T.V show (harry styles fan-fiction)

Jess is a tomboy 18 year old girl, she has no boyfriend and never had her 1st kiss and no friends as girls she just has one best friend who is a boy and of corse if she has friends they are all boys she loves to skate and play the drums and she's not affraid of anything normal girls in her age are scared of ex spiders ... She is not affraid to burp or snort beside anyone and doesn't wear pink dresses or anything pink and she HATES The british/irish boy band One Direction, what happens when her best friend Remo signs her up for a tv show for one direction where one direction and 35 girls will live in the same house (seperate rooms ) and thelast girl standing will win a tour with one direction for a whole year and every week 5 girls will be sent home but what happens when jess falls in love when she swore to never fall in love after her big secret
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2. Chapter 2

I was feeling weird as i started watching those fakes and all these girls crowding all around these poor 5 guys as much as i didn't like them i thought they were supper HOT they were anything you would wont a guy to look like even though i still didn't know their names as i started to daydream how i'm gonna take revenge on remo either in shaving his head and eyebrows basicly every hair he has on his face in the night or throw deadly snakes in his bed or just kill him and yes we live together because my family died two years ago and his pparents keep traviling so now we live together and his mom and dad sometimes come visit but not alway because-

"Jess jess jessy he-" i was cut out of my daydream by this hot british accent 

"never ever ever call me jessy again ever " i snapped before reslizing i was talking to the hot one of that boy band 

"i'm um sorry??" he asked 

"Well you should be" i snapped i hated being called like that it reminded me of too many bad memories of that only person 

"anyways we were going outside for some fresh air wanna hang with us ?" he asked 

Well i will if you promise these girls wont eat my flesh because i'm hanging with you umm whats your name ?" i asked the last part embarrassed that i didn't know his name i guess either  louis or harry because they are the only boys with green eyes

"you don't know my name really "


"your kidding ? "

"no" "then if your no fan why are you here ?"

"bcz of a stupid prank from my stupid friend as a b-day gift see my lovely friend bugs me even on my birthday  gotta love him right ??" note  the sarcasm 

"haha anyways i'm harry. Harry styles " 

"well mister styles wanna come to my room so i can bring my scateboard and we will head outside ? If you wanna ican teach you how to scate !" 

"well sure jessy "

"i told you to never call me that ever again " 

"why its cute jessy "

"stopp " i said tears filling my eyes this is never the time to show my weakness i'm not gonna cry to make him know my secret necer 

" i-im sorry please don't cry i didn't mean to its just i thought -"

"save lets just go get the scateboard and forget what just happened  "

"sure " he said releafed a bit as i smiled to show him that i'm fine even though that that memory was hunting me right now but i pushed it to the end of my brain 

As we entered mu messy room harry couldn't but chuckle as he saw my black bra at the corner of my room and i blushed alittle as i shuved it under my bed and he laughed a bit more as i brought my scateboard and my obey hat and we headed to the ouside and let me say it was wicked  

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