Promises - A Niall Horan fanfiction (romantic)

What happens when Niall Horan falls for a fan, what happenes when they fall in love and Niall has to leave for a 8 month tour ... will they stay together or will their relationship fall apart?

Will the obsticles that occur pull them closer or just make things in the relationship worse...

Stay tunned xx


6. Shopping & Concert

Chapter 6 –             


“Mum, can I take the twins with me and Jaimee to the one direction concert tonight please?”  I pleaded to mum hoping she would say yes.

“Sure sweetie, that would be lovely… but how did you get tickets? She replied looking awfully confused.


Shit shit shit! I never told her that Jaimee and I went on a date with Niall & Louis… I just said I was out with ‘friends’.


“Hold that thought.” I said to mum before bolting upstairs. “The book, where is the book” I whispered to myself while rummaging through my messy room. I found the book and ran back downstairs. When I got to mum I opened the book to the back where Niall had previously signed it along with his phone number.

“Oh he gave you his phone number”

“yeah, and you know how Jaimee and I came home late last night and said we were with ‘friends’ ” I said quoting  “friends” with my fingers in the air.


 “well we were with Niall and Louis, friends but not so much friends…”

“ok, just have the girls home by midnight and don’t let them go anywhere without you!”

“Thanks mum” I said kissing her cheek before running upstairs to get ready.



The girls and I have been shopping for over 4 hours now, I had brought the girls some new winter and summer clothes for the upcoming seasons. We were currently sitting in the food court eating Mc Donald’s.

“Girls remember how I said I had a surprise for you but had to check with mum first?”

“yes” they both said with excitement in their voices

“Well how about tonight-“  I was interrupted by my phone ringing, “hang on girls”

It was Niall, obviously ringing to tell me where to pick my tickets up from.

“Hey” I said answering the phone

“Hey love, just calling to let you know where to pick the tickets up from and just letting you know that I have cleared it up with management and you, Jaimee and the twins are allowed to come backstage before the concert starts we all want to meet the little ones.”

“ok sweet, where can I get them from?”

“Would you like me to drop them round, or you pick them up I don’t mind.”

“I’ll swing by and get them soon”

“ok sweet, ill text you the address”

“thanks, but before you go can I ask you for a favour?”

“yeah sure anything”

im going to put you on speaker, I haven’t told them yet” I said smiling while looking at the girls who were fidgeting wanting to know already.

“Yeah sure, go for it”

*on speaker*

“Hey Lilly & Jade, Niall here from One Direction just letting you know you two are coming to our concert tonight front row and backstage to meet us!!! Please don’t scream”

“Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH!” was all the girls could get out “Thank you so much Niall, WE LOVE YOU!” they said in together.

“Thanks Niall, be over to get the  tickets soon”

“Thanks Katie, see you soooon” he said dragging out the ‘soon’ before hanging up.

Yeah, I know we were in a food court but there wasn’t many people around we were in our own little spot, only us girls around so no one heard thankfully.




“What am I going to wear? I’m meeting the boys tonight AND HARRY, DO YOU THINK HE WILL LOVE ME KATIE?” Lilly said whilst running into my room while I was getting changed to go back out again

“Im sure he will love you lots Lilly, just don’t be scared or shy”

“I won’t, what am I going to get him? I have to get him something, AHHHH!” she said running out of my room and into hers slamming the door.

“Jaimee, I have to go get the tickets can you keep an eye on the kids please. Mum will be back soon.. I’ll be 20 minutes max”

“Sure, go for it” Jaime replied

“Thanks, I owe you” I said before hugging her and bolting out the front door before Lilly could spot me and ask to come.


I arrived at the boys hotel room, there were fans everywhere how on earth am I going to get in there? I sat in my car and called up Niall.

“Hey girl, what’s up?” he said answering his phone

“Hey, im outside your hotel and there’s heaps of fans how am I going to get the tickets?”

“Hang on” I heard Niall running with loud footsteps on the ground before *knock knock* “Paul, I need to give these tickets to Katie she’s outside and the security probably won’t let her in”

“Come with me” I heard Paul say before Niall returned to the phone “im on my way down with Paul, come to the front if you can”

“Coming” I replied while getting out of my car and locking it before making my way across the busy street.

