T.V show (harry styles fan-fiction)

Jess is a tomboy 18 year old girl, she has no boyfriend and never had her 1st kiss and no friends as girls she just has one best friend who is a boy and of corse if she has friends they are all boys she loves to skate and play the drums and she's not affraid of anything normal girls in her age are scared of ex spiders ... She is not affraid to burp or snort beside anyone and doesn't wear pink dresses or anything pink and she HATES The british/irish boy band One Direction, what happens when her best friend Remo signs her up for a tv show for one direction where one direction and 35 girls will live in the same house (seperate rooms ) and thelast girl standing will win a tour with one direction for a whole year and every week 5 girls will be sent home but what happens when jess falls in love when she swore to never fall in love after her big secret
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1. Chapter 1

YOU DID WHAT ??? I shouted a t Remo my best friend 

"i'm sorry i didn't know that they will pick you to be one of these 35 girls " 

"  WHAT, REMO DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID BECAUSE OF THIS STUPID PRANK OF YOURS ?? I -I 'M GONNA BE STUCK WITH GIRLS AND THAT STUPID BAND ONE DIRECTION I SWEAR IF I DON'T ENTER THE JAIL BEFORE I COME BACK I'MA KILL YOU " i said as i stumble upstairs before remo stopped me to tell me that i have to pack because in 5 hours  i'm leaving to live in that house for the show 

I entered my room and packed all my shorts ripped jeans black, blue , grey shirts in a bag and my nike, converse, vans shoes in another bag , and a bag for my hats That had either the word swag or obey on them but in different colors  and i started to think that i will have loads of fun looking at those girls drooling over 5 guys haha i think if i  a. Lucky enough to find someonewhos like me it wont be bad as i thought 

After .5 hours 

Remo i'm so gonna miss you like hell keep in touch byeee  i hugged remo as i entered the house and found all sorts of bitches and really skuicky fans gosh nope no girls like me oh not even one all annoying as fuck i thought to my self as the host came and we got to  know her and the rules better her name is leila she has black tall her her and she has blue eyes 

We were all asked in turn what were our likes and dislikes and our names and our age by yes yes the great one direction (note the sarcasm) 

When it got to my turn all eyes were on me as i started talking : my name is jess i'm 18 years old i hate wearing dresses i'm a tomboy i love to skate board surf i like to disturb fske girls and i hate girly girls and fakes i like metal music and i love to play the drums and did i say that i love to skateboard and that i'm pretty much random and as i finished talking i saw all the girls looking at me like i'm an alien while  the boys looked at me with smirks on there faces 

It felt a bit awkward as all the girls started to fangirl and tell them how much they love him and bla bla bla as i sat alone on the far far couch in the corner  

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