Promises - A Niall Horan fanfiction (romantic)

What happens when Niall Horan falls for a fan, what happenes when they fall in love and Niall has to leave for a 8 month tour ... will they stay together or will their relationship fall apart?

Will the obsticles that occur pull them closer or just make things in the relationship worse...

Stay tunned xx


10. Will you be my girlfriend?


Niall was on his way to the hospital to pick me up it was about 10pm and the hospital was abandoned only a few staff on the night shift. I made my way out the front, saying goodbye and signing out of the hospital on the way out.

*Honk Honk*

I turned around to see Niall hanging out the window waving at me, I made my way over to the car and hopped in.

“Hey honey, how are you?” Niall said leaning over to give me a kiss on the check

“Im good thanks”

“That’s good, should we get going. Want anything to eat?”

“No thanks im fine” as I said that my stomach growled so loud, I then realised I hadn’t eaten since this morning.

“Maccas it is” Niall said driving out of the hospital drop off zone.



“We are here” Niall said arriving at the hotel. We drove through the back so no fans could spot and see us. When we parked Niall was the gentlemen he always is and ran over to my door and opened it for me, “For you my lady”

“Thank you my darling” we both let out a little giggle.

“Let’s go” Niall said when we linked our arms together walking through the back entrance of the hotel.

“Thank you for picking me up, I would have been bored out of my mind”

“No problem, I love to see that beautiful face of yours” Niall said looking me in the eye, I could feel my face go bright red. He was so sweet and amazing! But he still has to leave soon what am I going to do?


When we arrived upstairs it was like deserted, I thought Niall said that everyone was over?

“Hello, anyone home?” Niall yelled while searching the hotel room “well that’s weird they were all here before I left”

“Maybe I should call them” I looked over to him

“No, that will ruin everything!”

“What do you mean it will ruin everything?” at this point I was very confused.

“Don’t worry, come here” Niall said pulling me closer to him embracing me in a quick hug before leading me down the hallway

 “You’re acting weird, where are we going?”

“Here” Niall said opening up a door which revealing a pick black room

“Are you trying to rape me or something?” I said stepping back realising our entwined hands, at this point I was really scared.

“Don’t be silly” Niall said laughing while flicking on the lights revealing a room full of rose petals all over the ground and a table placed in the middle with a white sheet over it and decorated with a black runner down the middle and candles on top of it. There were knives and forks placed there but no plates. It was incredible I loved it.


“Do you like it?” Niall said interrupting my train of thoughts.

I turned around to him and smiled “I love it, you did all this?”

“Well not exactly, I had a little help”

“Thank you, you don’t know how happy I am right now” I said smiling at Niall, our hands were now entwined and we were facing each other staring into each other’s eyes. 

“Do you mind?” Niall said, making him go shy and he looked to the ground.

“Not at all” and at that moment Niall looked up and slowly moved closer into the kiss.


We held the kiss for around 30 seconds, it was incredible!

“Shall we sit down” Niall said breaking the kiss, we sat down “Shall we eat”

“There’s no food” I said with a confused look on my face

*ding ding* Niall run a bell that was sitting on the table.

 Harry & Liam came running through the door with two plates full of strawberries, bananas, waffles and melted chocolate with one big chocolate milk shake.

“I thought you said they weren’t here?” I said looking over at Niall who had the biggest grin on his face.

“I lied”

“Hello boys” I said standing up greeting them both with a hug, “thank you”

“Have a great time” Liam said before they both exited the room.


“You did all this for me?”

“Do you like it?”

“I love it!”

“Dig in”

We had small talk when we were eating but not a lot, the food was delicious!

“Hey Katie”

“Yes Niall”

“I really like you”

“I really like you too” his face light up like a child on Christmas morning.

“Katie, you are amazing in every way. The way you flick your hair off your shoulders, your smile is incredible, the way you put people before yourself.” At this point I was blushing so hard, Niall noticed and stopped talking. He stood up and put his hand out for me, I did as he instructed and stood up. He embraced me in a tight hug,

“Your amazing, you know that” I said looking up to Niall.

“And your beautiful” Niall said placing a piece of hair behind my ear. We were now looking into each other’s eyes and we both moved forwards and kissed. It was magical.


