Promises - A Niall Horan fanfiction (romantic)

What happens when Niall Horan falls for a fan, what happenes when they fall in love and Niall has to leave for a 8 month tour ... will they stay together or will their relationship fall apart?

Will the obsticles that occur pull them closer or just make things in the relationship worse...

Stay tunned xx


9. Good-bye for now or is it?



*Katie’s P.O.V.*

“Katie, get you’re but up today is the day!” I heard Jaimee from downstairs.

“In a minute” I yelled back rolling over to look at the time it was 7am on a Monday, just then Lilly & Jade came running into my room and jumping on my bed

“KATIE, KATIE CAN WE COME WITH YOU TODAY!? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Jade yelled jumping up and down on my bed.

“We will see, now go and get ready” I looked over at Lilly

“Are you ok there Lilly?”

“I don’t feel well, Katie”

“How about you go back to bed” I said feeling her forehead “you’re really warm, let’s get you to bed” I said picking her up and taking her back to her room.

“I’ll be back in a minute”

I went downstairs to find mum and to get her some medicine.

“Jaimee, is mum home?”

“She has just gone to the shops should be home soon why?”

“Lilly is burning up, I don’t know what to do!”

“Call mum”


“MUM, Lilly’s burning up she’s really pale, what do I do?”

“Stay by her side, get her a bucket and maybe a cold face washer, I’ll be home in 5”

So I did what she said and mum was home within a couple of minutes. ”Have you taken her temperature?”

“No, I can’t find the thermometer”

“Ok, I’ll go call a doctor, hang in there sweetie” mum said to Lilly before exiting the room.

“Katie, aren’t you meant to be seeing the boys soon?”

“At lunch time, but right now im with you”

“I want to say good-bye to them”

“Im sorry Lilly, but you have to stay here today you’re too sick”

And after I said that Lilly grabbed the bucket from out of my hands and began to throw up non-stop.

Within half an hour the doctor showed up to take some tests, he gave her some panadol to calm down the vomiting but if the vomiting doesn’t stop within the next hour she would need to go to the hospital for a serious check-up.


2 hours had past and nothing had gotten better so we decided we should take Lilly to hospital, on the way we dropped Jade & Jack off at mum’s sister’s place.




“Girls, you should go to the airport, go say good-bye to the boys” Mum said interrupting my thoughts, we were all sitting in the waiting room waiting for Lilly to be finished with her tests.

“The boys! I forgot!” I said looking over to Jaimee

“Call them, im sure they will understand” Jaimee said

I grabbed out my phone to call Niall when I realised I had a few missed calls and text messages from him.

From: Niall Horan

Are you still coming today? X


Are you ok? X


I decided I should call him instead of texting him,

“Hey Niall”

“Katie you scared me, are you okay!?”

“Yeah, im just at the hospital with Lilly she’s not very well”

I heard Niall telling the boys what was happening and before I knew it Harry was on the phone.


“Gold Coast hospital”




An hour later the doctor came out with the test results,

“Ann Smith?” The doctor said making his way into the waiting room

“Yes” Mum said getting up of her seat and wiping the tears from her face.

“Its good news, Lilly has stopped vomiting but still has a temperature we have given her a few shots. But we have found something and would like to take some more tests. If that’s ok?”

“That’s fine, how long will she have to stay in here for?”

“It’s hard to say right now because we want to take some more test, we should let you know tomorrow”

“Can we see her now?” I said interrupting both mum and the doctor.

“Only for a little while, she’s in room S306 just down the hall” The doctor said stepping aside pointing down the hall, Jaimee and Mum making their way to the room I heard someone yelling my name.


“KATIE, KAITE!” I turned around to see Harry running towards me


“Where is she? Is she ok? Katie im so sorry” He said giving me a tight embrace

“Harry she is fine, don’t be sorry” I said into his chest

“That’s great”

“Harry, where are the others?”

“Oh, their coming I ran in as soon as the car stopped”

“Katie!” I heard a familiar voice yell from behind me

“Niall” I turned around and gave him a tight embrace “you’re going to miss your flight” I said into his chest

“Paul cancelled it, we are just going on our normal flights now, and we will deal with management later. Is Lilly ok?” Niall said pulling away from the hug and looking down at me

“She’s fine she’s in room S306” Seconds later I heard footsteps running away from us, I turned my head to see Harry running down the hall looking at the room numbers before finding it and making his way in.

“Let’s Go” Niall said before gently kissing my head.


*Jaimee’s P.O.V*

It was about an hour later when the doctor came out with the results about Lilly, it was good news overall but she needed to stay in hospital for a few days, they wanted to run some more tests on her. Ann and I went into Lilly’s hospital room, Katie was still out in the waiting room with Harry waiting for the others.

When Ann and I got into the hospital room, Lilly was fast asleep with tubes attached to her hand.  It hurt me to see her like that, I was an only child so Lilly felt like a little sister to me and it broke my heart to see tubes attached to her like that. Her blonde hair draped over her pale white face while she was cuddling her Harry Styles stuffed teddy bear.