“I see you, Pauls coming to get you” with that I started to freak out looking everywhere possible I still couldn’t see him or Paul, I was stuck in the middle of fans.

“Niall your-“I was interrupted by Paul grabbing me by the shoulder and pulling me inside the hotel.

“Katieeeee” Niall said whilst hugging me “here’s your tickets, turn up about an hour and a half before the show starts and I’ll send Paul out to get you and the girls”

“Thank you Niall, & Thank you Paul” I said smiling at them both

“No problem, see you in 3 hours” Paul said before making his way back to the boys room

“How are the girls?” Niall asked

“They are freaking out so bad, especially Lilly before I left she ran into her room trying to make something for Harry, she is convinced she will marry him one day… it’s kind of cute”

“That’s so cute, I’ll make sure I tell Harry that”

I let out a little giggle “she’s going to be so embarrassed, she’s going to hate me”

  “im sure she won’t, anyway I better let you get going to get ready”

“Thank you again Niall”

“No problem, I’ll get a security guard to take you back to the car, who knows what those fans will do if they just saw us.” He said before leaving to find a security guard.

I know what he means by who knows what they will do, remember I was a MASSIVE Directioner. I’ve seen what they have done to Danielle when she got back with Liam & the hate Perrie used to get, it’s ridiculous how protective they are of these boys, half of them have never met them and none of them probably know the boy personally, because if they did they probably wouldn’t be what you call a “directioner”. My thoughts were interrupted when Niall came back with a security guard for me,

“Hello Miss” he said “Right this way”

“Thanks again Niall, see you tonight” I waved back at him before making my way out the door and into the massive crowd of fans.

“Back away, Back away!” the security guard yelled at fans around me trying to protect me.

“Why were you hugging Niall!?” One fan yelled

“we saw you!” another yelled

“are you two dating?”

“he can do much better than you”

“You’re so ugly, keep away from the boys”

“Niall is mine slut”

All the fans screaming and yelling at me, all those nasty things, I don’t get how Perrie & Danielle can deal with all of this. & Niall and I are just friends.

I arrived at my car which was parked at the other side of the busy street, “Thank you…-” sorry I never got your name I looked up at the security guard


“Well thank you very much David, i owe you one”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s my job. Have a lovely day miss”

“Call me Katie”

“Have a lovey day Katie” he nodded before making his way back across the street and into the hotel.




When I got home I ran upstairs to get changed for the concert, putting on my skin tight white skirt and blue lace shirt that kind of crosses over each other  and my hair straightened and down. I took one last look at myself in the mirror, before making my way to the girl’s room.

“Girl’s hurry up you have five minutes then you have to be in the car ready to go, if you want to meet the boys” I said knocking on the girls door, I got no reply but I could hear them still getting ready. Making my way downstairs I ran into mum, “what are you up to tonight mum?”

“Oh nothing sweetie, might have a work college over for dinner”

“Have fun mum, don’t get up to too much mischief while we are gone” i said giving her a kiss on the cheek and winking at her, before I left to get in the car.


“What did you make for Harry, Lilly?” I asked when the girls hopped into the car.

“You will see when I give them to him, mum helped me” excitement in her voice when she said it, I know she was excited because she was going to meet the boy she thought she was going to marry in less than 30 minutes.



We had arrived at the concert venue, there are so many girls here already.

“I’ll call up Niall”

Within seconds of the phone ringing a happy Niall answered.

“Babe, are you here? Want me to send Paul out?”

“Yes please”

“Try to get up to the front of the gates near the other security, Pauls on his way”

“Thanks Niall, see you soon” and with that Niall had hung up. “Come on girls” I said grabbing them both by the arm and trying to get through the large crowd, Jaimee following closely behind. We got up to the front in no time, all the girls started to scream when they saw the sight of Paul. Paul reached the gate and let Lilly, Jade, Jaimee & I in. All the girls started screaming rude things at us, when we started walking inside with Paul.


“Katieeee” all the boys said at the same time, I wasn’t shy around them anymore seeing as I have met them a few times now.

“Boyys” I said while giving them all a hug. “Boys, this is Lilly & Jade my sisters.”

“Hello girls” The boys said at the same time, Jaimee was holding Jades hand and I was holding Lilly’s Niall made his way over to us crouching down to talk to Lilly.


