1926 Love

Temprance is you normal sixteen year old that loves to go on adventures. One day Temprance is walking through the woods at the back of her house when she comes across a little building. What Temprance does not know is that that building is a time machine and she is about to be sent back to 1926 where she has to find a way back to her time. Temprance has caught the eyes of five young men who want to when her heart. Will she never get back to her time? Does she start to fall I love with one of the young named Niall Horan? Could Temprance be changing the future as we speak?


1. The finding

     I woke up to the golden sunlight peaking through my blinds. It was the first day of a two month long summer vacation. A  time to sleep in, hang out with your friends, and my favorite go on adventures. I have always loved going on adventures since I was five years old. My dad was a park ranger so he would take me to the park to show me the amazing animals and the woundful forest that was surround them. That all came to a stop when my dad died when I was ten. He had to work th night sift that night making sure no one came on to the parks property. My dad was shot in the chest by a trespasser who he had caught. That night I lost my dad and my best friend. 

    Things have not been the same since my dad died. Mom has these moments where she zones out of reality and forgets that I am even there. So, I have learned how to surveve for myself and not wait for my mom to do something. Me and my mom do not really talk to each other. Ever now and then she will ask me how I am, the last time being four days ago. 

     I now sit in the woods behide my house next the river that runs through. The river is a nice crystal blue where you can see right in, the water a little cold for the time of the year, and every now and then you can see a little fish swim by your feet. Me and my dad would come down here all the time to get away from the world. This was are place, the place we told no one about not even my mom. It has been over three year since I last visited this place after my dad died. In the beginning of his death I would come here everyday to show respect, but as I got old I felt like it was wroung to come to this place when it was both mine and my father's spot and he is no longer here. I don't know why I came here today to the river. It was like I had a feeling that told me that I needed to go into the woods like I was going to find something in there, but sofar I have not found anything.

     I sit there a little longer listening to the wonderful sounds of nature until I hear some russling.in the tall grass. The russling did not sound like a small animal like a rabbit or a  but like a human was out there. Was someone spying on me? That I did not know but I was going to find out. I got up from the rock that I was setting on, put my shoes back on, and started to slowly walk towards where the sound came from. I gently walked through the four foot brown grass that would make you ich everytime it would touch you. I kept following the russling until I came to an open field. There was nothing there in that field just a bunch of trees, flowers, not humans, and just a small meatspace building; everything that would be in the woods. WAIT! WHAT IS A METAL BUILDING DOING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS? 

     I have been in these woods thousands of times and I have never saw this building before. What was it doing here? Could the object that was russling in the tall grass that I headed have gone into the building? Thousands of questions ran through my brain wondering why that building was here. To find out that answer I would need to get closer. I guess let the exploring begin. 

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