My thoughts were interrupted when I heard quiet sobs coming from the side of Lilly’s hospital bed, I looked over to see Ann crying into her hands. I quietly sat down next to her and pulled her close to me wrapping my arms around her “She’s going to be ok Ann, she’s a strong young girl”

“But what if something bad is wrong with her? Why do they want more tests” she said sobbing into my chest.

“She’s going to be great” I said rubbing Ann’s back hugging her tighter with every tear that left her eyes.

“Mummy” Lilly said while waking up taking in her surroundings “Where’s Katie?”

“Katie is just outside, now darling go back to sleep you’re not well”

Lilly didn’t reply but looked at her with puppy dog eyes, right then Harry came barging in huffing and puffing you can tell he ran here. He was so cute, how sweet and protective he was of the little ones, Lilly’s eyes widening when her gaze met Harry’s face… His arms opened wide and wrapped her in a tight embrace kissing her forehead.



*Harry’s P.O.V*

I ran to Lilly’s hospital room…

“S306, S306” I muttered to myself running down the hall, I reached the hospital room and saw a few figures in there, I couldn’t see who it was but Im guessing it was Ann and & Jaimee because I hadn’t seen them yet. 

Without thinking I barged in the door huffing and puffing from running down the hallway, man im unfit. My eyes met Lilly’s she was sitting up in her bed with tubes attached to her hand, and without thinking again I opened my arms wide and wrapped her in a tight embrace kissing her forehead.

After about a minute I let her go from the hug and realised I was sitting on something… I got up to see that it was a Teddy bear and on the shirt it was wearing was a picture of me.

I let out a little “aww” while looking up and smiling at Lilly.

I handed it back and looked over to see Ann looking out the window, Jaimee must have went to see Louis when I came in. I heard sobs coming from Ann so I did the right thing and went over to her,

“Are you ok?” I said while rubbing her back

“I’m fine, thank you Harry” she said looking up to me, yes I am taller than her she is very short.

“She’s going to be fine”

“I know im just scared, why do they want to take more tests?” Ann said letting the tears fall

“Lilly is a strong young girl, she will get through it if there is anything wrong with her, now come here” I said embracing Ann in a hug, letting her cry into my chest.


I know all you guys are thinking this is so weird me and Katie’s mum hugging, she is a lovely women and so is Lilly and the other kids they all mean a lot to me & so does Katie.


We were interrupted when the others came into the room,

“Lilly sweetie, how are you?” Niall said giving Lilly a hug when he entered the room.

“Vass happeninnnnn” Zayn yelled making an entrance making Lilly laugh. (no he doesn’t say it anymore but he was trying to making Lilly laugh)

  “Hey sweetie” Louis said giving her a hug

“These are for you” Liam said handing Lilly a box of chocolates, flowers and a book, the book was our book about our life stories with all our signatures and we wrote a few paragraphs for her to read.

“Thank you, you didn’t have to bring me anything” Lilly replied giving Liam a hug

“It was the least we could do”

“Wait, aren’t you guys meant to be on a flight back to the UK right now!?”

“We cancelled it, we aren’t leaving for a couple more days now”

Jade & Jack came running into the room crying,

“Mummy, mummy, mummy” they came running up to Ann giving her a hug almost knocking her over. Jade turned around and saw Lilly awake and fine and her little face light up so bright, “Lillyyyy” Jade said running and jumping onto the bed and hugging Lilly, and then Jack joined them. It great how close they all are.




*Katie’s P.O.V*

Lilly, Jade & Jack were all tucked up together asleep in the hospital bed and mum was asleep on the couch next to the window, she looked a little cold so I decided I would put a blanket on her. I walked out of the room to leave them sleep in piece when my phone began to ring.

“Katie, im calling you, please answer the phone, it may be important, please answer it love” Niall changed my ring tone so whenever he calls it comes up with him talking. We were at the hospital cafeteria earlier and I was upset about Lilly being sick, so he tried to cheer me up.


“Hey honey, what’s up?” I said answering the phone, but little did I know it wasn’t Niall

“Aw am I a honey am I” Harry said through the phone

“Harry, why are you calling me off Niall phone? Can’t you call me off your own”

“just felt like it, how’s the little one?”

“She’s going great”

“That’s great”

“Thank you so much for caring Harry, you are so lovely with her, she can’t stop smiling when your around”

“She’s a lovely young girl, I just don’t want anything to happen to her that’s all”

“Thank you Harry, I owe you!”

“Harry, have you seen my phone” I heard Niall yell in the background


“Harry, why are you on my phone!? Who are you talking to!?”


“Hey honey” I said with the biggest smile on my face, even tho he couldn’t see my face.

“Oh heey sweetie, how are you?”

“I’m good, how are you?”

“Im good thank you, how’s the little ones?”

“They are good, everyone is asleep & I have no idea where Jaimee went she’s not answering her phone”

“She’s over here, want to come over?”

“I have no way of getting there, my car is at home”

“I’ll be over there in 15 be ready” Niall said hanging up the phone.



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