Promises - A Niall Horan fanfiction (romantic)

What happens when Niall Horan falls for a fan, what happenes when they fall in love and Niall has to leave for a 8 month tour ... will they stay together or will their relationship fall apart?

Will the obsticles that occur pull them closer or just make things in the relationship worse...

Stay tunned xx


5. He's Amazing.

Chapter 5

Recap …

Katie’s P.O.V.


 Niall had slowly brought his forehead to meet mine and we were staring into each other’s eyes… Niall was biting his lip while staring at mine, before I knew it Niall had moved closer and …


Louis cleared his throat “about to kiss were we?” Jaimee laughed.

“Where did you two come from?” I said shyly whilst lowering my arms that were around Niall’s neck.

“Well I came from my Mothers tummy and...”

“No need for sarcasm Louis” I said playfully hitting his arm.

While we were making our way up the beach to the car, Niall had placed his hand onto my lower back which sent shivers down my spine. It was about 8pm and because we had a late lunch none of us were that hungry.

There was a wooden table next to the car, we all decided to sit there and we ended up talking for a couple of hours about our families, history, likes, dislikes and interests.

 “So what did you guys do when you went for your walk?” Niall said winking at Louis

“Nothing special, ran into a few fans, saw some dolphins, sat down and chatted” Louis replied to Niall, the whole time Louis was talking I was staring at Jaimee making her blush insanely … something happened with them two today, I can tell.

 *3 hours later*

The boys have driven us home and we are saying our good-byes.

“Thank you for an amazing night” I said while hugging Niall

“Thank you for coming” whilst we were hugging Niall whispered into my ear “text me” and gave me a kiss on my cheek. Sending chills down my spine again, why does he keep doing that he makes me feel weak at the knees, and I have only properly known him for a day? Not even!

I gave Louis a hug and Jaimee gave Niall a hug before making our way inside. Jaimee unlocked the door while I held the torch for her to see. When we got inside closing the door behind me, the lights flicked on and there was mum standing at the top of the stairs next to the light switch.

“Finally coming home are we girls? A text or a call telling me where you girls were would have been nice!” Mum said looking very angry.

“Sorry we got caught up with friends”

“Don’t let it happen again, Lilly was very upset when you didn’t come home to put her to bed.”

“Im sorry mum, I’ll take the girls out tomorrow for a girls day how’s that sound?”

“I’ll let them know when they get up, now go to bed”

“Ok, good night mum” i said while making my way upstairs giving mum a kiss on the cheek on the way to my room. 


*incoming text*

From: Niall Horan

I had a great night tonight, sorry Louis ruined it.



To: Niall Horan

I had a great night as well, don’t be sorry it wasn’t your fault.


From: Niall Horan

I would love to see you again soon, what are you doing tomorrow?  x


To: Niall Horan

Oh sorry, I promised mum I would take the twins out for a girls day. What about tomorrow night? x


From: Niall Horan

Concert, I have some spare front row tickets if you would like to bring the girls along? I would love to meet them x


To: Niall Horan

Sounds great, the girls are going to be thrilled we could never get tickets we were too slow. x


From: Niall Horan

Great, I’ll call you tomorrow with the details about the tickets. Have a great sleep xx


To: Niall Horan

Thank you, sleep tight

 night xx


From: Niall Horan

Good night xx




*Next Day*

Lilly & Jade both came running in and jumping onto Jaimee and I.

“Good morning girls” I said sitting up and giving each of them a kiss and a cuddle “I’m sorry I wasn’t here last night to put you to bed Lilly”

“That’s ok, you can put me to bed tonight tho, can’t you?” she looked up at me with her big green eyes which appeared to have tears forming in them. “Of course I can sweetie, come here” I opened my arms wide and gave her a hug, those tears forming in her eyes began to fall as I hugged her tighter.

“Lilly, what’s wrong?”

“I miss daddy” she began to sob harder into my chest as I kissed her forehead. The death of our father has been very hard on her, she was always so close to dad never leaving his side for anything. When he was in hospital was probably the hardest for her, seeing her father, the man she looks up to lying there with no emotion, no energy to do anything.

 “Lilly its ok, you know daddy loves you and im sure he would do anything to be here with you right now” I wiping away her tears and trying not to cry myself. “but I have a surprise for you and Jade after we have our girls day, but I have to clear it up with mum first so don’t get to excited” when I said that It brought a half smile to Lilly’s face “Go and get ready so we can leave soon” I said picking her up off of me and placing her onto the floor. Before I knew it her and Jade were gone to get ready…


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