*Niall’s P.O.V.*

I couldn’t believe how gorgeous Katie looked standing there, holding her sisters hand. I should probably go talk to Lilly.

“Hey sweetie, how are you?” I said crouching down to Lilly’s height.

“Hello” she said shyly while trying to hide behind Katie’s leg

“Don’t be shy love, you’re very cute I love your shirt” I said admiring her shirt which had “Harry Styles Please” written on it.

“Thank you” she said while looking down at her shirt.

“Come here” I said picking her up and placing her on my knee while I sat down on the couch grabbing out my phone. “Smile” I said while taking a picture of us

“Can I take one on my phone too please” Katie said while bringing out her phone


“Say cheese”

“Cheese” Lilly and I both said at the same time.

“How about we go get Harry” I said winking at Lilly causing her to giggle.

“Please” she said giggling back before I lifted her up and placed her on my hip walking over to Harry.

*Louis’s P.O.V.*

“Hey Jade, im Louis” I said whilst giving Jade a hug.

“I know who you are, can I get a picture please” she said with a big smile on her face

“Sure sweetie, come here”

Jaimee took the picture of us before I signed her book she brought along with her.  

“You excited for the concert?” I asked her

“Im really excited”

“That’s good”


*Harry’s P.O.V.*

“Hey Harry, I’ve got your biggest fan here!” Niall said making his way over to me with Lilly on his hip.

“Hello Lilly” I said pinching her check “come here” I said taking her off of Niall’s hip and placing her on mine “Are you my biggest fan are you?”


“i heard from Niall that we are going to get married one day” her face turned red instantly, she giggled.  “Well how about we get a picture to show at our wedding day then huh”

“Im on to it” Katie said while getting out her phone to take the picture.

“Cheese” Lilly and I said at the same time, “another one” I said to Katie as I placed my lips onto Lilly’s cheek.

“Thank you Harry” she said while I lowered her down onto the floor.

“see you out there sweetie”  I said while giving her a hug

“Wait Harry, I almost forgot I got you something” she said bringing out a box of Cupcakes,

“these are for you boys and your security, keep the box” she said handing them to me.

“Thank you sweetie, your very kind” I said before I left to go to Jade.


*Katie’s P.O.V.*

The twins got pictures with all the boys and Jade got their signatures in her book.

“Thank you Niall” I said giving him a hug “You made the girls night, I owe you”

“Don’t worry about it, see you out there”

“See you out there”

We all said our good-byes before making our way into the arena to take our seats.


We had taken our seats and the lights dimmed, the opening credits came on and introduced all the boys at their party, and before we knew it Up All Night started to play and the boys had come out singing.  They all noticed where we were and throughout the concert they came over and waved to the girls and blew kisses every now and then. During Last First Kiss, Niall had made his way over to in front of me and the girls and when he was singing kept staring at me. It was sweet but I felt conscious because I could feel everyone staring, ‘evil eyeing’ me and giving me dirty looks, I can’t stand it when people stare at me for a long period of time, it was sweet how he sung to us tho.

 It was about a quarter way through the concert and the boys were about to sing Little things, Normally Zayn would have his talk time but before Zayn started talking, Harry ran over and whispered something into his ear & then Harry began to talk…

“So we have two very special girls here tonight, Lilly and Jade” Lilly’s face instantly light up as Harry continued to talk as he walked towards us smiling  “Lilly is one of our biggest fans, she thinks we are going to get married one day, so this one’s for Lilly & Jade!” he said blowing a kiss to the girls.

“That’s us! That’s us!” Lilly & Jade both yelled!

“Now back to Zayn” Harry said quietly into the microphone, making the whole crowd laugh.

“My turn, thanks Styles” Zayn said smiling in our direction once again “Well Harry pretty much explained that one, thank you guys for coming out tonight Australia you guys are amazing! This is Little Things” he said taking his place on the stage.

Before we knew it the concert was over and we were on our way home.

 “Did you have a good night Jaimee?” I said asking a half asleep Jaimee as we arrived in our driveway back home.

“It was amazing, I got Louis number he said he will text me tomorrow” she said calmly but inside I knew she wanted to fan girl so bad.

We got the girls out of the car and carried them up to their bedroom as they were both sound asleep, im guessing they had a great night…






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