells good.

I smiled. I gave Justin his breakfast and I got mine. We sat down at the table and started eating. When we were finished we got ready to head down to Justin's practice. I put on a pair of black sweat pants that said yeah buddy on the side of them and a purple sweatshirt that said live love softball. Justin wore a white tank top and some gray sweats.

Justin: You ready?

I grabbed a pair of sunglasses and a water bottle.

McKayla: Now I am.

We walked out of the hotel and paps were everywhere. Justin held me close to him and Kenny and him where both pushing through the paps.

Justin: You alright McKayla? You are sweating like crazy.

McKayla: Yea I'm fine. *I said while looking down*

He looked worried. I looked up and we were past all the paps. I could actually breath now. We hopped in the car and Kenny drove off. I slowly stopped sweating. I rested my head on Justin's chest.

Justin: You alright now?

McKayla: Yea. I was just starting to get claustrophobic, but I'm fine now.

Justin smiled and then we arrived at the stadium where he was performing at. While Justin was practicing I sat in the front row on the floor. Kaiya arrived at the stadium and sat beside me.

Kaiya: Hey McKayla I am  going to go home. I want to spend time with Ryan. I know we broke up but I really do love him and I cant loose him.

McKayla: I understand, but promise me that when you leave that you face time me everyday or text me.

She shook her head.

Kaiya: Talk to you later.

McKayla: See ya

I sat down and I got a text from Kaiya.

Kaiya: I'm gonna miss ya girlie, but I promise I will text you:)

McKayla: Yea I know:)

Scooter came out on the stage.

Scooter: That was an amazing practice.

Justin: Does that mean I'm done for the day?

Scooter: Yes it does.

Justin ran over to me and sat down beside me.

Justin: I think I should get a kiss for doing all that.

I smile and gave him a kiss.

Scooter: Justin I almost forgot. We need to practice one less lonely girl.

Justin: Okay, I have an idea of who it should be.

Justin said while smiling at me.

McKayla: No I am NOT going up on stage in front of all those people.

Justin: Oh yes you are.

Justin pulled me up on stage and we practiced one less lonely girl.

When we were done we headed back to the hotel and watched movies until it was time for the concert. Justin put in a scary movie.

McKayla: Do you like to make me scared?

Justin: Well I just like cuddling with you.

I smiled. A scary part happened and Justin cuddled me in his arms.

Justin: Your fine baby.

McKayla: I know I am because I have you.

Justin smiled and I layed my head on his chest and fell asleep.


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