Awkward(Harrys Styles fanfic)

Allison was known as the awkward girl in your math class. She is constantly picked on by the jocks and cheerleader, thanks to her brother Niall. She cant wait til the school year is over so she can go to music camp to do her passion which is singing, but what happens when Harry Styles, the school's star quarter back, is there too. Will he turn her summer into a living hell or a summer to remember?
*I'm also going to upload this on wattpad so if you happen to stumble upon it, it is not being copied.*


8. Chapter 8.

       Ally's POV

                        Of luck couldn't get any worse. Out of 317 people I had to get stuck with Harry Styles....why was he even here any way! And as for Rider I don't really mind.....but him and Harry are not a good combination....this summer just went from amazing to a pile of whale diarrhea topped with Justin Bieber puke.


      It was lunch time and as part of the rules you had to sit with your 'music buddies'. I was worried....this would be the first time I have seen Harry since....well you know. I sat down next to Maleya and her 'music buddy' Kacy sat in front of her. Rider sat in front of me and Harry hadn't shown up yet.....good lets keep it that way. I wasn't in the mood to see his face, or hear his voice, or breathe the same air as him!

"So why are you here?" I asked Rider.

"Well my dad knows I will never make it academically so he thought I should try music or something." Rider shrugged, but then scowled when Harry plopped down right down next to him.

"Hi my name is Maleya and you must be Harry, Ally's 'music buddy'." Maleya reached her hand across the table for Harry to shake it. He rejected it.....

"Ally I'm sorry just give me sometime to explain!"

"I'd rather not talk about it." I chuckled....awkwardly. I actually did want to talk about it, but I couldn't let Harry think I was weak, and I was to hurt to face him any way....I mean come....he is GORGEOUS!!

"Please I know you will forgive me if you just let me explain!"

"She said she doesn't want to talk about it." Rider said chewing nonchalantly.

"I don't think that I was talking to you or that it's any of your business." Harry snapped at Rider.
"Actually it is my business..." Rider turned his body to face Harry.

"And how is that." Harry chuckled.

"Well......she is my girlfriend." Harry's smug smile was shoved off his face and replaced with an angry one.

"Is this true Ally?" Harry looked me straight in the eye.

"Haha well....uhhh." I actually wasn't sure myself.....I was just as surprised as he was.

"Just because you tried to steal Britney away, doesn't mean you can do the same with Ally!" Harry shouted in Rider's face.

"I was never yours to begin with Harry!" I now was on the verge of crying....remembering everything that happened on prom night....the way I was humiliated in front of the whole school....and worst of all he made me think he liked me when it was all part of just some sick joke.

".....Okay.....whatever....just...." Harry got up from the table and walked out of the cafeteria.

"Kid where do you think you're going." One of the staff members grabbed his shirt. Harry loosened himself from the staff member's grip and walked up the door with his middle finger high in the air.

"Umm.....Ally can I talk to you for a minute?" Maleya asked tugging me on my shirt.

"I'll be right back." I smiled awkwardly at Rider before Maleya whisked me away.

"Do you care to explain?"

"Explain what?" I asked....I wasn't really sure what to explain...the part about Rider being my boyfriend...which I didn't even know about, why Harry and Rider hated each other so much.....and I didn't know the answer, or the part about Harry and I.....and frankly I wasn't looking forward to explaining that.

"About you and Rider.....and what was up with that Harry guy?"

" know the usual teenage big deal." I shrugged, even though it was a big me.


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