Promises - A Niall Horan fanfiction (romantic)

What happens when Niall Horan falls for a fan, what happenes when they fall in love and Niall has to leave for a 8 month tour ... will they stay together or will their relationship fall apart?

Will the obsticles that occur pull them closer or just make things in the relationship worse...

Stay tunned xx


8. The Dinner



“Louis, Harry, Zayn hurry up or were going to be late” Liam said knocking on the boys hotel door. Louis was the first one to come out with a big smile on his face, “Let’s go” the rest of the boys following behind.

We all piled into the elevator to go down to the lobby there were probably about 30 fans outside, but Paul said we couldn’t stop or we would be late. We all hopped into the black van and were on our way.

We all arrived at Katie’s, Harry knocked on the door and Lilly opened it,

“KATIE AND JAIMEE THEY ARE HERE!” she yelled back to the kitchen where the girls were “Come on in” she said with a massive smiled planted on her face and Harry picked her up for a hug

“How are you my lovely soon to be wife?” Harry asked Lilly and she instantly became shy, it’s great how he can play along with that and he’s so great with the little ones.

“Hey guys” Katie said interrupting my thoughts

“Hey, how are you?” I said giving her a hug

“Great thanks, how are you?” 

“im good thank you”

That’s great, well I hope you guys like chicken schnitzel because that’s all I managed to cook”

“Sounds yummy” Zayn said

“Well I’ll show you to the dining room and it will be out very soon” she said while leading us to the dining room. “I’ll be back shortly”

*Harry’s P.O.V*

Katie lead us to the dining room before leaving to get the food dished up, It was a long rectangle table with 12 seats, 5 on each side and two at the ends. Niall, Liam and Zayn sat on one side with a spare seat for Katie and her little brother Jack who seemed he was about 5, I sat on the other side of the table with Katie’s twin sisters, Louis and Jaimee. While her mother sat at the head of the table. We were all chatting for a little while and I noticed Lilly coughing quiet a lot, must have been just a cold.

“Please excuse me for a moment” I said to everyone at the table before making my way into the kitchen.

“Need any help, Katie” I said making Katie jump and almost spill the food.

“No thanks, just finishing dishing up will be out shortly”

“Are you sure I can help you”

 “No thanks im fine”

hey Katie I saw Lilly coughing quiet a lot earlier is she ok? does she have the flu?”

“She’s fine, not the flu, she just coughs quiet a lot no one really knows why”

Have you had her checked out by a doctor?”

“Yeah, we have multiple times no one seems to know what’s wrong with her”

Oh, ok sorry for asking was just curious”

“That’s fine can you help me carry these out please?”

“Yeah, sure” I said smiling back at her.

I picked up a few plates and took them out to the dining room “dinner is served” I said placing a plate in front of Lilly, Jade and Jack first. When everyone had their food we all began to dig in, we talked about us leaving for London tomorrow, our music, the upcoming tour, the upcoming album and we all talked about our families. Katie & Jaimee agreed to come over to London some time to see the boys again, and we were even talking about how they want to study over in London.

Everyone was finished their dinner and it was getting pretty late

“Kids, bed please” Katie’s mother Ann said. “I’ll be up in a minute to tuck you in”

The kids said their good-byes to all the lads and I before making their way upstairs.

“Well, it was lovely meeting you boys and the food was lovely girls but I better go get those kids into bed. “ Ann said, all the boys and I said our thank you’s to Ann and we were left sitting at the dining room table.

*Katie’s P.O.V*

Mum had gone upstairs to tuck the kids into bed and we were left sitting at the dining room table.

“I’ll do the dishes” I said standing up picking up some plates.

“Let me help you” Niall said standing up and grabbing some plates too

We made our way to the kitchen and placed the plates in the kitchen sink, “I had a great night, the food was lovely as well, you’re a great cook” Niall said making me chuckle

“I’ve been told I am the worst cook, I picked the easiest thing to make”

“It was lovely” Niall said laughing at me “Did you have a great time?”

“I had a great time, I just don’t want you to leave yet”

“I don’t want to leave yet either, but apparently we have a meeting with Simon when we get back and that’s why we have to leave so early” Niall said moving closer to me embracing me in a hug, my arms were wrapped around his neck and his arm were wrapped around my waist. When we parted from the hug my arms were still around his neck and we were both looking into each other eyes, Niall has moved his hand from my waist up to my face  and placing my hair behind my ear, our foreheads were now touching and Niall started to move closer…

THIS IS OUR FIRST KISS … IM ABOUT TO KISS NIALL JAME HORAN, OH MY GOSH!!! I NEED TO MAKE IT PERFECT, WHAT IF ITS NOT AND HE HATES IT AND HE HATES ME!! All the thoughts runny through my mind were interrupted when Niall’s lips collided with mine, it was perfect. we held the kiss for about 20 seconds before we were interrupted…

“*cough cough* not interrupting anything am i?” Louis said standing at the door with a few plates in his hands.

“Not again Louis!” Niall said parting from our hug and making his way over to Louis and taking the plates from his hands.

“Boys we have to go it’s getting late” Harry said walking into the kitchen “am I interrupting something here?”

“No, no Harry its fine just doing the dishes” I said reassuring Harry

“Guys, Pauls out the front let’s go!” Zayn said coming in as well.

We all made our way to the front door and said our good-byes for the night, we were going to the airport to say a proper good-bye tomorrow.

“Good night Katie, thank you for the lovely food tonight see you tomorrow” Harry said giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for a great meal Katie, see you soon” Zayn said also giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek

Liam also giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek “ The meal was amazing, thank you”

“See you tomorrow, thank you” Louis said whispering in my ear while giving me a hug.

“Thank you for everything Katie, will I see you tomorrow at the airport?”

“You will” I said smiling back at Niall making him smile too

“Good night” he said giving me a kiss on the cheek and a hug before making his way out the door.

Jaimee said good-bye to Louis giving him a kiss on the cheek as well, they were so cute together, I hope that doesn’t get ruined when the boys leave tomorrow.


“Can I turn the light off now Jaimee?”

“just a second” she yelled back from the bathroom

“No waiting, you can turn the light off now”

She came running out of the bathroom turned the light off, jumping over me to get to her side of the bed. We were lying there for about a minute before Jaimee said “Louis told me”

“Louis told you what?”

“About you and Niall”

“What about me and Niall”

“YOU KISSED, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THIS” she screamed jumping up and down on the bed

“BE QUIET THE KIDS ARE ASLEEP” I whisper yelled back to her

“Sorry, why didn’t you tell me?” she whispered back

“Because I never got time to it just happened, and obviously Louis told you, have you and Louis not kissed yet?”

“No” she said with a sad look on her face

“Sorry Jaimee, maybe he might soon”

“Maybe not, he’s leaving tomorrow”

And with that we both laid our separate ways and fell asleep


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