*Jaimee’s P.O.V*

“Louis where are we going?” I said looking over to Louis who was driving.

“You can just wait and see” Louis said smiling looking over to me but still trying to concentrate on the road.

Louis placed his hand on my knee smiling at me before looking back to the road. I picked up his hand from my knee and entwined them with my fingers. It was very romantic, if I say so myself.

When we arrived at this mysterious place, Louis got out of the car first and come over to my side to help me out of his car.

“Where are we?” I said taking in my surroundings, there was a long building right next to the beach but no lights on nothing I couldn’t see what the sign said, I heard the waves crashing on the beach. Louis didn’t answer but he entwined our fingers together and pulled me closer to the place.

“Louis, it’s dark in there. You know I hate it when it’s dark” I said looking up at Louis with worry in my eyes.

“You’ll be fine, you have me” he said squeezing my hand tighter.

Without any warning he had pulled me all the way into this dark place,

“Ready?” he said, I didn’t know if he was looking at me or not because it was that dark.

“Go” I said squeezing his hand tighter.

He then flicked the lights on revealing an empty restaurant next to the beach, in the middle of the restaurant there was a small white table decorated with candles and rose petals.

When we were walking to the table there was a line of rose petals lining the walkway for us to walk through,

“This is so romantic” I mumbled to myself quietly, but obviously not quite enough because Louis heard me. 

“I did it all myself” Louis said looking down at me and squeezing my hand tighter.

When we reached the table Louis lit the candles that were running through the middle separating both the plates. It was incredible, amazing, Louis was the most romantic, incredible, amazing boy ever!

“Sit down, I’ll be right out with the food” he said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I did what he said and had a seat, admiring my surroundings. Louis came back with a plate of food a few minutes later, on it were tacos and a fortune cookie. Tacos are my all-time favourite food, apart from chocolate that is!

Louis placed the plate in front of me “there you go my love”

“Thank you sweetheart”

We sat down and had some small talk in between bites.

“So what do you want to be when you’re older, like older then you already are?” Louis asked

“I want to be a famous dancer, or actor. It is what I have wanted to do since I was little”

“How long have you been dancing for?”

“Since I was 3” 

“That’s nice, what are you studying at university?”

“Dance, Drama, English”

“have you ever thought of studying in another country?”

“I was thinking of moving over to the UK, because I have heard of people that have been discovered over there”

“a lot of people have, you should move over there would be nice to see you all the time” Louis blushed, maybe I should move over there it would be a great to study over there  “Anyway, open your fortune cookie and read it allowed”   Louis said interrupting my thoughts.

I did as he said and my fortune read;

“Will you be my girlfriend? Love Louis Tomlinson “

I looked up at Louis, who now had a rose in his hand,

“Where did you get that from?” I said accepting the rose Louis was handing to me.

“Will you?” he replied

“Of course I will” I said getting up and giving Louis in tight embrace. He looked down at me and slowly moved closer so our foreheads were now touching.

“May I?” Louis said looking down at my lips

“You may” and before I knew it our lips collided, we stayed like that for what seemed like ages. It was amazing! He was amazing!! IT WAS OUR FIRST KISS I can’t believe I am now Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend… wow that sounds weird. All the thoughts about how much hate im going to get and how my life won’t be the same anymore flooded through my head while Louis and I were standing there hugging, he was kissing the top of my head.


*Katie’s P.O.V*

“And your beautiful” Niall said placing a piece of hair behind my ear. We were now looking into each other’s eyes and we both moved forwards and kissed. It was magical.


Right then a toy car came speeding in the door, with a rose and a letter. “Open it” Niall said looking down at the toy car.

I bent down and picked up the envelope and rose “read it aloud” Niall smiled

I opened up the envelope and read the letter aloud. “Katie, will you go out with me?” at this point I looked up at Niall to see him smiling back at me, I kept reading “you’re beautiful and amazing! – Niall Horan”

I looked up at Niall who was now looking at his hands blushing, I grabbed his hands which made him look up “of course I will”

“Really?” Niall replied in shock

“Kiss me”

Our lips collided once again and it was magical, sending shivers down my spine.


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