Promises - A Niall Horan fanfiction (romantic)

What happens when Niall Horan falls for a fan, what happenes when they fall in love and Niall has to leave for a 8 month tour ... will they stay together or will their relationship fall apart?

Will the obsticles that occur pull them closer or just make things in the relationship worse...

Stay tunned xx


4. Double Date

Chapter 4          


We were finally ready... it was 10:45am and the boys will be here in fifteen minutes.

“Jaimee I’ll be downstairs, hurry up!” I yelled to Jaimee who was still in the bathroom doing her ‘final touches’.

“Yup” I heard Jaimee yell faintly while making my way downstairs.

 It was a Friday and neither Jaimee nor I had classes today. Mum was at work and the little ones were at school. I heard footsteps and turned my head towards the stairs to find Jaimee making her way down, looking beautiful as ever Jaimee was wearing black skinny jeans with a white lace top and covering it was a black blouse. As for me I was wearing a white lace skirt with a black long sleeve shirt tucked into it and covering it was a cream coloured cardigan which fell just above the bottom of my skirt.

“You look beautiful” I said looking Jaimee up and down, no wonder why she took ages in the bathroom.

“As do you Katie” her smile grew bigger 


“Come on let’s not keep them waiting” she said grabbing me by the arm and pulling me out the front door, locking it behind me. Niall being the gentleman he is was standing at the door opened for Jaimee to get in the back with Louis, and then he moved along to the front door and opened it for me. “Thank you” I said  before hoping into the front seat.


“Where are you taking us?” I said smiling while I was watching Niall concentrating on the road.

“Somewhere special” Niall smiled before taking his eyes off the road to look at me for a split second. I began to blush.  

The rest of the car ride was quiet apart from the occasional question from Jaimee. She had so many questions, whenever she thought of them she blurted them out. I turned around to see Louis smiling at the back of Jaimee’s head when she was looking out the window at the cars passing by. Louis caught me looking at him, looking at her and began to bite his lip and turned to look out his own window. Within 15 minutes we were at our destination.

“We are here” I could hear the excitement in Niall’s voice, it was like a little kid waking up on Christmas morning finding the presents under the tree.

We had arrived at a beach side restaurant, it was beautiful and big. We all got out of the car and headed towards the service desk at the restaurant. Niall had previously booked our seats last night, the waiter lead us to our seats which were in the middle of the restaurant but at the back against the window with a beautiful look out across the ocean. 

“It’s beautiful” I whispered quietly, but obviously not quietly enough because Niall heard. He leaned over to my ear whispering “just like you” causing shivers down my body.

The waiter made her way over to our table to take our order, when she looked up at us her smile grew from one ear to the other. She was shaking so much “what can I get for you today?” she asked

“I’ll have a large Lasagne please” Niall said putting the menu down

“The same please” Louis said

“I’ll have the Wedges please” Jaimee smiled

“I’ll have a regular Lasagne please” I said smiling at Niall who was looking at me the whole time.

“Your order will be out soon, would you mind if I ask you for an autograph?” she said very shyly

“Sure love who should we make it out to?” Louis smiled at the sight of a fan.


“What a lovely name” Niall said

Louis passed the piece of paper to Niall and after he was done signing it he gave it to Andrea. “Thank you” Andrea replied before making her way back to the kitchen. After Andrea left it was very quiet we were all taking in our surroundings.

“It’s a lovely spot here” Jaimee said breaking the silence

“It is, isn’t it” Louis replied smiling at her

After that we both had our own private conversations amongst each other.  (Katie is speaking in italics)

“You look beautiful today” Niall said making me blush

“You look very handsome yourself”

“Well thank you”

You’re more than welcome”

“What would you like to do after lunch?”

“I don’t mind”

With that the food arrived and we all began to eat, I noticed that Niall is a very loud messy eater. There’s nothing I hate more than when someone eats loudly, but Niall made it look so cute so I didn’t mind. We had a brief discussion while we were eating about what we would like to do after lunch and also what time Jaimee & I had to be home by, we didn’t have a curfew as it was a Friday night and neither one of us were working tomorrow.

After we were finished eating, we all chipped in on paying for the food even though the boys refused for us to we did anyway. We made our way outside and Jaimee and I put our handbags in the car before making our way down onto the beach. We both separated,  Jaimee & Louis in front, and Niall & I behind. (once again Katie is in italics)

“Would you like to sit” Niall asked smiling at me

“sure” I followed him over to sit on the sand on a little hill

“so tell me about yourself, Katie”

“well, im 17 im in my second first year university. I have a mum, two little twin sisters and a little brother. My dad passed away three and a half years ago from cancer, I love anything to do with Art. I am a very self-conscious person, I hate when people stare at me for a while I feel violated even if they don’t mean to. Tell me about yourself?” I asked even though I obviously know everything about him already im a directioner… who doesn’t!

“I’m 19 and im in a band called one direction, but you already know that. I have a mum, a dad and an older brother Greg, my mother and father split when I was young. I love anything to do with music. I’d consider myself shy when meeting beautiful new people like you” 

I felt my face go red and I could feel Niall staring at me, I turned my face to the other side before I heard Niall laugh.

“Come here” he said patting the space between the middle of his legs.  

I moved to in between his legs, he had grabbed my hands and placed them on his legs which were up beside my body before entwining our fingers. I could feel him smiling behind me, we sat like that quietly for a while with either Niall playing with my hands or me playing with his. After a while Niall broke the silence,

“want to go for a walk?”


“Hop on” Niall said turning his back to me, I jumped on and he began to run towards the water

“Niall what are you doing?” I tried getting off his back before he reached the water which obviously didn’t work, when we were in the water I slid off of his back and began to splash him with water “why did you do that!” I said with chills running up my spine from the cold water.

“thought it would be fun” he said splashing back, I began to laugh and before we knew it  turned into a water fight and we were both soaked. It had gotten dark fairly quickly while we were splashing each other, I guess time does fly when you’re having fun. Niall and I had gotten fairly close while we were splashing each other, Niall had slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer causing me to wrap my arms around his shoulders.

“Did you have a nice day?” he asked with a smile on his face

I had a fantastic day thank you, did you have a nice day?

“it was amazing” Niall said with the biggest smile on his face.

Niall had slowly brought his forehead to meet mine and we were staring into each other’s eyes… Niall was biting his lip while staring at mine, before I knew it Niall had moved closer and …



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