Promises - A Niall Horan fanfiction (romantic)

What happens when Niall Horan falls for a fan, what happenes when they fall in love and Niall has to leave for a 8 month tour ... will they stay together or will their relationship fall apart?

Will the obsticles that occur pull them closer or just make things in the relationship worse...

Stay tunned xx


3. Texting

Chapter 3


“KATIE! KAITE! KAITE!”  Lilly shouted while running up to me, while hugging her I sat down and place her on my lap. Lilly was a big fan of the boy’s as well but wasn’t allowed to go because she was sick. “DID YOU MEET THEM? DID THEY LOVE YOU KATIE?” she was very excited, she was convinced that she was going to marry Harry one day. “Yes I met them, but no I don’t know if they love me Lilly, I only saw them for about 15 minutes”

“FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!! WHY SO LONG?” she started screaming in excitement.

“I went into a secret room and got to meet them” I said calmly

“It’s time for you to go to bed now Lilly” Mum said walking in and interrupting us.

“Can Katie take me to bed tonight mummy?” Lilly asked

“Of course she can”

“I’ll be back in 5, just do whatever” I told Jaimee. She was pretty much part of the family, she wasn’t shy around my family at all.

I took Lilly up to bed and sung to her to calm her down.

“Im sorry I couldn’t take you today Lilly, you know I would have taken you if you were allowed to go.”

“That’s ok mummy took me shopping.” She smiled “Can you sing some more please?”

I continued to sing until she fell asleep. When she fell asleep I went downstairs to talk to mum, and also showed her the boy’s signatures.

“That’s awesome sweetie, good night see you in the morning x” Mum said kissing my forehead and then Jaimee’s, before making her way upstairs to check on the kids once more before going to bed herself.  Jaimee followed her upstairs and into the bathroom.

Flipping through the book until I found the boys signatures which were spread across the page,

Louis signed it Louis xx

Liam signed it Liam xx

Zayn signed it Zayn xx

 Harry signed it Harry xx


Niall signed it Niall xoxo

There was an anonymous that said you look beautiful! x   but it didn’t have a name near it?  

Instantly I flipped to the back of the book remember that Niall had written something in there before he said good bye to us today. When I got there I found a small paragraph,


This may be completely random but you look beautiful and  I would love to get to know you, text me when you can 8765-543-098

Niall ;) xx

I closed the book and just sat there for a minute, until it hit me and I started pacing around the house, out of all the girls there he chose me? ME? I started to pace even more up the stairs until I heard Jaimee hop out of the shower.

“JAIMEE!!!” I screamed behind her, not to loudly because Lilly & Jade’s room was next to mine, still causing her to jump for dear life tho.

“What do you want Katie? You scared me!” she said looking confused, I handed her the book opened to the back where Niall wrote the paragraph along with his number.

She took one look and was speechless, her mouth formed a perfect “O” shape.

“Well, TEXT HIM WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!” she yelled in excitement running over to bed to grab my phone and chucked it at me.

 “but what am I going to write” I said while catching the phone flying at me.

“Well introduce yourself would be a good start”

Without hesitating I began typing

To: Niall Horan

Hey Niall, it’s Katie we met today in the room out the back of the shops.

How are you? :) x


Instantly I got a reply back, it’s like he was sitting next to it waiting for my message the whole night.


From: Niall Horan

Hey Katie, was nice to meet you today.

Im good how are you?

Would love to see you again soon xx


“HE WOULD LOVE TO SEE ME AGAIN” I jumped in excitement

Jaimee not paying attention to me because she was too busy tweeting about her day to her 1,000 followers. 


To: Niall Horan

Im good thank you,

 Would love to see you again soon as well xx



From: Niall Horan

Would you like to meet up tomorrow it’s my day off? x



To: Niall Horan

I would love to meet up tomorrow,

Where would you like to meet? X



From: Niall Horan

I’ll pick you up at your place at around 11am,

Jaimee can come too, I’ll bring Louis along he hasn’t stop talking about her. x



To: Niall Horan

Sounds great, I’ll bring Jaimee as well!

My address is: 5 smith drive regatta (made up not real address)

(: x


From: Niall Horan

See you at 11am :) x



To: Niall Horan

You shall (: x


I put my phone down and looked at the time 11pm, “We should go to bed if we have a date with one direction tomorrow” I said staring at Jaimee, I knew it would catch her attention. When she hears anything to do with One Direction she suddenly listens. 

“A date with who”

“One direction, get some sleep” I said turning the light off


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